One direction imagines >.<

Just a bunch of one direction imagines... You can write in and I will make you an imagine.. But I've also got a tumblr account that is gonna effect it


23. journal

I know it's really short but it's an update right?

Xxx for em

The strong arms wrapping around you bring you from the nap you had been enjoying. “What are you doing?” You ask as he continues to crawl on top of you, resting his head on your chest just under your chin. “I love you,” he says, his grip around your waist tightening. You smile. “And I love you,” you say, combing your fingers through his hair. “Like I really love you,” he repeats, rolling off of you to sit in the floor. You sit up against the arm rest of the couch, pulling your knees to your chest as he turns back to look at you. You would never get enough of that smile. “Close your eyes,” he says softly and your face turns into confusion. “Just close your eyes,” he repeats sincerely.

You do as he says, wondering what he is up to. You feel something being sat on your knees, but you keep your eyes closed knowing he wouldn’t like it if you peaked. “Alright, open.” You slowly open your eyes to reveal a small leather covered book. Your eyes grow wide, it was his journal. “Harry,” you say in almost a whisper. He only smiles. You pick it up, running your hands over the aged cover. His entire life was inside. Every thought he’s ever wanted to hold onto was written on these pages. “You sure?” You question, knowing what he was doing. You had to admit you had always wondered what he was writing down in this thing. How could you not? He took it with him everywhere. He nods and you smile, looking down at the front, tracing the words he had written. You slowly open the book, your eyes catching lyrics that had already been turned into songs. ‘Happily’ was the first one you recognized. There’s ‘Just A Little Bit of Your Heart’, you still wonder why he gave that one up.

You can feel him watching you intently as you turn the pages slowly, one by one. ‘You have inspired me in so many ways’, you read with a smile, wondering in the back of your mind if this was about you. ‘The way you say I love you/The way you hold me close when nothing’s right/You are my life and I will never leave you/I need you with me/Now until forever’. You look up at him after reading his thoughts on the page in front of you. Closing the journal you lean down to press a kiss to his lips. “You haven’t finished,” he says as you hand it back to him. “I don’t need to.”

Xx here you go

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