One direction imagines >.<

Just a bunch of one direction imagines... You can write in and I will make you an imagine.. But I've also got a tumblr account that is gonna effect it


11. vampire

This is just a harry one for anon

He's a vampire x

Harry: You were in the kitchen making dinner for you and your boyfriend who was yet to get home. You were just stirring the food in the pot when you heard the door open. “Harry? Is that you?” you asked excitedly, happy that he was finally home. A second later he appeared behind you kissing your neck. “Shit Harry I told you don’t do that” you scolded. You hated when he moved so fast and frightened you on numerous occasions. He chuckled at your reaction and bit your neck playfully making you moan. He smirked but you pushed him off. “I’m cooking Harry” you glared at him. You walked to the counter and began chopping some carrots to add to the meal. Suddenly you felt Harry grope your bum, surprising you. You gasped and dropped the knife from your hand, it fell and sliced a shallow cut on your exposed thigh. “Shit” you moaned in pain. Harry’s eyes were now glued to the cut as a few drops of blood dripped out of it. You gulped and looked at him worried. You knew Harry was a vampire but you had never seen him around blood before and the way he was looking at your thigh hungrily scared you. “H…harry” you mumbled as he put his hands behind your thighs and put you to sit on the counter. He never once glanced up at you, his eyes were glued to your thigh. “Harry” you squeaked again as he kneeled in front of you. He leaned in and softly licked the blood that dripped down your leg, surprisingly making you moan. Even though you were afraid it felt really good. He kissed up your inner thigh until he got to the cut. He grazed his tongue against it making a next moan fall from your lips. You suddenly felt his sharp fang just touch it making you tense up and with that he stood back up licking his lips. You stared at him confused. He smiled and touched your chin pulling it down slightly for you to watch the spot where the cut had been. You gasped, “It’s gone” He nodded, “Yup vampires have healing powers love” he replied. “Oh really what other secret powers do you have?” you asked biting your lip and wrapping your legs around his lower torso pulling him in closer to you. He smirked and leaned in close, “Let me show you” he whispered before taking you to the bedroom where he really showed you what he was best at.

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