Are you sure he won't find out?

This story is about a girl named Casey Willson that has a boyfriend named John Anderson. Casey lives in New York, but she visits L.A where her relationship with John ends. Casey meets One Direction and her new love is.....


4. Chapter 4 - Meeting the boys

~Niall's P.O.V

Harry is keep on talking about a girl called Casey, that she is flying to L.A for 3 months and she is with her two besties.. It's getting so annoying! He also told us one of her best friends Alia or Alicia I think it was, has a huge crush on Liam. Why not me? I'm way cuter than him, ok that was just a little bit cocky and mean sorry.

--Next day--

Niall, Louis, Zayn, Liam! Harry yelled, I slid of the bed and groaned. I got up and put on some sweat pants and a plain black hoodie. I ran downstairs to see what was wrong with Harry. 'Niall!' The boys shouted, "you seriously had time to change?" Zayn said. I looked up at them and saw Louis, Liam and Zayn in there boxers. I laughed. "Ok whatever, look today my crush Casey and her two best friends Mia and Alicia are coming, we decided to meet here at 4:00pm they are also staying over night so I would really like ye all to do somthing, be really nice to them" Harry said kinda worried looking, we all nodded. "Ok I have jobs for everyone, Niall you make the bed in the spare room and also get some rose pettles from the garden and make a love heart out of them on the bed, and just clean the room and the bathrooms in other rooms and downstairs please, Liam you clean the kitchen and the living room please, Zayn help me make food for dinner and get some flowers from the florists across the street please. And you Louis you please hover upstairs and the stairs please." We all nodded again and went to do our jobs. I checked my phone and it was 11:00am so we had 5 hours to do everything I ran upstairs and went in to the spare room it was right beside my room. I took some blankets and pillows out of the heating closet beside the bathroom, the colour of the blanket I picked was just black it will look nice with the pink rose pettles, I put the duvet on the bed and then I put the pillows on the bed too. I ran downstairs and walked out to the garden and picked the best looking rose pettles and ran inside and upstairs not even closing the door I wasn't bothered, then I heard Harry scream, "The door!" And then I heard some one shutting it, bet ya it was Harry. I layed the pettles on the bed shaped in a love heart. I checked my phone and it was 1:00 I can't wait to see Mia I looked true her twitter and she is so pretty! I hope we could get thogheter but I don't think she thinks the same...

~Casey's P.O.V

O my god ! We are actually meeting One Direction today! I can't believe it! It's 3:30 and we are leaving at 3:50 ! I already straightened my hair and put on make up now I just have to get dressed, I put on a black leather skirt that was up to my knees a plain withe top and I stuffed it in the skirt. I but on my black pumps and my necklace that said LOVE on it. I grabbed my black handbag and put my phone in it, I called the girls. "Mia! Alicia!" I yelled, when they ran down the stairs we exited the house and started to walk to the address Harry gave me. We had to stop by some people and ask where it was so we got there by like 4:20.

~Harry's P.O.V

Where are they! I'm so scared what if they don't come it's 4:10 and they where suppose to be here at 4:00! "Harry, Harry, don't freak out they might have problems finding the address." Liam said " o my god maybe I gave them the wrong address! is our address 32.. I was about to finish the sentence when the doorbell rang I ran up to the door as quick as I could and opened it. Casey! I shouted, I let them in and gave Casey a big hug, Mia and Alicia looked at each other and smiled.. I wonder why. I never asked Alicia if Casey has a boyfriend I was to scared she would say yes. " well how about I show you the guest room?" I said with a big smile on my face. They all nodded with a smile. Alicia followed Liam to the guest room, Mia followed Niall and Casey followed me. "Your sleeping with me my queen" I whispered, she smiled "Ok my king" she said while laughing and kissed me on the cheek. I blushed and turned around so she won't know I'm blushing.

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