Are you sure he won't find out?

This story is about a girl named Casey Willson that has a boyfriend named John Anderson. Casey lives in New York, but she visits L.A where her relationship with John ends. Casey meets One Direction and her new love is.....


7. Chapter 6 - Lies

~ Harry's P.O.V
After I cried a little i whiped my tears and went down stairs and slept on the recliner. In the morning i ran upstairs and went into my room and saw Casey asleep, I lay down beside her and started to mess with her clean hair. Then i had the idea to get my iPhone 5s out of my drawr beside my bed and looked up @John_RD3 i stalked his twitter for a while and then started following him.. I sent him a DM saying is he Casey's boyfriend;

~ John's P.O.V 

Why the heck would Harry Styles just follow me? He also sent me a DM? @Harry_Syles : Are you Casey William's boyfriend?

@John_RD3 : Yeah? why?

@Harry_Styles : Um just asking will you ever break up with her?

@John_RD3 : I would only break up with her if she cheated on me! now bye she gone for 3 months and i miss her! ok? i dont want to talk about her!

@Harry_Styles : Ok Then.. bye

I shut my phone and went back to sleep for a while, and wait why is Harry Styles texting me...?

~ Harry's P.O.V 

Well, John sounds like a grumpy person.. Not to be cocky but i think im a better boyfriend ;-) I started playing some games on my phone and after 10 minutes Casey woke up... She turned to me, smiled, ''I can lie, and your gonna help me.'' Casey whispered with a big grin on her face ''Um what? do you want to cheat on John?!'' I Whispered loudly. ''Yes..Harry,Yes..'' Casey Whispered. ''Are you sure he wont find out?'' i said. ''Im sure he wont find out.. I'm in Los Angeles for 3 months! You and I will just break up or something in 3 months..'' Casey exclaimed. ''Ok babe'' I said sweetly, we both started making out, she sat on me and i slid my hand under her top and she let me take it off. She slowly took of my t-shirt and trew it on the floor we went under the duvet and started making out a bit more..

A/N okk... awkward chapter :-) you probably know yourself what happend next, so just let you imagination work some magic :'D //Maggie;*

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