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27. unplanned (Z+L)

What's with all the pregnancy requests!?

An unplanned pregnancy and you have to tell Simon

Zayn and. Niall

Zayn: After you and Zayn had sex last time, something felt different. Call it intuition, but you felt like you were pregnant. You hadn’t shown any symptoms, but you just knew in your gut. You missed your period, and decided that was enough reason to go out and get a test. You did after Zayn left for the studio, and did the test alone. You sat alone, watching the test. “Pregnant” you read aloud, and your eyes filled with tears. You weren’t ready for a baby, nor was Zayn. You didn’t want to call your parents, you didn’t want to call your friends. You slipped on your shoes, grabbed your purse and keys and bolted for your car. You drove straight to the studio. You were in sweat shorts and a baggy shirt, but you didn’t care. Your palms sweat as you gripped the steering wheel. When you arrived, you sat in the parking lot. “Talk about a game changer” you said, looking down at your tummy. There was a new life forming in there as you sat here. You were mesmerized for a moment, before you turned the car off and walked into the studio. The lady in the lobby recognized you, and cleared you through, smiling sweetly. You walked up the stairs and knocked on the studio door labeled “One Direction”. The door opened, and much to your surprise, Simon Cowell answered. “Oh, um, hi Simon. Is Zayn in there?” you asked, and he nodded. Zayn came over and snuck under his arm. “Babe, what are you doing here?” he questioned, looking you up and down. He knew something was up because of your dress. “Um, Simon should probably hear this too” you said, and Simon stepped out. He shut the door behind him, and you gulped. You wiped the sweat of your palms off on your pants. “What is it boo?” Zayn asked again, taking your hand. You looked at him and sighed. “I’m pregnant” you said, and Zayn’s eyes widened. Simon immediately started squishing his forehead together. “We’re going to have a baby?!” Zayn said excitedly, and you nodded. Seeing his reaction made you feel a little better. “Alright, alright” Simon said, and you turned to him. It was like Simone was your dad, about to lay down the responsibility lecture. “Here’s what needs to happen. You need to tell your parents. Zayn, you need to call yours. Zayn, you still have to go on tour in two weeks. You will be back in two and a half months, so you won’t miss much. Y/N, if you could book your first ultrasound for a time where Zayn has at least two days off, that would be ideal. I would suggest you have Tricia stay with you while Zayn is away. Does that work?” he said, all in one fell swoop. You and Zayn both nodded. “Congratulations” Simon said, smiling, before walking back in the room. Zayn hugged you and kissed you passionately. “You’re going to be such a great mother” he said, smiling. “You’re going to be a great dad” you smiled back. Zayn took your hand and brought you into the studio, where you let the boys know. They were all really excited for you both, and you thanked them for their excitement. “Did you want me to take you home?” Zayn asked, and you shook your head. As you walked out, you called your mom, and told her the news.

Niall: “You sure you don’t want any of this?” Niall asked, offering you the take out box of Nandos. You pushed it away. “The smell alone is making me want to lose my lunch” you said, tilting away. Niall frowned, before taking another bite. You were sitting in the doctor’s office, waiting to go in for a checkup. You had been feeling sick lately, and everything Niall ate made you want to throw up. You figured you had the flu. “How are you about the doctors?” Niall asked. You shrugged, “I’m alright.” Niall offered to take you, it was the first time he had ever been to the doctors with you. You had only been together five months, so you were pretty new. “Y/N, you can come with me” a woman said, and you got up. Niall followed behind you and the woman looked at you with an eye brow raised. “It’s fine” you smiled, and she smiled back. She brought to the room, and Niall closed up his food and put it in your purse. “Thanks” you said, glaring at the purse. He smiled an innocent smile, and you rolled your eyes. Then, there was a knock at the door. “Hi I’m Christina, I’m a nurse” she said, smiling. You nodded and Niall waved. “So, you’re feeling sick?” she said, pulling out a chart. “Yeah, whenever I smell certain foods, mainly chicken and pizza, I feel sick. And I’ve been throwing up on occasion. And then like, I’ll crave foods sometimes so bad, Niall will have to get up in the middle of the night and get them” you said, pointing to him. “Have you been sexually active?” Christina asked, looking up from the chart at you. “Um, yes, but we use protection” you said, smiling. “Okay, I’m going to have Dr Shortall come in and check you out” she said. “She’s the OBGYN here” you remarked, and Christina nodded slowly before leaving. “Oh my god” you said, and Niall looked white as a ghost. Another knock at the door, and in walked the doctor. “Hi Y/N, Hi…” “Niall” he answered, his voice cracking. “So, Y/N, Niall, I’m going to run a blood test to see if you’re pregnant. The symptoms have kind of made us thing you are. We have a lab on site, so you should receive your results today” she said, and you nodded. She drew blood and you guys left. About 5 hours later, your phone rang. “Hi Y/N, you are in fact pregnant, so you should start seeing your regular OBGYN immediately” the secretary said, and you thanked her. Immediately you and Niall called your parents. Both were really understanding, as long as you both knew you would be supporting the baby. Then there was the tough call. “We should face time Simon” Niall said, and you nodded. It rang for a few seconds, until Simon’s face popped up. “Hello kids, how are you?” he asked, and you shrugged. “We’re pregnant-y” Niall said bluntly, and you turned to him astonished. “What!?” Simon said, and your face shot back to him. “We’re pregnant” you whispered, and Simon rocked back in his chair. You could see a beautiful view of Los Angeles behind him. “Well, you couldn’t have timed this better band wise. You only have a two week tour, around Australia and New Zealand, in March. That shouldn’t interfere too much. Niall, you need to balance big time here” Simon said sternly, and Niall nodded. Simon sighed, congratulated you two, and hung up. “That wasn’t too bad, eh mama?” he asked, kissing you. “We need to get some baby books” you laughed, hugging him back.

Sorry of it was really bad :( but there you are x

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