Finding love ...............(one direction fan fiction )

An orphan who have been adopted and left many times , faced many difficulties and now hopeless waiting for a perfect family gets a weird surprise..............


1. My life

Ranya pov :


"HEY BITCH! YOU ARE GOOD FOR NOTHING, YOU'RE A WHORE JUST GET OUT OF OUR LIVES" *slap* "No plz don't , don't hurt me" *slap* " JUST GO KILL YOUR SELF! NO-ONE WILL EVER-LOVE-YOU" *slap* " no plz No Noooooo " 


"STANDUP YOU BITCH" he said angrily 


I didn't want to disobey him but I didn't have any strength to do it, I was so broken that it felt like every part of my body was in pain but no one was here to help me .


" DID YOU HEAR ME ? I SAID STANDUP"and with that he kicked me in my stomach.


I screamed for help but I knew that there's no one to help me


"STAND" *kick* "UP" *kick*.


I tried but as I put my weight on my feets it wouldn't support me, I fell down I know that I am physically weak but this torture made me strong mentally I am taking all this from last five years and I know I have to go through this till the day I die 


"HOW DARE YOU DISOBEY ME"with that he kicked me so hard that I couldn't hold my scream "Ahhhhhhhhh" i tried to curl my body but he kicked me again, "No stop it ahhhhh no nooooo"




"Ranya wakeup , wakeup" with that I woke up from my worst dream ever, I know I can't get out of the dark past of mine .I have tried many times but I couldn't I just want to live a normal life like everyone else does, I want to be happy and I want a perfect family and a perfect life, i know no one is perfect but one can only hope.


" Are you okay" Brooke asked patting my back


"yes I am fine" I whispered


"Again that bad dream han" she asked


I nodded


"Everything is going to be fine " Brooke said while hugging me


'I hope so' I thought to myself.


Brooke is the only friend I have in this orphanage , I only spoked to two people after my parents death and she's one of them and second one is James I haven't seen him after that incident but I can't forget him he helped me alot. Brooke is 17 and is also an orphan the only thing I will miss about this orphanage will be her she has always been there for me. Oh sorry I forgot to introduce my self.


Hi my name is Ranya Abro and yes I am an orphan and I'm living in this orphanage from the past 9 years. I am 16 and soon I"ll turn 17 .I am a mute girl from last 9 years. I don't like to share my feelings or may I say there is no one to share it so I just write it in my journal or I draw, yes I love drawing and it makes me happy. But even that doesn't work sometimes so the best way to take it out is to cut your self ( A/N= plz don't do this selfharm shit ever its not a good thing and it doesn't even work so never do it I am writing this only to make it a bit depressing so don't even think about it. PLEASE) yes i self harm some times I know its a bad thing but I can't help myself .My wrist is covered with scars and to hide them I wear full sleeved clothes, because I don't want to show it. I'm living a miserable life with a very dark past I want to forget all that but its quiet impossible when you are me, I want a proper family so that I can live happily for once. I have been adopted by 2 families before but the only thing they did was to hurt me more but I know there are many families which are living happily and I want the same life and I know one day I will get it.


Suddenly the door brust open and there stood one of the most horrible people, Miss Hilton owner of this orphanage she's a female version of Hitler she treats us like animals.


"Don't tell me you were screaming again" she said angrily


"No she was just -" Brooke was cut off by Miss Hilton


"Oh leave it getup its your breakfast time and no one is going to wait for you two brats get your lazy asses up or else" she spat at us.


" No actually we were just going " Brooke said she grab my hand and we ran downstairs for our breakfast.


It was 9:00 am and as we were about to start our breakfast Miss Hilton came and told us that there are some people coming this afternoon for adoption so all of us have to be at main hall in time with that she walked out. I wonder who they are? I don't know why but I was having a strange feeling about this.




Hi everyone this is my first story so I hope you like it, sorry if it sucks but I promise It will get better. plz read and let me know if you like it so that I can write the next chapter. Thank you.








Fatima :)



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