One direction imagines >.<

Just a bunch of one direction imagines... You can write in and I will make you an imagine.. But I've also got a tumblr account that is gonna effect it


22. "fans"

Some “fans” take things too far…

Was kinda bored and wanted to do this xx hope you like xx can we get this movella over 500? That would be amazing!!

Hope you enjoy my pretty facesx

Liam: You and your boyfriend Liam have been deciding to make your relationship more public. You’ve been dating exclusively for about 8 months and you both decided it would be a good idea to sort of bring it up into the media because things were getting serious. You both were going to go to the beach and have a nice afternoon together. You packed a lunch and grabbed everything you’d need and got into the car and headed for the beach. Things were going great, you had the radio on full blast and you both sang along as you headed for the beach. You soon got there and unloaded the car. No one had noticed you both yet, but soon a girl began screaming. “Oh my god! It’s Liam Payne!” Soon several other girls began screaming and started running towards the car. “Well here we go…” He said calmly as the girls began hugging him. One pushed you down purposely to get to him. She caught you off guard so you fell to the ground. Immediately Liam noticed and ran to help you up. The girl shot you an evil glare, but you shrugged it off. You weren’t going to go apeshit on some girl you didn’t know. Another girl said quietly to Liam, “H-Hi Liam, I love you so much!” He hugged her and told her he loved her too and then she turned to you and said, “You are gorgeous! Are you dating, because if you are you make an adorable couple!” You smiled and looked over to Liam to see if now would be the time you announced it, you nodded and said quietly “Yes we’re dating.” You both smiled and the other girls squealed of excitement. The annoying one said to her friend, “I doubt they’ll last long, a stupid bitch like that doesn’t deserve Liam. why would he want her.” Liam glared at her and said, “Um excuse you, but who the hell are you to tell me who I am allowed to date or not. Unless you know my girlfriend personally, you have no right to sit there and pretend like you know who she is. She’s a lovely girl and if you have anything else to say I suggest you say it to both of us because I’m not going to stand here and take this crap from a fucking teenager.” The girls face turned a bright red and she gave Liam the finger and walked away.

Louis: You and your boyfriend Louis have been dating for about 5 months now. You’ve been in the public eye and people seem to recognize you both as a couple and you don’t deny it. So one day during an interview the interviewer asks Louis in front of the guys, “So Sir Louis, are you & Y/N a couple or what?!” He turned a light shade of red and the other guys made an “Ooooh” noise. He giggled and said, “Yes, yes we are.” The audience cheered and screamed, mainly for happiness for Louis but there were a few who weren’t so pleased. One girl in particular said loudly, “That bitch doesn’t deserve you!” Louis, who was smiling, his expression faded into an anger fueled face. “And which one of you decided to play matchmaker, please stand up you coward.” The girl stood up and said, “Fuck that bitch!” He immediately got off of the stage and walked over to the girl, “Listen here, you don’t know a goddamn thing about my relationship. Don’t you fucking dare sit here and act like you’re a fucking fan if you cannot respect my fucking relationship. Hell, get the fuck out right now!” He said, now fuming. Niall got off the stage and pulled him back. Security grabbed the girl and escorted her out. They cut to commercial and the boys tried to calm Louis down. He spent the rest of the interview fuming quietly and he didn’t say another word.

Zayn: You and Zayn had decided to spend an afternoon out in the town, going to different stores and just fooling around. You both headed into Victoria’s Secret, mainly because Zayn wanted to watch you try on different bras. You went inside and immediately girls began to stop and stare. A few started screaming at Zayn’s presence. One or two came up nervously and asked him to sign random stuff they had with them. He didn’t mind and neither did you. A few asked for pictures with you both. One girl was jeering over at you every few seconds, you didn’t think anything of it until she flipped up her middle finger at you. You chuckled slightly, you were going to shrug it off but Zayn noticed. He walked over to her and said, “Um excuse you but I couldn’t help but notice you flipping off my girlfriend.” The girl chuckled and said, “Maybe I did.” He laughed loudly and said, “Well I suggest you fucking watch it, because if you mess with my girlfriend you’re messing with me.” You ran over to him and pulled him back, “Zayn don’t, she’s not worth it.” The girl rolled her eyes and threw a bra at you and stormed out the door. Zayn pulled you into his arms and kissed you softly. “I love you so fucking much Y/N, you don’t even understand.” You smiled and said, “I love you too baby, forever.”

Niall: You and your boyfriend Niall were sitting in a small little coffee shop together. You were splitting a piece of cake and drinking your coffee’s and talking. You haven’t been dating for long, but you feel as know you’ve known each other for years. Some younger girls were sitting at tables, sneakily taking photos of you both. One snapped one of you eating a piece of the cake and tweeted it saying, “@Y/T/N, I don’t think you should be eating that. Try a low-fat bar, your pants will thank you and so will our eyes ;)” Your phone lit up and you checked your mentions. You nearly choked on your coffee as you glared towards the girls. They laughed and you bit down on your lip. Niall was talking to you, but you couldn’t focus. You pushed away the cake and told him to eat the rest. He looked you in the eyes and grabbed your hand lightly saying, “What’s wrong love?” He knew something was up. You bit down harder and said, “Those little twats, that’s what.” “What happened?” You rolled your eyes and showed him the phone. He began cursing, but you couldn’t make out what he was saying because when he was pissed his accent got stronger. He got up sliding the chair to the table forcefully and walked over to the girls. He slammed his hands down on the end of their table and yelled, “What the fuck is wrong with you you dumb twats. Get the fuck over yourself. If you’re going to be such little cunts and saying such bullshit to my fucking girlfriend, don’t fucking call yourself a fan of mine. Grow the fuck up, you imbeciles ” He said through clenched teeth. The room was silent and the girls were bright red. You got up and pulled him back, “Ni, Niall stop. Come on, let’s go.” He pushed their drinks off the table and began cursing again as he grabbed his coat and left, holding you close to his side. “Ugh, I’m sorry Y/N.” He began after a few moments. “I know you hate when the angry irishman comes out but I just cannot stand how they treat you because you’re perfect babe.” He kissed your forehead and held you close. “I love you so much Ni. Thank you for always being there for me.” He smiled wide and said, ”Anytime.”

Harry: "You look stunning." Harry cooed as you walked down the stairs wearing a gorgeous black dress which was tight at the top but flowy towards the bottom and red heels. He was taking you as his date to the VMA’s this year and you were feeling pretty self conscious in your dress and were having second thoughts about it. It was a lovely dress, but you felt gigantic in it. You had no time left to change and Harry grabbed your hand pulling you into the limo. He could see how nervous you were and he tried his best to calm you down, by making goofy faces and making corny jokes. They were working and you felt yourself relax. You pulled up in front of the carpet and bit down on your lower lip. The driver opened the door on Harry’s side and he led the way, grabbing your waist and holding you close to his side. Cameras began flashing and girls were screaming. You both were told to stop and take pictures. You smiled and with Harry by your side, you felt good. He kissed your lips and the cameras flashed, some people made a harmonious "Aww" noise. You were then sat inside at a table surrounded by all of the guys & their girlfriends. The awards had started and One Direction won. You all clapped and the guys ran up to the stage like little kids. Harry looked around for your eyes and blew as kiss at you. You made a fish face and he chuckled slightly. Louis grabbed the mic and said, "This is bloody ridiculous! You’re all amazing. We love & thank every single one of you from the bottom of our hearts. Directioners are the fucking best!" The crowd cheered and the boys made their way down the stage and back to the tables. You placed a soft kiss on Harry’s lips and he smiled pulling you close to him. About an hour or two later, the awards were over. Young girls swarmed the place. You were told to stay and take a few more photos, Harry stood behind you in a prom pose way. A few photos were snapped and one girl yelled loudly from the crowd, "Harry I don’t know why you’d date that piece of shit. She’s worthless." Harry started fuming and made his way to the girl, his fists were clenched and you knew Harry hated when people said bad things about you. You were prepared for the worst. "Harry don’t!" You yelled. He towered over her and said, "Excuse me, but I don’t know who you were talking to but I suggest you watch your fucking tone. Don’t fucking talk to my girlfriend like that. You don’t know shit about either of us, so stop acting like you know everything in the fucking world." He said sternly. The girls face turned bright red from embarrassment Harry walked away angrily and some other Directioners yelled at her for being an asshole. Harry’s hands made their way to your hips and he kissed your shoulder. "I’m sorry they’re so horrible to you, I wish they’d stop babygirl." You placed your hands on his cheeks and rested your forehead against his, "Harry they don’t matter to me, I love you. Thank you for being there for me." He smiled and without knowing, a few more photos were captured.

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