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10. new year eve xx

I'm sorry if it was bad :( but yeah here it is >.<

And for all your pretty faces to x

Harry Styles

I'll keep my eyes wide open I'll keep my arms wide open (don't let me go) xx

New Year's Eve

A few days before New Years Eve, you and your boyfriend Harry got into a fight. It wasn’t like any fight you had before you were literally screaming at each other:

-"Harry you’re not here most of the time, and when you are in town, you just ditch me to go clubbing with some friends?" You snap at harry.

-"Ditch you??? After all I do to be with you! Sometimes you can be so stupid maddie"

-"All you do?? I’m the one receiving all the hate from what you call your “fans”! And don't call me stupid and it's Madison, not maddie!"

The fight kept going on and on for the rest of the night.

The next day you had to fly to New York, for a business trip. You left London, both of you still mad at each other. You felt really bad about it, since you were going to stay in New York for more than 2 weeks and you didn’t even say goodbye to your boyfriend.

*A couple of days past and it’s New Years Eve*

You are sitting at the flat you rented alone, thinking to yourself:

Well, GREAT, Harry is probably now at the big celebrity party he was invited to, having fun with the boys and all the celebrities there and I’m just sitting here by myself doing nothing on New Years Eve.

You decide to watch TV instead of sitting there doing nothing.

Suddenly you hear the doorbell ring.

Who can it be, I know no one here in New York? You say to yourself

You open the door and find a smiling Harry Styles with a suite case in his hand, you scream in surprise:

Harryyyy! And jump immediately in his strong arms.

You forget about the fight and everything that happened before you left, you just wanted to be in his arms.

You brush you face in his neck, and kiss it softly, you smell the beautiful scent of his cologne, and it just sends you goose bumps.

You pull out of the hug and say still surprised:

-What brings you here Harry, weren’t you supposed to be at the New Years Party, in London??

-I didn’t want my baby alone to spend New Years Eve alone?" he says softly starring in your beautiful eyes

He puts his hands on your waist and crashes his soft pink lips into yours and kisses you gently and passionately; you smile in the kiss not believing that he flew thousand of miles just to be with you! You were so luck to have him! You put your hands into his curls and caress them gently!

Both of you pull out of the kiss, his hands still on your waist looking at you with his loving beautiful green orbs.

-I’m sorry, baby, about what I said, I – you say regretting what you said that night

He cuts you off and puts his finger on your mouth, "Madison sweetheart, don’t think about it anymore."

Both of you spend the night kissing and cuddling. He was holding you tightly in his arms and you were watching How I Met Your Mother.

It was almost 12 o’clock, he let’s you out of his gentle grip and runs to his suitcase and takes a bottle of champagne out of it and goes to the kitchen and grabs two glasses.

He pours some champagne in both of the glasses and hands you one.

When the clock struck 12 o’clock, he stands up and says with the cheekiest grin on his face:

-I want to make a toast to the most beautiful girl in the world, that I’m so lucky to call mine, maddie

-And I want to make a toast to the best boyfriend in the world, that I’m so lucky to call myself his, Harry!

-Cheers you both say and take a sip of your drink.

Then he puts his glass on the coffee table and leans to kiss you for the twentieth time this night, but this time was even more passionate than ever.

You didn’t want to pull out of the kiss, you felt like heaven every time his lips touched yours!

He lifted you up bridal style and took you to your bedroom, and oh my, who knows what you both did inside ;)

This was the best New Years Eve you’ve ever had, because you spent it with the person you love most, your boyfriend Harry.

That night was the start of a beautiful year, the best and most amazing year of your life!

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