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25. Prank Call

You prank call him during a twitcam...


Harry: You sign onto twitcam, after getting lots of tweets asking you to do so. "Hello everyone!" you smile. Almost instantly, you are flooded with tweets asking you to prank call Harry. "Fine! I'll prank call him. What should I say?" Hundreds of people tell you to pretend to be Louis. Challenge accepted. You dial and Harry finally picks up. "'Ello?" he says into the phone. You lower your voice, trying to sound gruff. "Hey, it's Lou. I want you so bad right now," you say, biting back a laugh. Harry laughs into the phone. "I know you want me so bad right now, (Y/N). Don't have to pretend to be Louis," he says. You laugh at your failed prank call. "Louis' voice is a bit higher than that," Harry says with a laugh. A few moments later you get a text from Louis. "Watching your twitcam, highly offended! haha jokes, but next time we'll prank call him together, right? xx"

Liam: "Time to prank call my boy Li Li," you tell the viewers. You'd promised to do a prank call if you hit 500 viewers, and you just did. You dial his number and after a few rings he picks up. "Hello?" he says. You change your voice slightly. "Hi, this is Holly from HM Motors? I'm calling about the neon pink paint job you ordered on your car?" Liam laughs into the phone. "Nice try, (Y/N). But I'm watching your twitcam right now. You can't out-do the King of Twitcams!" you wave to the twitcam viewers, knowing now that Liam is one of them. "You look really cute, by the way," Liam adds.

Zayn: "I'm so bored," you whine to the twitcam, hundreds of people are watching you be bored. "I'm going to prank call Zayn." You dial his number and place the phone on speaker. "Hey babe, what's up?" he says. "Zayn. I just got the worst tattoo ever, I'm about to cry," you choke into the phone, making your voice sound cracked and teary. "Aw, shit. What happened?" he says. "I tried getting your name tattoo'd on my ass, but they SPELLED IT WRONG," you sob, biting back laughter. Zayn starts laughing into the phone, aware that you're kidding. "Same thing happened to me! I was trying to get my own named tattoo'd on my ass, you know, so I don't forget it? But they spelled it with an 'E'! An 'E'!" he says, playing along. After having a long, joking conversation, you two finally hang up in a fit of giggles. Soon, #TattooThatOnYourAss is trending. Cheeky.

Niall: "Guys, I'm going to do some dares. Tweet some at me!" you tell the viewers,reading the tweets as they flood in. "I dare you to prank call Niall and tell him Nando's is closing down," you read. "I like that one. Will do!" You dial the phone and put it on speaker. "NIALL! NIALL!" you shout into the phone. "Whoa! Calm down. What's up, princess?" he replies. "NANDO'S CLOSED DOWN. I JUST SAW IT ON THE NEWS!" you shout. He gasps, then a moment later he replies. "No! No! It's not! I have a Nando's black card, plus I'm subscribed to their newsletter, I would already know about this," he says simply. You laugh and he finally catches on. "You prank callin' me?" he laughs. "That's fine, but Nando's closing is not joking matter!" You laugh and make plans to get some Nando's later.

Louis: You and Harry were both at Lou and Harry's flat, waiting for Louis to come home. Harry was on twitcam and he invited you to join him. "Hello people!" you say, sitting down next to Harry with a wave. "We should prank call Louis," Harry says with a grin. "Yeah! Get him back for that prank call he did on me last week!" you reply. Last week he'd prank called you while you were at school. You got detention for a week! "Okay, how about I pretend to..." Harry thinks about what to do. You point to a comment on the screen. 'profess your undying love to him. #LarryStylinson'. Harry laughs and nods, then you take out your phone and dial. Harry puts the phone on speaker and you listen in quietly. "Hello?" Louis asks. "Lou. It's Harry. I can't hold back any longer. I love you. I am so in love with you, I want your body right now, I can't handle it," Harry says seductively into the phone, grinning at the camera and holding back a laugh. You cover up your laughter, trying to stay quiet. Silence is on the other end. "Louis?" Harry asks. No reply. "Are you serious?" Louis asks, an unreadable tone in his voice. Harry's face gets serious and yours does, too. "Let's not take this prank too far," you whisper. Harry nods. "Nah, kidding. Me and (Y/N) are here. You just got PUNK'D!" Harry shouts, you both laugh. The other end is silence. "Oh." Louis says simply. A second too late he joins in the laughter. "Ha! You guys got me good. Just wait till I get my revenge!" Louis shouts. Soon, #LarryStylinson is the #1 Worldwide trend....

Sorry if I went overboard with Louis 😁 ha anyway I hope you like it my pretty faces. Sorry if I hadn't updated more I should be doing so in the next week or so x thanks x

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