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5. He Protects you from your abusive bf

Requested by anon

Louis: Things were not good. You and your boyfriend Alex were fine at first but then he became violent. Everything you did seemed to piss him off and made him put his hands on you. He'd always apologize though and let you know how sorry he was for it, and you accepted his apology only to get hurt again in the end. You were currently hiding away in your bathroom trying to get away from him. Today was one of the days where he came home drunk and pissed off. You closed your eyes and rested your head against the door. You looked down at your arms covered in bruises. It was horrifying and you were to scared to move your eyes in the direction of your stomach. Suddenly your front door had been opened and there was shouting. Confused you cautiously opened the door and made your way downstairs. There stood your best friend Louis. He had been on tour and you were supposed to go meet up with him tonight but Alex had gotten home, leaving Louis with an empty seat at the restaurant. Concerned he came straight over to your place. “[Y/N] GO UPSTAIRS! I'll take care of this bastard and then I'll deal with you.” Alex said. You looked at Louis who was giving Alex a death glare and began heading back upstairs. “She's coming with me.” Louis said. You suddenly realized that you were standing in the living room in only your bra and jeans, letting all your bruises speak for themselves. “Ok, who ever the fuck you are why is she going with you? Have you been seeing him behind my back [Y/N]?!?” Alex yelled at you. You stood there in silence. “No, she hasn't. [Y/N].” Louis said gesturing you towards him. You looked at Alex and made your way towards Louis. He took off his jacket and placed it around you covering up your bruises. You felt a bit calmer once the smell of Louis entered your nose. “A-Alex.” you said gathering up all of your courage. “People will be here in the morning for my stuff. I'm not letting you hurt me anymore. I'm leaving.” “Why so you can go be with this gay ass?” Louis took your hand and squeezed it. “No, so I don't have to constantly be attacked you asshole.” you said calmly. Louis gave Alex a look of warning and made your way out of the flat. When you got into the car you began crying and apologizing to Louis for not telling him. He pulled the car over to the side of the road and pulled you into his lap. He held you and told you that there was no reason for you to apologize and that everything was going to be ok.

Niall: “YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE! I SWEAR TO GOD IF YOU SO MUCH AS EVEN THINK ABOUT TALKING TO HER, LOOKING AT HER OR EVEN TALKING ABOUT HER I'M GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU!!!” you heard an all to familiar Irish accent screaming from inside yours and your boyfriend's flat. You open the door as quickly as you could to find your best friend Niall holding your boyfriend, Jason, by the collar of his shirt. “NIALL! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?” you scream. “[Y/N] I saw you're bruises and I know this fucking asshole is responsible for them.”. You didn't say anything after that. Niall was right. Jason may have been a sweetheart to everyone else but he was a complete monster towards you. “Go pack a bag.” Niall said before turning his attention back to the trembling boy in his hands. You go upstairs and begin packing. You finish quickly and pause when you hear Niall talking to Jason again. “Do you know how fucking long I have been waiting for her?” he asks “,longer than you two have been together. The day I laid my eyes on that beautiful girl was when I started waiting. I promised to protect her from anything and anyone and then you come in and you fuck everything up. You bruised her skin and gave her cuts you fucking asshole! I swear to god I will make sure that you will never talk to her again. I'll be sending someone to pick up the rest of her stuff and then that's you're out of her life forever and she's out of yours.” Niall said fiercely. “I am trying so fucking hard not to punch you in your god damn face you cunt.” Niall said holding his fist up to Jason's face. You decided that that was all you needed to hear and you walked down the stairs. Niall took your hand and your bag and walked out of Jason's house and life forever.

Zayn: “What do you have to say to her you asshole!?” the door to your bedroom was suddenly flung open and your best friend Zayn was holding your boyfriend Mike by his shirt, which was covered in blood. You had invited Zayn over for a movie night when he noticed your bruises and cuts all over your stomach. When you confessed it was Mike you had harmed you he had stormed out of your house. You were now face to face with the person who had hurt you. “I said WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY TO HER!” Zayn yells into Mike's ear. “ZAYN STOP!” you yelled at him. You pulled Zayn's hands off of Mike and pushed them to separate sides of the room. You made your way over to Zayn to make sure he wasn't hurt. You then turned your attention back to Mike. When he knew he had your full attention he attacked “You fucking bitch,” he yelled at you “,you told this asshole what was going on! I told you not to tell anyone!” “Ok, that's it!” Zayn yelled and pounced on Mike once again. “Her. Name. Is. [Y/N]. You. Don't. Deserve. Her.” Zayn said between punches. You pulled Zayn off of Mike again and pushed Zayn into your bathroom. You then took Mike downstairs making sure not to drip any blood on the floor and you had at him. “You hurt me, you left scars on me and I am done. You are a fucking asshole and I hate you. Get the fuck out of my life!!” and with that you slammed the door in his face. You quickly ran upstairs to make sure Zayn was ok. You helped him wash the blood off of his hands and cleaned up his cut eyebrow. He winced in pain. “Sorry,” you say sympathetically. “It's ok.” he said looking down at his hands. “I guess you hate me now then?” he asked. You let out a small laugh and put down the cloth you were using to wash Zayn's face “I don't think that's possible Malik.” you said with a smile. You pulled him in for a hug “Thank you Zayn, although you're an idiot because you're going to get in a whole lot of shit I'm glad I have a best friend like you.”

Liam: You had known Liam your entire life and he was your best friend. You knew you could tell him anything so when your boyfriend starting abusing you you didn't know where else to go other than him. When you had told him he got extremely angry and stormed out of his house. You were able to catch up to him and you got into his car to stop him from doing anything stupid. “[Y/N], I can't just let him get away with this.” he said with a blank look on his face. You reached over the dash and held his hand “Liam, I don't want to be with him anymore and yes he deserves to have the crap kicked out of him but I don't want you getting in trouble for it.” he looked at you and let out a sigh. He took the car out of park and continued driving towards yours and your boyfriend's flat. “Liam what are you doing?” you ask confused and scared. “We're going to get your stuff before this gets any worse.” he says completely serious. You get to your flat and see that your boyfriend's car is in the drive way. You take in a large breath and get out of the car, Liam not even half a step behind you. You open the door to see Cory sat on the couch watching TV “Where the fuck have you been you whore?” he asks not realizing Liam was right behind you. You walk into the flat ignoring what he said and heading upstairs to your room to pack your clothes. “Excuse me! BITCH! You fucking whore stop ignoring me!” he yelled up at you. He then noticed Liam standing there when he decided to speak up “She has a name.” Cory turns around and looks at Liam in disgust. “What the fuck is going on Liam?” Liam doesn't respond. He just ignores Cory to the best of his ability. You were trying to pack as quickly as you could so you didn't have to deal with all of your memories coming back to you, the good and the bad. Back downstairs Cory had moved closer to Liam, he was practically in his face. “Liam, tell me what the fuck is going on. NOW!” he yells into Liam's face. “Cory, I'm saying this as nicely as I can, I do know how to fight and I can kick your ass. You hurt one of my best friends and that is NOT ok with me so go sit down on that couch continue to watch your stupid sports game and leave [Y/N] alone.” Cory then made his way back to the couch feeling defeated as you came downstairs. You left without any other words said.

Harry: “[Y/N]? A-Are those cuts?” your best friend Harry asks at the sight of your shoulder. You quickly fix your top and look away from him. “Who the hell am I killing?” he asked grabbing his jacket and car keys. When you didn't answer he knew exactly who it was. He always knew that Max wasn't a good guy. He had warned you so many times and you hadn't listened. Harry walked out of the room putting on his coat and unlocking his car. You got up off of his bed and chased after him “HARRY STOP!” but it was to late, he had already driven off. You sat in Harry's bedroom sobbing trying to call him so that he wouldn't do something stupid and get himself arrested, or worse killed. You eventually fell asleep due to your constant crying. When you woke up Harry was lying behind you, holding you close to him. You looked down to see his hands and arms bruised and cut. You sat up quickly and looked at Harry. He was smiling up at you “Hi.” “HI?! HI?!?!!!!!,” you scream “YOU RUN OUT OF THE HOUSE AND COME BACK LOOKING LIKE-LIKE THIS AND ALL YOU HAVE TO SAY IS HI???” you scream at him. His eye was bruised and his lip was cut. You pulled him off the bed and into the bathroom to clean him up. “For gods sake Harry please tell me you didn't kill him and that he looks worse than you.” you said wiping his face with a face cloth. He let out a chuckle “Yes, he looks ten times worse and he's in a lot of trouble, don't worry. Oh and here,” he said leaving the bathroom. He returned with a suitcase in hand “,the rest of your stuff is in my car. When he passed out I grabbed whatever I thought was yours and put it into some boxes.” you felt tears come to your eyes. You attacked him with a hug “OW!” you pulled away “Oh my god I'm so sorry!” you said checking to make sure he was ok. Harry then placed his hands on your waist “[Y/N] you're staying here from now on, ok? I don't want anyone hurting you ever again. Got it?” you nodded your head in agreement and hugged him again. When you pulled away you placed a feather light kiss on his lips.

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