A Different Life

When Selena was born, she spent 3 years with her parents until they died in a car crash. The three year old British girl spent 13 years in the adoption center. Selena was adopted by Simon Cowell when she turned 16 years old. That was the same year when One Direction was discovered. She ends up hating them when she meets them. But after a while, will she end up to like them? Will she become more than friends with one of the boys? Find out when reading, "A Different Life".


15. Round 2

Tonight I wasn't scared about going onstage to sing. I had the boys standing right off to the stage to support me. "Selena, your on in 5." The backstage manager said to me and I nodded. I looked at my guitar that Niall gave to me and picked it up along with my microphone. "There is my Stargirl." Said a very familiar voice. I turned around and saw Simon standing there as he smiled. "Hi dad." I said as I hugged him. He gave me the nickname Stargirl because of how much my music means to me.


"Introducing Selena Cowell with her new music as she becomes a rising singer in her career!" The arena was full of fans screaming, yelling and cheering. "Hello everybody!" I said as I came down above everyone on a little platform and I started playing my guitar. "Are you ready?" I asked everyone and the crowd became louder. After a few seconds the arena started to calm down a little bit. Lights on phones began to light up as they swayed back and forth.


"Every time that I see someone, I see you!" I sang and this was going great so far. At the end of my song, a rose flew onto the stage and I picked it up to smell it. I looked down to see who threw the beautiful rose up here. A tall dirty blonde boy with crystal blue eyes had thrown the rose on the stage and he smiled at me. I smiled back at him but I had to keep singing. I hope Niall didn't see that, I don't want to upset him.


The concert finally ended and I sighed of relief. "But before I go, I have a surprise for everyone here." I said and I motioned my hand. "Most of you know my father, Simon and I am guessing you know his famous band, what were they called? One Direction?" I said and girls started screaming so loud. Niall came and kissed my cheek once they all got to me. "Are you and Niall a couple, Selena?" A fan shouted from the crowd.


"I just heard a girl ask if me and Niall are a couple, I have heard rumors and I am here to put them to rest." I said into the microphone. Louis snatched the microphone out of my hand. "It's true. Niall Horan and Selena Cowell are a couple. They have been dating for a week and a half. Now the rumors are at rest." Louis said as he handed the mic to Niall. "Even though I have a girlfriend, it doesn't mean that I still cant love my fans." Niall said and girls were screaming.


"I am proud of my daughter for what she has done. Before I adopted her, she had a rough life. Adopting her was one of the best choices in my life. Selena, I want to sign you to my record label in the morning and I want you to begin you real first chapter of your career." Simon said and I started crying in front of fans. Simon, Niall, Zayn, Liam, Louis, and Harry gathered around to hug me. Best day of my life, right here and right now.

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