One direction imagines >.<

Just a bunch of one direction imagines... You can write in and I will make you an imagine.. But I've also got a tumblr account that is gonna effect it


7. your bday and louis ex?

Really hard to make a title to this but I hope you like it... Request for Carrie

I woke up to the sun shining down on me from the window, it was my birthday!!! I turned around and Louis wasn't there! But there was a note,

Sorry I had to go out last minute recording. Be home around 5 xx

Great! He didn't even say happy birthday to me! , GREAT , splendid, I got up and changes into black skinny jeans and a nirvana shirt, with nikes and decided to call up some of my friends to go shopping,

I came home to find the boys and louis on my sofa!,


"Oh hey Carrie," the boys said apart from louis

"So how was recording?" I asked

"What recording?" Harry said confused

"Louis said you guys had recording today?" I said looking at louis

"No we were out at the pub with Eleanor?" Niall said face full of food

"What?" I said looking at louis

"We didn't do anything carrie!" He said as I shook my head

"That's not the point, you ditch me your girlfriend on her birthday to go with your ex down to some pub!" I say as I was looking at his guilty face

"Wait it's your birthday?" All the boys said


"That's low mate" Zayn said to louis

"Just leave" louis said as they all got up and said happy birthday to me and left

"I'm sorry Carrie nothing happened!" And how can I trust you, tell me!

"I can't", he said his head down

"But I can show you" he said he head coming up with a smirk as he pushed me against the wall and kissed me passionately you could say he showed me he's sorry and that he loved me and only me x

Oh My God! That was sooo bad but anyway yeah! Ah give me ideas for next one

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