Love is inevitable

Ken was a fanboy since he was 12 and he had a friend who was named Kassandra. They were best of friends but as they grew older Kassandra became more popular and gave up at being a fangirl because her new friends find it lame and uncool. Ken had a new friend at the age of 16 named Athena and she secretly liked Ken. When Kassandra's boyfriend dumped her she went to Ken's house to apologize of being mean to him all this years. Kassandra told him she liked him because he thought of all the nice things he did for her. When Athena was bout to tell Ken she liked him Ken told her about Athena liking her and Athena told him. Athena and Kassandra fought on wining the love of Ken. Kassandra was always saying bad things that Athena didn't do to get Ken to hate Athena and Ken hated her. When Ken heard Kassandra talking to her friend that all the things she was saying to him about Athena wasn't true he went to Athena and was sorry for ignoring her in person. In the end he loved only one person.


3. Chapter 1

I was at school, the same as Kassandra and Athena. Me and Athena was seating at the lunch table at the cafeteria when suddenly Kassandra and her friend told us "Why if it isn't the two book nerds, now scram!", she was wearing black mascara, tight jeans and a black leather jacket. We went to another table.

"I can't believe I had a crush on her when I was 12"

"And you still do"

"You can't prove that"

"I don't have to"

"Your lucky your my best buddy dude"

"First of all I am not a 'dude' and second thank you for telling me something I already know"

We laughed and we just talked about where were going to college and what course, she was going to take an exam at Harvard and Stanford University and I was going to take an exam at Berkley and Stanford too. We were writing a book together for our project for English class called 'Oblivion of life' it was a bit gloomy and sci-fi but there was action, romance and humor so we know and not to brag but we know our teacher would love it.

Suddenly the first bell rang so we went to the classroom early before there was a stampede at the last bell. I went to math while she went to biology, it's kinda weird but cool that we know each others schedule you know.

While at class I kept on looking at the clock every minute. Every day I glance at the clock for at least 2000 times a day. I kept on wondering at class 'what ever happened to Kassandra, why did she became cruel, which not only to me but other people too, why did she do all those things, why?'. Suddenly my teacher called me she asked me a question.

"Mr. Castillo what is the square root of 7396?"

"Ummm... 86"

My teacher didn't say anything, I may not be listening but I'm not stupid either (not that I'm showing off). The bell rang and we all grabbed our bags stood up and rushed to the door. My next class was chemistry, I went to the bathroom first before the second bell and fixed my messy blonde hair.

The day passed and as so I went to love park with Athena and we sat on the old rusty chained swing set near an apple tree. I picked an apple and washed it with my left over bottled water from lunch, I took a bite out of it and offered the rest to Athena, she took it. We never really mind sharing our food and drinks, we were like siblings, un biological siblings that is.

After that we just went home. I started reading 'Scarlet Letter', you thought the would've made something better now, don't you, well apparently not since were still reading it. After that I just ate dinner with my parents, they kept on talking about the politics on Iraq. I just slept after that.

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