Thrown In A Swamp

I never thought this would be the way my life ended. My last breath. My final wish. But I know one day, the truth...... will surface.


5. Fright Fest

Hello, my Goobers! Here I am, hitting you up with another chapter of "Thrown in a Swamp"! Hope you enjoy!

I ran into the bathroom that was attached to my bedroom. I hopped in the shower, water steaming hot, just how I like it. My in-shower radio sensed that I was in and started playing music. Yeah, that's right. A water-proof radio that's built into my shower. The reason I can afford this is because my Mom is Stephanie Meyer. I got my Dad's last name. I wish I hadn't. More people probably would've noticed who my Mom was and I wouldn't be stuck as the school nerd. Bullied every day on my imperfect vision and my smarts.

I jumped out of the shower, being careful not to slip. While putting on the outfit I just bought at Hot Topic, I ran a comb through my blonde, curly hair. I looked into the mirror, and saw that I had a huge zit on my nose. NO!!!! Thank god my Mom left me facial cream that will get rid of pimples in 20 minutes.

It wasn't before long when I heard a ring on my doorbell. OHMYGODWHATDOIDOTHECUTESTGUYONEARTHISATMYHOUSEABOUTTOTAKEMEONADATE! I slipped on my black and white converse and headed to the door. Nick was there, with the most adorable grin on his face that I ever seen! " Are you ready to get the living hell scared out of you?", Nick asked as we walked to his car, hand in hand. "Of course! This is probably gonna be the scariest thing I've seen since The Conjuring!"

And thus ends chapter 5! I'm so sorry this is short, but my family keeps getting in the way of me updating and writing long chapters! I'm sorry! But, there's always a next time! See you later, my little Goofy Goobers! Lol, finally a new end catch phrase!

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