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16. he gets jealous

a cute guy hits on you and he gets jealous (requested)

Louis: You and Louis were out grocery shopping. You had to pick up a few things for having the boys over for a barbeque that night. You did the aisles, and made your way to the cash. You went to a lane and saw a super hot cashier working the till. He looked kind of like a good mix between Mathew McConaughey and Zac Efron. Louis saw him too, and kissed your neck. You smiled. Clearly, Louis was sending a message and you didn’t mind it. The cashier noticed and smirked. You were loading the groceries on the conveyer belt when you noticed you forgot something. “Shoot, Lou I forgot ketchup and we are completely out. Can you grab me some? Please?” “Ummm sure” he said, hesitating at the thought of you alone with Mr. Wonderful behind the scanner. You raised your eyebrow and Lou smirked, kissing your forehead before walking away. It was your turn to ring things through, and you looked up at the cashier. He was smiling big at you, and you smiled back. “Hi, how are you today beautiful?” he said as he started to ring through your groceries. “Good thanks, and yourself?” “I was good until I saw you, now I’m great.” You blushed. “Looks like a party?” he said, hinting at the groceries. “Oh, yeah, kind of. My boyfriend and I are having some of his band mates over.” “Bandmates? That guy’s in a band? Why doesn’t he get a real job. I would if I could spoil a girl like you.” “He does support me” you laughed, preparing to explain, but the cashier cut you off. “I don’t mean emotionally, hun. I mean put food on the table. Weekend gigs at shitty pubs don’t do that. Let’s get real.” “Well, my band is representing a 50 million dollar enterprise so I think I can spoil her just fine” you heard a familiar voice chime in behind you. You giggled, and turned to give Louis a hug. “That’ll be 21.12 pounds” the cashier said, clearly embarrassed. “Oh, I think I can afford this one. I still have some money left over from having a debuting number one single on the Billboard chart” Louis said, taking out his wallet. You took your bags and left, laughing the whole way to the car at how sassy your boyfriend was.

Niall: You were out at Nobu, celebrating your recent promotion at work with sushi. You were sitting down and waiting for your waiter to come. You saw a super cute guy coming towards you, and you blushed. He had dirty blonde shaggy hair, blue eyes and huge arms. He looked about 28, but a really good 28. “You’re drooling” Niall said from across the table. “Am not” you snapped, looking at him with a scowl. He smirked and shook his head at you. “Hello, my name is Daniel and I will be your server today. Have you decided on anything yet, gorgeous?” Daniel asked you. He didn’t even address Niall, and you could tell Niall wasn’t happy. “I’m going to get the Fillet of Salmon with Teriyaki Sauce please” you said politely. “Absolutely, lovely choice for a lovely girl” he said. You handed him the menu and he purposely ran his fingers over yours. “And you?” he said, turning to Niall. “Tenderloin of Beef with Wasabi Pepper Sauce” “Ok” the waiter says, turning to you again “I’ll be back soon, don’t miss me too much.” You let out a fake laugh as he walked away. “What a loser” Niall said. You let out a light laugh. “I have to go to the boy’s room” he said, sliding out of the booth. “Don’t miss me too much” he mimicked Daniel as he walked away, and you laughed. It was almost like Daniel was watching, because he came right over. “So, why don’t you ditch this kid and we can hang out? I’m off in thirty minutes.” He said, sliding into Niall’s seat. You could see Niall coming, but you didn’t say anything. “Babe, you and me could have way more fun. Drop the baby off at daycare and we can do something. Give me your number.” “Mate, I would strongly recommend you get away from my girlfriend. I want to speak to your manager and I do not want you bringing our food. Maybe it’s about time you grow up and stop hitting on girls who are way out of your league” he said, waving his hand off. Daniel stood up and walked away. “Niall, you bad ass” you laughed as he sat down. Niall complained to the manager and they asked a lovely older woman named Denise to wait on you. She was lovely, and Niall tipped you well before you two headed home.

Harry: “I love this song!” you shouted, dancing at the club. ‘Scream’ by Usher was on, and you couldn’t not dance. Harry laughed, not feeling up to shaking it, as you went down to the dance floor with a friend in tow. You were swaying your hips, hands up in the air and shaking your hair. You were having a blast. You felt a large hand fall on your hip, and you figured Harry had had a change of heart. You turned and saw a tall, built, tanned brunette man staring down at you. You had to look up at him, and you figured he stood at around 6 foot 5. “Hello sexy” he said to you, his voice deep and low. “Hi” you squeaked as he pulled you in. You had stopped dancing, and you turned to see your friend. She was gone. “What’s a fine minx like you doing out here?” he asked. “Excuse me? Peel your sweaty palms off my girl” you heard a slow, stern voice behind you. Harry was standing there, his hands on your upper arms. “Let’s let her decide. Do you want to hang out with this pretty boy or someone like me?” the man asked, and you pulled away towards Harry. The man was shocked. “That’s right mate. So next time, don’t mess with my girl. You should try hitting on girls in your league. Don’t go near her again or there will be hell to pay” Harry said, tensely. You were wrapped in his arms and felt both safe and turned on by this act of jealousy. “Whatever mate” the man says walking away. For the rest of the night, Harry would go with you if you wanted to dance.

Zayn: “Y/N, Zayn? We’re here!” you heard your friend Genevieve call. You and Zayn got up to meet her and her date at the door. You met Genevieve when you moved in with Zayn. You were out in the park and she was walking her dog Flora. Flora ran to you, and you two have been inseparable since. You loved her to death, and she had just met a new guy and you had to meet him. You decided to invite them over for dinner. “Hey Eve!” you said, hugging her. She handed you a bottle of wine. “Hello Eve, nice seeing you” Zayn said and they hugged. Eve stepped aside and revealed her date. ‘Well,’ you thought, ‘she knows how to pick em’. “Hey, nice to meet you I’m Adrion” he said, and you hugged. He had black hair styled messily, green eyes and you could see a tattoo of the word ‘free’ on his forearm. “Hey, Zayn, nice to meet you” Zayn said, sticking his hand out. “Adrion, likewise” he says, shaking his hand. “Shall we go to the dining room?” you asked. Everyone nodded, and you led the way. You had the table set really nice. The table was a rectangle, so you and Zayn sat on one side and Adrion and Eve sat on the other. You sat across from Adrion. You were talking and sipping wine when you heard the ding of the oven. “I’ll grab it Y/N” Zayn said, getting up to go to the oven. Eve smiled at you. “He’s great” she said, and you saw Adrion role his eyes. “Y/N!” Zayn called and you went to get up. “Sit! Relax! I’ll take care of it” Eve said, kissing Adrion on the cheek and going into the kitchen. “So, Y/N, how long have you and Zayn been dating?” he asked. “A year and a bit” you answered, smiling. You felt him rub his foot on your bare leg. You figured it was a mistake, and you shifted your leg. “That’s a long time, aren’t you bored?” he asked. He moved his foot to your leg again, but ran it all the way up to your knee. “No” you said shortly, hoping it would drive the point home. Adrion got up and sat in Zayn’s chair. “Look. We are both really good looking people. I’m hot, you’re pretty hot. Let’s ditch our two average dates and go have some fun.” You were flabbergasted. “Mate, you need to leave” you hear Zayn say, as he sets the casserole down on the table. He and Eve were just around the corner and heard the whole thing. Eve was in tears and Zayn looked fuming. “You need to relax” Adrion said, putting his arm on your shoulder. Zayn lost his temper and grabbed the guy by the shirt. “Look, you have made one girl cry tonight. Don’t make me return the favor to you. Leave. And don’t call Genevieve again” Zayn said, and you clung to his leg. “Whatever dude, a real bro shares” he says and Zayn shoves him to the door. You go to comfort Eve, and your dinner party becomes a slumber party so you can console her.

Liam: “It’s so beautiful” you said, lightly stepping down the steps. “Wow, it is lovely down here” Liam said, following you. You and Liam had come to Geneva, France to do some skiing. You were having a lot of fun on the slopes, but you wanted a break to do some shopping. You were walking along the canal, which was lined with little boutiques and shops. You went and looked over the edge at the water, and Liam stood behind you and put his hands on yours. “This is perfect” he whispered in your ear and you turned to kiss him. You decided to go in a cute shop that had dresses in the doorway. You had taken a few French classes before you left, but you were certainly not fluent. This made it difficult to communicate with shopkeepers. Usually, it was hand signals. “How about this?” Liam asked, showing you a gorgeous purple knee length dress. “It’s so cute! Good job Li!” you said, kissing him. You went to try it on. “Y/N, there’s a Starbucks right next to here, I’m going to grab a tea. Want anything?” “Strawberries and cream frappuccino please” you called over the dressing room door. “Okay, be back in a few he called and you heard the door open and close. You stepped out to check out the dress in the mirror. “Tu es tellement belle, ma fille” you hear a man say behind you. You knew he was calling you pretty. “Oh, umm, merci” you said, trying to think of what else to say. “You euh don’t speak francais?” he asked you. “Non, anglais” you said giggling. “Oh yes, euh okay I will try to talk English” he said and you smiled. He took your hand and kissed it. This guy was hot. He had dark hair that was longer. He had scruff and deep brown eyes. “Pleasured to meet you, my name Henrie” he said in broken English. “I am Y/N, nice to meet you” you say smiling. He turned you back towards the mirror and put his arms on your waist. You knew French guys had a reputation for being touchy, but Henrie was being a little too touchy. “You look sexual in dis” he says. You went beet red and smiled looking down. Henrie leaned in and kissed your cheek. “Woah, Henrie” you said turning to him. “I just want to give a beautiful girl kisses” he said, leaning in again as you leaned back. “Back off!” you heard a British accent call, and you knew you were going to be okay. Henrie looked at him, shocked. “I seen her for first” he said, and you rolled your eyes. “I saw her back in England, mate. Now get out of here before I send you into that canal out there and ruin you cheveux.” Liam had only gone to one French class, and it was the human body one. You cupped your face, wanting to laugh. “Tete de merde” Henrie said. You knew what that was, you learned it from people at the ski resort, but you weren’t telling Liam he just got called a shithead. Henrie left and Liam pulled you in for a hug. “You look beautiful in that dress” Liam said. “Henrie said the same thing” you smiled and Liam squeezed your cheeks before giving you a kiss.

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