A Different Life

When Selena was born, she spent 3 years with her parents until they died in a car crash. The three year old British girl spent 13 years in the adoption center. Selena was adopted by Simon Cowell when she turned 16 years old. That was the same year when One Direction was discovered. She ends up hating them when she meets them. But after a while, will she end up to like them? Will she become more than friends with one of the boys? Find out when reading, "A Different Life".


19. Something Important

-8 months later-

I walked into my bedroom and plopped on my bed. "Finally!" I am back in the UK and feeling so free. I just got done with my tour. One Direction started their world tour 2 months after I started mine. It's been feeling weird without them around me. Niall and I are calling a relationship to a pit stop so we can focus on our careers. I guess you can say we are taking a break from each other, but still close. Our fans are disappointed and it makes me a little sad.


Niall agrees that we should just stay friends for now. Every boy I see tries to ask me out but I ignore, nobody will be a better boyfriend than Niall Horan. I sat up on my bed and looked at my phone and a call appeared on the screen. "Harry, what is it?" I asked him. "You." He said. "What about me?" I asked him. "We want you to come on tour." Harry said. "I cant come join you, rumors will start about me and Niall." I told him. "Selena, let me put it this way. I want you to come on tour because I cant wait 2 more months to tell you something in person." Harry said quickly.


"Harry, what is so important that you cant wait 2 more months to tell me?" I asked him and he sighed. "Come on tour with us in America and I will tell you." Harry said confidently. "I will come join you guys tomorrow. Does tomorrow sound good? Your in Pittsburgh, right?" I asked. "Tomorrow in Pittsburgh." He said and hanged up.

-Skips plane ride the next day-


I got off the plane and fans were screaming at me in the airport. "Hello everyone! I am coming to America for my next tour, I promise." I said. They cheered and chanted my name over and over. "Selena! Selena!" Ah, the American Selena Gomez, its always been a dream to meet her. I kept walking with my suitcase and looked around. I saw Harry standing against the post, smiling at me. We started to walk and then ran to each other. "Harry!" I yelled hugging him as he held onto our hug.


"I missed you." He said into my ear. "Me too." I said back to him. Behind 4 other post popped out Liam, Louis, Zayn, and Niall. "Guys!" I said running to them. Niall looked into my eyes and smiled. "Maybe I cant live without you." Niall said as he kissed my lips. "Really?" I said blushing in front of mine and 1D's fans. "Of course." He said as he smiled and reached for another kiss. 


"Remember Selena, I need to tell you something later." Harry said into my ear. "Harry, what is so important that you cant tell me right here and right now?" I asked him. "You really want me to do this now?" He asked. "Yes, I do." I said looking at him while holding Niall's hand. Harry stood there for a second, struggling to say something. Finally he spoke. "Selena, I-".



Hello readers! Did you hate where I ended the story? I hope that's okay because I have a series. Thank you everyone for reading my book. The next book is called, "Something Important." Please go read it, you will love it if you keep going into the second book. Thanks fans!

    Sincerely the Author,

~ Kiara C. or ShyDirectioner

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