A Different Life

When Selena was born, she spent 3 years with her parents until they died in a car crash. The three year old British girl spent 13 years in the adoption center. Selena was adopted by Simon Cowell when she turned 16 years old. That was the same year when One Direction was discovered. She ends up hating them when she meets them. But after a while, will she end up to like them? Will she become more than friends with one of the boys? Find out when reading, "A Different Life".


8. Days Go By

I ran onto the beach and took off my towel and the boys followed me. We sat all of our stuff down. The boys were staring at me and I was getting creep out. "Can I help you?" I asked them and they shook their heads no. "Lets go play!" Niall said like a little kid. We all ran after him and he made it to the water first. It was so much fun and I enjoyed this. Simon was right, there not as bad as I thought.


~Later that day~

Simon and One Direction were working on their music. They asked me to help so I accepted their request. "No, you got to go, 'You got that...1 2 ...one thing.' Count your music boys, it might help you out. They nodded and dad smiled at me. "You got that one thing." Harry said on the right times of the music. "Perfect!" I said clapping.


For the rest of the song, we just all started dancing. Liam twirled me, Louis did the tango with me, Zayn was slow dancing with me, Harry was doing the waltz with me, and Niall was Irish dancing with me. All you could here was laughter and music. "Niall!" I said as he danced faster. "Whoa, go Niall and Selena!" Yelled Louis. "Where did you learn to do that?" Niall asked me.


"Well, when I did go to school, there was a dance class and I took that class. I practiced every night with my best friend, Jane." I told all of them and they thought that was cool. "Anyone for ice-cream?" Simon asked us. "Yay!" All 6 of us shouted as we headed to the kitchen like little 7 year olds. I grabbed some from the freezer and we were all laughing.


"Wow, I cant believe I have known you guys for 2 weeks." I said. "We cant either." Said Zayn. "I don't want this all to go by quickly. I want to enjoy being a teenager." I said and Liam looked at me. "Don't we all." He said after he finished his spoonful of ice-cream. I smiled at them and they did the same back. "You guys are like brothers I have never had, but yet I have always wanted one. Then all the sudden I get 5 like-brothers to me." We laughed and all hugged.

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