Finding love ...............(one direction fan fiction )

An orphan who have been adopted and left many times , faced many difficulties and now hopeless waiting for a perfect family gets a weird surprise..............


3. we are one direction

(Liam's POV)


        The door opens, a 16 or 17 year old girl was standing there wearing flip flops, a loose hoodie, a very loose hoodie, it was so long that the sleeves were hanging, so her hands were hidden, the hoodie was a mid thigh length, her jeans were baggy and were going down her ankle. She had straight mid length brown hair , I could not see her face because she was looking down I think she was nervous because her fingers were tangled together.


        Simon got up and walked to her, patted her back and said


   "Ranya darling, look up, don't be shy, "


       The girl lifted her head to show a tan but pretty face , she had brown eyes and a perfect smile that seemed to have faded away. She looked puzzled, cunfused but I can sence more of that was because she was scared more than any of us.


      Keeping a child is easy but a girl who's 17 filling the priority is not easy no matter how rich you are.


     "Boys this is Ranya Abro , she doesn't know who you are because she was in an orphanage for a very long time and she hasn't had any excess to a computer or t.v" uncle simon said.


     "Ranya this is Liam," uncle simon says introducing me.


     "Hi", I said trying not to freak out, she nods and pulls on a faint smile


    "This is Harry" Uncle Simon introduced Harry, who shakes hands with  Ranya


     "Louis" he says pointing towards louis.


      "Hello" Louis says waving. 


    "Naill" Simon introduced him he gets up and shakes hands with the girl,


    "Lastly Zayn Malik"


    "Hi" said Zayn and she waved his hand.


    " She doesn't talk much does she?" Zayn asked,


   "She doesn't talk much or should I say she doesn't talk at all" Simon said


    "oh great!" I said sarcastically


     "She's dumb?" Zayn inquired


     " No idiot" Simon said


     " Will you wait outside for a minute Ranya? " Simon asked from Ranya , she goes outside and Simon turns to us,


     "She's a muslim , she's 17 and she hasn't spoken since her parents died because she blames herself for their death." I was slightly shocked.


     " You have to keep her happy, I can come to your house to see if she's happy , any second, any minute, any day or any time of your life. She has been left many times because she's a muslim and I think we shouldn't have a problem with that because Zayn I think you are a muslim too" Uncle Simon stated


     "Yes uncle Simon I understand" Zayn said proudly.


   " But unlike you she's a way better muslim, she prays five times a day, you don't but well who can blame you, she doesn't drink muslims don't drink, you know that, don't you? well I hope you do every muslim knows it , I'm not a muslim but i still know it_"Uncle Simon was cut off by Zayn,


(A/N= Guys I am not doubting on zayn's faith because I know he is a proud and good muslim I just wrote it to make it a bit  interesting so no hate plz because I love him :) )


     "I know uncle Simon move on" Zayn said annoyed and ashamed.


     " So on a serious note try to be good to her because I think no one can take that many hardship and this life to her is like an inferno so lets try to make it better," with that simon check the time on his wrist watch and said




      "sign these papers" he layout some papers and called Ranya in.


      Then he asked her to sign some papers for her custody . After signing the papers he said


      " Now you all can go home"


      Ranya was the first on to go out , when we reached the door uncle Simon said


     " Let me trust you on this , be good to her" he requests us.




(From where Mrs.Hilton told them about the people coming for adoption during breakfast chapter 1)


       When Mrs Hilton walked out every one started to get exited and ran towards their room to get changed . But I stayed in my hoodie and jeans . I waited for about 15 minutes for a couple to look for a child , but found a middle aged man looking for a teenage girl.


       I was about to leave when mrs Hilton called my name and asked me to come into her office, when I entered in her office the man setting in front of his table looked at me for a minute and said


      "I think she can do this" With a wide grin


       "Can I please know about her history?" he asked With that mrs Hilton asked me to go out.


       When I was called back she asked me to pack my bags. After packing my bags I went to Brooke to hug her 'good bye'.




       Then I went downstairs where the man was waiting for me


       "Hi my name is Simon Cowell but you can call me Uncle Si or Simon whatever you like." he said with a smile I nodded.


         With this we left the orphanage in his lavish car. I was very scared , nervous and curious but this was like a once in a million opportunity.


         Instead of taking me home he took me to a big but beautiful office And told his assistant to take me to waiting room




         After barring the inappropriate and unprofessional behaviour of the boys I planned something to make them responsible and then it hit me why don't I make them adopt a child first I thought of asking them to go to an orphanage but then I decided to go myself, I can't relay on them I want to look for a teenage girl because they can't take care of a child they act like children and if they adopt a teenage boy they are surely going to make him like they are . 


         So I went to an orphanage and told them about it they called two girls but I wasn't really interested in them both of them was way to proud of themselves I don't know why? And then they called another .


        when she came into the office she was looking down and was a bit shy and I don't know why but I got a good feeling about it so I asked the owner about her life history and with that she went out


       After listening her history I felt bad about how she's blaming her self for her parents death and stopped talking after that and the way she's ignored because of her religion so I made my decision and decided to adopt her and when she packed we left the orphanage.




(When she was waiting in waiting room)


      I waited for half hour and then one of uncle Si assistant came and asked me to follow her , she walked to uncle Si' s office and opened the door . I keep looking down at my feet and tangled my fingers because I was scared and nervous. I felt a patt on back and uncle Si spoked


     "Ranya darling, look up, don't be shy, " With that I lifted my head up to see five boys about 20 or 21 looking at me stunted. Then uncle Si told me to take a seat and introduced me to the boys saying


      "Boys this is Ranya Abro, she doesn't know who you are because she was in an orphanage for a very long time and she doesn't have any excess to a computer or t.v "


      Then he introduced each one of the boys to me . liam, , Harry, Naill, louis and Zayn.


        I was happy to hear the name Zayn Malik because it sounds like a muslim name. Simon started telling the boys about me starting with


      "she doesn't talk much or should I say she doesn't talk at all" uncle Si said when Zayn interrupted asking


      "She's dumb? "


     " No idiot " simon says


     "Can you wait outside side for a minute Ranya? " I left his office and sat in the waiting area 


       After about 10 minutes they called me in to sign some papers and finally told the boys to take me home.


      I walked out of simon's office I saw boys coming behind me. They were talking about something but I couldn't hear them but I can asure it was about me. when I reached the exist door I heard loud screaming so I moved backward because I got scared.


      Suddenly someone grabbed me from my back. I got scared and tried to get out of his reach and when I saw the person it was the blonde one, Naill I guess


       " Are you okay? I was just trying to help you " he said I didn't respond to that so they all came infront of me and started walking towards the exist door. 


        I followed them but as soon as the door opened the screaming got louder so I stayed in and tears trickled down my face because of fear. Then an arm was put around my shoulders, it was Liam, 


      "It's okay, follow me , they won't hurt you and niether will I," he said while putting his jacket around me and taking me out into a crowd of wild teen girls going crazy over something, and screaming'One Direction' we love you ' 


        After a bit of struggle we finaly reach the car. 


        "I know what you are thinking, what and who the hell is one direction? right?" Zayn asked and i nodded 


  "well "WE" Harry said 


  "ARE" Niall said


   "ONE" Louis says 


   " DIRECTION" Zayn finishes and I smile.




Hey everyone thank you very much for reading it , I really appreciated it I hope you like this chapter and plz let me know if you did . Sorry if there are spelling or grammar mistakes . plz comment and let me know what you think about this story. Thank you:) ♡












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