Love is inevitable

Ken was a fanboy since he was 12 and he had a friend who was named Kassandra. They were best of friends but as they grew older Kassandra became more popular and gave up at being a fangirl because her new friends find it lame and uncool. Ken had a new friend at the age of 16 named Athena and she secretly liked Ken. When Kassandra's boyfriend dumped her she went to Ken's house to apologize of being mean to him all this years. Kassandra told him she liked him because he thought of all the nice things he did for her. When Athena was bout to tell Ken she liked him Ken told her about Athena liking her and Athena told him. Athena and Kassandra fought on wining the love of Ken. Kassandra was always saying bad things that Athena didn't do to get Ken to hate Athena and Ken hated her. When Ken heard Kassandra talking to her friend that all the things she was saying to him about Athena wasn't true he went to Athena and was sorry for ignoring her in person. In the end he loved only one person.


2. Prologue

The way I imagined it, everyone finds something they want and something they don't want. Some people just don't know yet what they want but time will come. The thing that I wanted wasn't a thing but a person. I lived next door to Kassandra Baria, she never knew I liked her since she moved next door to us. We were always together considering I'm a fanboy and she's a fangirl, we were always reading books or writing short stories. Our parents were friends so sometimes we went on vacations together. Every time I hear something about me and her I become paranoid. Anyway here's how our friendship started:

A girl knocked on the door and mom answered it, I heard something about the girl just moving here in Lakeshore heights then suddenly mom yelled me to come downstairs. I saw the new girl, she was as beautiful as an angel, I couldn't remove my eyes of her as she was talking to my mom. My mom kept calling me but I wasn't answering because all I could hear on my mind was the song 'Maybe' by Nat and Alex Wolff, I could see her walking to me but the song was still playing on my head until suddenly she tapped my shoulder twice and the song stopped playing and she said "Hey, my name is Kassandra Baria and I just moved here, what's your name?". I couldn't quite speak, I felt like I was sweating and that my face is red but I was able whisper "Ken Castillo" and she said "Well great! Do you want to go and play outside?" and I finally could breathe and said "That would be great" to her and "Can I go play out with Kassandra?" to mom and dad and they said yes.

We rode our bikes to Love Park which was named in the honor of our mayor 'Theodore I. Love' who donated the money to make this park. She asked me why was his name ironic and we had a laugh, we sat on the swing set and then we saw a man walking with one foot and dragging the other, we got scared so we didn't move but i managed to whisper "He might be zombie, don't move an inch" and then she said "don't scare me like that, there's no such thing as zombies" then suddenly the man collapsed on the street, we went to the man and she said the man wasn't breathing so we grabbed our bikes and called our parents and told them. Kassandra's parents called 911 and the nurses said "The man has no pulse! We need an oxygen tank and put him on the car" so when they left my parents told me "that was the right thing to do, calling us immediately" we went back home and just played at my backyard.

We were best of friends until we were 15. I thought she was just over shadowed by her new found popularity and ever since the day when she humiliated me to get her crush's attention she abandoned me and everyday became mean to me. But because of me being a lonely loser I met a new friend named Athena Sta. Teresa, she loved books just like me so that was most of the things we talked about.

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