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26. Pregnancy Voice

You tell him your pregnant

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[imagine REQUEST] you tell him you’re pregnant

HARRY: Harry had been away on tour for the last month and you hadn’t felt well that entire time. Now that you’ve missed your period, something that never happens to you, you begin to put the obvious pieces together. The day before Harry is due to come back home, you take a home test. You gasp when it reads positive a few minutes later. When you pick Harry up at the airport the following afternoon, he immediately senses that something’s up. “You look pale and you’re acting funny… You feeling alright?” “Mhmm,” you lie. You’re nervous to tell Harry the news, unsure of how he’ll react. You hadn’t been trying to get pregnant, but you hadn’t been not trying either - you’d both agreed to just let nature take its course and if it happened, it happened. But you hadn’t been expecting it to happen this quickly. As Harry pulls into the driveway and cuts off the ignition, he looks over at you. “Spill it. What aren’t you telling me?” You meet his gaze and figure it’s now or never. “I’m pregnant,” you practically whisper. “You are? Already? But it was only a couple months ago that we decided to just kinda go for it… It is mine, right?” You laugh, “Yes, you goon, of course it’s yours.” A wide, proud grin spreads across his face. “So I’m gonna be a dad?” “You’re gonna be a dad,” you confirm. Harry reaches across the console and pulls you into the best hug he can manage, kissing the top of your head repeatedly.

LOUIS: Since deciding you were both ready to start a family, you and Louis had only “tried” once. Due to his busy schedule and you both being too tired after most of your long days, you’re beginning to realize you may not have picked the best time to begin trying since not much trying had been going on. After nearly three weeks pass since that one and only try, you both get a little curious and start playing the what-if game. To humor yourselves, you buy a test and take it. To your astonishment it turns out to be positive. “This thing can’t be right…we only did it that one time! Take another,” Louis instructs. After three more positive tests, Louis just looks at you wide-eyed. “So it really worked? That one time was all it took?” You nod your head to confirm his thoughts. He shouts excitedly, “Well that must mean I have super sperm then!! I have to go call Harry and tell him about my super sperm!” He takes off out of the bathroom in search of where he last left his phone. You catch up to him, grabbing hold of the back of his shirt. “Not so fast, mister. We won’t be telling anyone for a while, until we are absolutely sure.” He turns around to face you, grabbing you in a big bear-hug. “I’m just so exicted!” he tells you, lifting you up and spinning you in a wide circle. “Me too,” you agree as Louis puts you down so he can kiss your lips tenderly.

LIAM: After trying for many months and beginning to get discouraged, you finally miss a period and think this could be it. Liam buys you a home test and says to you as he hands it over, “Now try not to be too disappointed if this ends up being negative. We’ll keep trying. I promise.” You nod and take the box, retreating to the bathroom. You sit in there waiting, while Liam waits outside the door. After much more than the required time has passed, Liam pokes his head in the door. “Well?” You shake your head back and forth. “I didn’t look. I couldn’t do it. I’m too scared it might say no.” Liam looks to the sink counter where he sees you’ve laid the stick face down so as not to see the results. He picks it up and looks. “It’s… It’s positive. Baby, it’s positive! It’s positive!!” You turn to face him, seeing the elated expression on his face. “It is? Really?” you ask in disbelief. He hands you the stick so you can see for yourself. You jump up off your perch on the toilet lid and hop up and down excitedly, jumping into Liam arms. “We’re gonna be parents!” you shout happily, all those months of disappointment finally worth it.

NAILL: You exit the bedroom and head for the living room one morning after waking up. You know your husband will be on the couch, watching TV with a bowl of cereal in his lap, just like he is every morning. You walk into the room asking, “What do you think?” in regards to the makeshift pregnant belly you’ve made by sticking a balled up towel under your shirt. “I think either that food baby of yours has gotten completely out of control, or you should really get that checked out because I’m pretty sure a giant, lumpy mass like that could be fatal,” Niall jokes with you. You laugh and model your faux bump. “You think you’re ready for this kind of thing to be real?” you ask. “Definitely!” Niall tells you honestly. “Good, I’m happy to hear that,” and with that you hand him the positive pregnancy test you’d taken the night before. “Is this real?” he asks you. “Yes, it’s real, why wouldn’t it be?” “Well, that belly of yours isn’t, so I just thought I’d check.” You laugh. “It’s real, Niall. You’re gonna be a dad.” Niall is rendered speechless in excitement, so he gets up to pull you into a big, happy hug instead.

ZAYN: “What else do we need at the grocery store?” Zayn asks you as he compiles a list for when the two of you leave to go grocery shopping in a little bit. “I wrote some things down on that pad of paper on the counter,” you call to him from where you’re putting your shoes on in the living room. He grabs the list off the counter behind him and starts reading through it, “Diapers, wipes, pacifiers… Umm…baby?” “Surprise!” you say, appearing in the doorway with the positive pregnancy test in your hand. “You’re pregnant? You’re really pregnant?” he asks in an excited surprise. “Sure am!” “But we weren’t even trying…were we?” he questions, suddenly confused. You laugh. “No, we weren’t. But, well, here we are. We both knew we wanted kids at some point, and I guess that some point is now. You’re happy about this…aren’t you?” you ask him, suddenly not so sure. “Of course I am! I just wasn’t expecting it, is all. Come here, baby, this is great news!” You meet each other in the middle of the kitchen so he can give you and hug and kiss, whispering an amazed “wow” repeatedly the whole time.

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