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28. Unplanned (Lo+H+Li)

you have to tell Simon about an unplanned pregnancy (requested)

Louis: Your relationship with Louis started with you as a one night stand after his break up with Eleanor. You liked him, but you knew he wasn’t looking for anything serious. However, you two ended up becoming friends with benefits. He would sneak over to your flat at night, you guys would hook up and he would leave early morning. Luckily, you ended up living in the same building as one of Louis’s friends, so it made the cover up easy. Well, it did. Until you found out you were pregnant. And it was Louis’s. He wasn’t thrilled. He didn’t really want to do this in his early 20s. But he wanted to try and make it work. You told your parents and he told his. Then it was time to tell Simon. Obviously things were going to change with a baby coming. For starters, one of their upcoming tours fell right over your due date. That had to change. You both walked into Syco hand in hand. You were more couple-y, and you felt like Louis was really starting to fall for you. “Hello Louis, Simon can see you anytime” the receptionist said, and you looked down. They didn’t even address you as you made your way down the hall to the big wooden door at the end. Louis swung it open, and let you in first. “Hello Louis, I didn’t know you were bringing a guest” Simon said, checking you over. “Hi Simon. This is Y/N. She’s my girlfriend” he said, and you smiled. It was the first time he called you that, and you wanted to get all sentimental, but you had serious business to tend to. “Well, lovely to meet you Y/N, but we don’t usually require a formal introduction for new girlfriends” Simon said, crossing his arms. “Yeah, this is something else. So, Y/N and I are expecting” Louis said, doing some jazz hands. He was trying to make light of the situation, but you could tell Simon had heard better news before. He sat quietly, looking at you, then at Louis. Then, he turned to the ceiling. “When are you due, love?” he asked, and you cleared your throat. “November” you said, and he sighed. The tour went from October to December in North America. “Well, we are just going to have to bump the tour to start in August. That way you’ll be home for the birth and the first months. Not fair that she has to do it all” Simon said, harshly looking at Louis. “Sounds good, thanks Simon” he said, standing. Simon looked at you as you stood. “Y/N, while Louis’s on tour, if you need anything at all you call here. Even if it’s something seemingly meaningless. Just call” he said, his face still serious. “Okay, thanks” you smiled, leaving. As Louis shut the door, he turned to you. “He really likes you” he smiled. “Cause I’m your girlfriend” you smiled, batting your eyelashes. Louis kissed your cheek as you both walked down the hall.

Harry: You had finally made it big. Simon Cowell had signed you and you were finally doing what you loved. You were opening for One Direction in Europe, and you were thrilled. You were almost more thrilled with how well you and Harry Styles were getting along. You started for about a month, and you were really hitting it off. You decided you were comfortable enough to have sex, and he obviously didn’t oppose. After two months, you started feeling really sick in the mornings. Your boobs were always sore, and you couldn’t move around on stage like you used to. You constantly felt hungry and tired. Then, the final straw came when you missed your period. “Harry” you said, walking into his dressing room. You were in your dress, ready to perform. He was topless, with the clothes he was to wear sitting on the couch. “Hi Kitten” he said, smiling. “Hi. So, I went to the drug store today and bought this” you said, showing up the pregnancy test. He looked shocked. “Yeah, I think we might be…” you said, not even able to say the word. “Do you have to pee?” he asked, and you nodded. You both went in the bathroom, and he held your hand as you sat on the toilet. “Can you sing? I can’t have you listening” you smirked, and he started humming. You peed, and held the stick out. You felt like the minutes lasted hours, until a little plus sign showed up. You covered your mouth and Harry looked down. “What do we do?” you said, gasping for air. “We become parents” Harry said calmly, walking out. You called your mom, who wasn’t happy but was willing to support you. In the meantime, Harry called his mom. She had a similar reaction. “Okay, should we call Simon?” you asked, emerging from the bathroom. Harry nodded, and dialed his number. “Hello Harry, you should be getting ready to perform. Why on earth are you calling me?” he asked, and you smirked. “I’m here too” you said, exhaling. “You should be walking to the stage right now Y/N!” he said, and you cringed. “We have news” Harry said, holding your hand. Simon was quiet, waiting for you to announce it. “I’m pregnant. Harry’s the dad” you blurted out and Harry looked at you with his eyes wide. Silence filled the air. It was a few long seconds when Simon spoke again. “You two better make me uncle” he said, and your face lightened up. Harry laughed. “Just finish the tour, then you can have the next little while off” he said, and you felt so good. “Should I announce it to the fans?” you asked. “Whatever works for you, dear” he said, before hanging up. You walked out and told the boys, who all congratulated you and wanted to be uncles too. You decided to tell the fans with Harry, and after you both announced it the crowd went wild.

Liam: You and Liam had been dating for a six months, and you had started having sex. You were nervous the first time, but now you enjoyed being intimate with Liam. You were usually on birth control, and Liam always used a condom. But last month, something had changed. You had been on antibiotics, so your birth control was ineffective. You and Liam had sex anyways, because he was going to use a condom. When he finished, you felt weird. “Liam! You didn’t wear a condom!” you screamed, and he pulled out. “No I did, I did. I don’t get it” he said, as he pulled it off. He looked and saw there was a rip in it. “Oh my god” he said, and he ran in the bathroom. Fast forward a month and here you were, sitting in that bathroom, with a stick in your hand. You stared at the test and Liam looked at you. You wished with all your might that it would come up negative. You loved Liam, and you wanted to be with him forever, but you two were too young for a kid. The test changed, and you frowned. “It’s positive” you said, putting it on the floor. “Try again” Liam said, pushing the other one. You peed on it, and held it out for you both to see. The time seemed to pass quicker this time, as you watched two lines come up. “We’re pregnant” Liam whispered. Tears stained your eyes. “I need to call my mom” you said, sighing. You got up and got your cell phone, and went in your closet. You spoke with her for an hour, before you hung up. “Honey, we need to go out” he said, and you sighed. “Where?” you asked, standing up. “Simon’s” he simply said, and you nodded to yourself. You put on a skirt and blouse, and went out to meet him. He was dressed, so you both left. “What did your mom say?” he asked in the car. “Nothing, she supports us and loves us” you simply said. It was quiet until you pulled up to Simon’s lavish house. “Okay, here, take my hand” Liam said, helping you out of the car. Liam had called Simon, so he was expecting you. You both just walked in. “In here Liam” Simon called from behind the door. Liam opened the door, and you both took a seat in front of Simon. “How are the two lovebirds?” Simon asked, putting his hands behind his head. “Well, we’re ecstatic to tell you that we’re pregnant” Liam said, putting his hand on your tummy. There was no bump there, but the gesture brought meaning. Simon’s jaw dropped. “You two are the innocent ones! I thought Harry, or maybe Zayn…” he said, trailing off. You looked down at your feet. Simon had been very kind to you, you felt terrible. “Well, Liam, you have no major projects coming up. Recording, and two award shows in the states. I would ask you still go to those. Otherwise, I will do my best to keep you free for the next year. Some small appearances here and there, local concerts, things like that. Nothing too far” he said, looking at his calendar. Liam nodded, and you smiled. “If it’s a boy and you name it anything other than Simon, I will not be pleased” he laughed, and you smirked. “We were thinking Louis, after Louis Walsh?” Liam said, and Simon’s face turned serious before all three of you laughed.

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