Thrown In A Swamp

I never thought this would be the way my life ended. My last breath. My final wish. But I know one day, the truth...... will surface.


4. shopping! XD

*Later that day*

I was looking through my closet, trying to find anything acceptable for tonight. When I realized-

"SHOOT I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO WEAR JESS!", I said to my bestie, who was on my bed, stalking her boyfriend on Instagram.

" Calm down! I'll just drive us to the mall, ok?", she said to me.

I nodded, and went outside to get in her car. She started her silver citadel,and I turned on the radio. My favorite song,Black Widow by Rita Ora and Iggy Azalea, came on. I listened to the lyrics. I love break up songs like this. They help me stay strong when guys I date end up being jerks.

You used to be, thirsty for me, but now you want to be set free. This is the web, web that you've weaved, now baby rest in peace. I'm gonna love you, until you hate me. I'm gonna show you, what's really crazy. You should've known better, not to mess with my heart, yeah. Now I'm gonna love you, gonna love a black widow, baby.

I never really noticed what the lyrics meant until now. I hope that Nick's not like that. Before i could fully think it over, I realized that we were at the mall already. Hmm. That took a way shorter time than I thought. Oh well.

I exited the car, and walked to the front door of the massive mall. As we entered, Jessica pointed to Hot Topic. I made an excited face and ran into the shop. I looked around for like 5 minutes, and found the perfect outfit. It was an neon green off the shoulder shirt with the words, I'm a Diva, on it. There was pair of ripped short-shorts next to it. This is perfect! Especially since It's October, and it's friggin' 100 degrees right now. 

"Jess! I found the perfect outfit!", I yelled from across the store.

" Me too!", she held up a purple crop top with black jeans. 

I heard her mutter something like," Now if I only had your guy". Weird.

We went back to my house with a million bags in hand. I looked at the Grandpa clock at the end of the hall. Poo! It's 7! 

" I have to get ready, Jessica!', I yelled.

" Right on time. My Dad said I have to go home. Break a leg, literately

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