Are you sure he won't find out?

This story is about a girl named Casey Willson that has a boyfriend named John Anderson. Casey lives in New York, but she visits L.A where her relationship with John ends. Casey meets One Direction and her new love is.....


3. Chapter 3 - Los Angeles

~Mia's P.O.V

Oh no we are landing! I hate landings! Oh wait I have an idea! Since I'm in the middle I'll hold on to Alicia's and Casey's hand without them knowing... Ok here comes nothing! I snooke my hand under Alicia's arm and did the same with Casey's arm.. I grabbed there hand as soon as we were landing, "What are you doing Mia?" Casey asked curiously, "umm you probably know I'm scared of landings.." I replied while blushing, "oh sorry I forgot never mind .." Casey said waving her hand. After we collected our suitcases we sat at a cafe and had some coffee and 2 cookies each, we took a taxi to our apartment in California it was called the Trovador Apartments. Weird name huh? We had to pay $120.00 to get there! We all payed equally. After we arrived at the apartments we unpacked and counted our money , Casey had $611.00 Alicia had $597.84 and I had $605.21.And all this money came from our savings we were saving like a year.

~Alicia's P.O.V

When we entered our apartment after booking in, we saw a note on the table saying:

Hello and welcome to our

Trovador Apartaments in California,

We hope you enjoy your room and that everything is alright, If you need any help please contact: 88927731

Thank you.

A/N, Hey guys I know this was a very very very short chapter, I'm trying to make the story short so it will be more interesting... Anyway please comment and like :33

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