Are you sure he won't find out?

This story is about a girl named Casey Willson that has a boyfriend named John Anderson. Casey lives in New York, but she visits L.A where her relationship with John ends. Casey meets One Direction and her new love is.....


1. Chapter 1 - Harry?

~Casey's P.O.V

O my god! I can't wait I'm going to L.A! Alicia and Mia my two best friends are going with me, it's going to be great! I also heard One Direction are staying there for about four months, I hope I get to meet them in real life because once I rang Harry, yes your right the real HARRY STYLES! A MEMBER OF THE BEST BOYBAND IN THE WORLD!!! It was like the best time of my life hearing his cute, hot, sexy and English voice on a mobile phone .! I hope he still remembers me, I would be really sad if he didn't. John my boyfriend is kinda jealous he doesn't want to lose me because I'm in love with Harry but it's obvious me and Harry? Like he probably has a girlfriend now, HE IS HARRY STYLES?!? DUUH? And anyway I love John way more than Harry. oh and yeah Harry is a year older than me I'm 19 John is 19 too. Alicia is 18, Mia is 18... Also Harry is a bit of a player he could like cheat on me or something I don't want to get in trouble with him, I prefer John :-)

~Alicia's P.O.V

Yay I'm going to L.A with my two bestest friends! Casey told me 1D is gonna be there! I'm so excited, I'm so in love with Liam he is so cute! Maybe I could even date him if I was lucky enough it's not likely to happen though.. Casey said she is never going to break up with John and date Harry, If I was her I would like he is Harry a famous pop star and John is a normal person! Wait one sec... I'll ask Mia what she thinks.

(M=Mia A=Alicia)

A= Hey Mia,

M= Hey Alicia what's up?

A= Um nothing much, I just have a question.. Should Casey date Harry Styles or John?


A= I know right? Casey wants to date John instead, even if Harry asked her out! She is such a dumbo but I still love her as a friend.. Best friend.

M= but to be honest John is kinda cuter than Harry he has Dark brown hair, greeny browny eyes, small, cute, adorable! Pretty much like Harry :-) wait whaaaaat?

A= o my god that's right! She is dating John cuz he kinda looks like Harry! Or umm I don't know... Well John doesn't have curly hair.

M= ok bye I'm going swimming ttyl!

A= bye..

Hmm, that could be right she probably loves Harry so much that she is dating John cuz he looks like him a little, and she knows she won't have a chance to date Harry.Or she just thinks john is better for her and she loves him.

~Mia's P.O.V

Yay swimming! I love swimming :-) I wonder what Casey will do date Harry or John... I hope she picks Harry I don't really like John that much and from One Direction I like Niall I think he is the best of all.

~Casey's P.O.V

•Beep beep• Oh my phone.. O my god, no way.. NO WAY! HARRY STYLES JUST FOLLOWED ME ! I unlocked my phone and the first thing I saw was... @Harry_Styles is Following you. AHH I CANT, o my god no way.... •Beep beep• Ahh! I got a DM from Harry Styles! Let's see.

@Harry_Styles : Hello is this Casey Williams the girl I was taking to on the phone?

@CaseyW_<3 : O MY GOD yes it is! I can't believe you remember me!

@Harry_Styles : Of course I do I wouldn't of forgot about a nice pretty girl like you!

@CaseyW_<3 : Wow the real Harry Styles just called me nice and pretty! :-)

@Harry_Styles : Well because you are :-) I saw your tweet on twitter that your going to L.A is that true?

@CaseyW_<3 : Yeah I'm going with my two besties... I can't wait to see you! Well if you want me to see you...

@Harry_Styles : Of course I do! Oh and I would like to meet your friends too :-)

@CaseyW_<3 : :-) um Harry I feel weird asking you this, but are you single?

@Harry_Styles : Yeah.. Why?

@CaseyW_<3 : oh nothing. Well bye I'm going shopping with my friend Alicia.

@Harry_Styles : Bye sweetie!

~Harry's P.O.V

Hmm I wonder why Casey asked if I'm single I was hoping for her to ask me out but I felt stupid when she didn't.. She is so pretty I bet you she has a cuter hotter boyfriend than I would be... I'll follow her best friend Alicia and ask her does she have a boyfriend and if she doesn't I'll be a gentleman and ask her out!

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