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15. danger

out of my limit

Louis: As the sounds of clinking silverware and classical music float through the dining room, you can’t help but smile. You and Louis share an intimate table in the corner of the restaurant. Your eyes are glued to Louis, who looks extra suave in a dark suit and navy collared shirt. You smile and look down at your lap while he sips his wine. As you lift your head up to thank him for the millionth time for taking you out to such an elegant dinner, you notice the color drain from his face as he stares at the entrance of the restaurant. He suddenly reaches across the table and knocks your fork off, sending it underneath the tablecloth. “Get your fork, (Y/N).” he mumbles sternly, not taking his eyes off of the entrance. “Now.” You furrow your brow and scoot silently out of your chair, bending down underneath the tablecloth to retrieve your fork in utter confusion. As you reach for it, you see that Louis’ joined you under the table. He grabs your hand and pulls you close, completely sheltering the both of you under the tablecloth. “What are you doing, Lou?!” you whisper. He takes your face in his hands and looks you dead in the eye. “There’s a man at the front who just pulled out a gun.”

Niall: “I-RE-LAND! I-RE-LAND!” The rowdy crowd chants, exiting the soccer game. As hoards of fans pour out of the stadium, the streets are a sea of green and orange, and the pungent scent of beer is hanging in the air. “I can’t believe we won!” Niall shouts as you two shuffle down the stairs, bringing a hand up to his forehead in disbelief. “I mean…those last ten seconds were killer!” You nod, not really paying attention. You’re too distracted by the massive clump of people surrounding you. Everyone was riled up from the last-minute win, and it was making you nervous. Everyone’s shrieking, or drunk, or both. Niall continues to express his disbelief. He’s probably not going to stop talking about this for weeks…You think to yourself as you shuffle forward. People step on your toes and keep bumping into you, and it’s not getting any better. “I-RE-LAND! I-RE-LAND!” They continue to chant as you reach the street. It’s absolute chaos. Bottles and broken glass carpet the ground. Car horns and alarms blare as people dance drunkenly in the street. A sudden, unexpected shove from behind sends you through the crowd and down onto the concrete, breaking your grip on Niall. As you hit the ground, people continue to stampede along, not giving you a second glance. “(Y/N)?” Niall calls out, “(Y/N)!” Your back, legs, and arms are being crushed into the concrete, making you scream out in pain. All you can see is the dark swarm of people rushing along above you. You try to stumble up but are squashed to the ground by a strong foot. “Niall!” you scream, “Help me!”

Zayn: “Well that was fun.” Zayn says, slightly staggering as you exit the side door of the club, the pounding beat of the music making the ground below you rumble. “Yeah, it was.” you reply, taking his hand as you walk in step together. As you turn the corner, you get an uneasy feeling in your stomach. It was nearly 2 in the morning and the neighborhood you were in was known for being sketchy. You clutch Zayn’s forearm tightly, your eyes darting around the dark street. “Calm down (Y/N).” Zayn chuckles, “Everything’s cool.” You distract yourself by fumbling with the clasp on your leather purse, but you still feel quite tense. You just want to get to your car and get the hell out of there. As you make the last turn to where your car is parked, Zayn stops and pulls away from you. He reaches into his coat jacket, searching for his keychain. Not a word is spoken as Zayn fumbles for the keys. “Gimme the purse.” a gruff voice mutters from behind you. Your breath hitches in your throat as you turn around very, very slowly. A tall, hooded man towers over you, his calloused hand extended towards you. “I said…gimme the purse.” he repeats. Out of the corner of your eye, you see Zayn turn to face the man too. “Keys too.” the man says, gesturing to the shiny set of keys in Zayn’s hands. As you and Zayn pause in fear, the man reveals his concealed pistol. “NOW!”

Harry: A sudden crash coming from downstairs jolts you awake. You open your eyes and slowly sit up, gazing at the clock. It was 3:42 in the morning, and the sky was still black. Another crash makes you jump, and your heart begins to thump rapidly in your chest. “Grab that!” you hear someone say, “And that too!” You immediately turn to your sleeping husband. “Harry!” you whisper, shaking his shoulders violently. “Wh…what?” he murmurs, his eyes fluttering open. “I think there’s someone downstairs.” Harry’s eyes go wide and he sits up. “What?!” he spits, climbing out of bed. Before you can stop him, he rushes to the door and puts his ear against it, listening intently. Sure enough, the distinct sounds of rummaging, whispered commands, and things breaking echo up the stairs. You follow Harry with your eyes as he hurries over to the closet door, pulling it open and digging out an old baseball bat from his sports phase. He steps cautiously to the door. “Harry!” you hiss, “What are you doing?!” “I’m going downstairs.” he replies calmly. “Stay here. If I’m not back in 5 minutes, call the police.”

Liam: You hum a little tune to yourself as you scribble a few notes on a sheet of paper. “Anything else I need to do today besides get groceries?” you call out to Liam in the hall. “I don’t think so!” he replies, coming into the room. “Well, other than eat my world-famous lasagna.” he grins as he crosses his arms. You set your pen down. “Yeah yeah.” you reply, smiling up at him goofily from your desk chair. “I still can’t believe we’ve been together for 2 years.” you say, changing the subject. “I know.” he replies, “The time’s really flown by.” He suddenly jumps back. “OH!” he yelps, “That reminds me! I have something for you!” He rushes out of the room, knocking into the doorframe as he leaves. You giggle to yourself as you stand and silently creep over to one of the many bookshelves that line your study walls. You snap your head backwards to make sure Liam’s not around, and reach for the top shelf, where Liam’s present is hidden. As you peer up at the shelf of odd books and knick knacks, you notice that they’re starting to shake. You spin around and survey the room. The things hung up on the wall, the furniture, and the numerous bookcases begin to shake violently. “(Y/N)!” Liam cries from another room. You rush towards the door without thinking, desperate to get to him. But all of a sudden something falls directly onto your head, making a cracking sound as it hits your skull. You crumple to the ground in pain as everything fades to black.

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