Unreachable - Louis Tomlinson

They always say that you'll find the right person. They say that love survives everything. But how can that be true? How can you get everything you want? Only perfect people can get what they want. They say perfect people don't excist. But I know one, he's perfect in every way.
Louis Tomlinson is perfect, but just like everybody else he's unreachable.

Dina is a lonely, shy girl, dreaming about a different live. Louis is the complete opposite. He seems to have everything, or is that just what everyone believes?


9. Chapter 9


I'm woken up by a loud noise. At first I don't know where it comes from, but then I realize it's my alarm. I sit up in bed and turn it off. Where did that dream come from? I haven't had those nightmares for years. Well nightmares...more flashbacks. Painful flashbacks. I must have fallen asleep while over-thinking my life.

After that moment, my mum never treated my like her daughter again. She sees me as a burden. And she always will.



'So it's true?' Jay falls down on the sofa beside me. 'What's true?' I look up from my book. I just started reading The Hobbit. Usually it takes people a lot of effort to 'get me out of my books', but I couldn't really concentrate this time. It's still a bit suspicious that Monica asked me to come. Why would she do that? Maybe we shouldn't come..


'Hello? Dina?' Jay waves his hand in front of my face, to get a reaction. 'I asked you if you were going to sleep in the school on Halloween?' Him question confuses me. 'How do you know?' He smiles mischievously. 'I have my people..' I roll my eyes. That's exactly like Jay. He always gets himself into trouble by knowing things he shouldn't know about. 'But are you going or not?' He asks me again, leaning in a bit. 'Yes I am.' I concentrate back on my book. 'It's nothing like you to break the rules.' He continues speaking to me. I shrug without giving him an answer. He's right though. It is nothing like me, but maybe it's time for a change..


'Oh by the way, stay out of it Jay. I don't want you to get into trouble.' I point a warning finger at his chest. He chuckles lightly. 'Don't worry, I might even go trick or treating...' ' Aren't you a little old for that?' 'Yes, but I want candy.' He grins and shows me his perfect teeth before jumping of the sofa and running out of the room. 'Where are you going?!' I shout out him confused. 'I need a costume!' He shouts back before opening the front door and leaving. I can't wait to see him in a costume to be honest. A 14 years old, going trick or treating with his 14 years old friends. That must be hilarious.


I try to continue reading, but I'm interrupted again. This time it's my phone buzzing. I take it from the table and open my texts. It's Emily.


Hey, that Zayn guy was kinda cute wasn't he?


Oh god Em. I chuckle lightly as I reply to her.


I guess, why;)


She takes a few minutes to come back to me.


Idk, maybe my next victim.


I already feel sorry for him..


Emily tells me these things pretty often. About boys she might like. But with her it's never really anything seriously. She's not looking for a relationship...that's just not her. This is probably temporary until she finds another boy. I've never really understood that. I mean, I can't just go chasing after a guy, I'm way too awkward for that.


Shut up, is he coming Saturday?


I think so..




With that she ends the conversation. I have a bad feeling about this. Maybe it's just because I don't want her to get hurt and..well.. I'm not sure if I can trust all of Louis' 'friends'.


The next day is just a typical October day in London. It's windy and the street are filled with brown and red leaves, from the trees. Families are getting ready for Halloween, which is celebrated a lot in my neighbourhood. I don't even know how we're going to get into the school without anyone seeing us... Maybe we're going in the middle of the night. I should probably ask Louis. I still have a bad feeling about it. What if we get caught? Louis assured me that, that wouldn't happen but what if it does? My mum would kill me and I'd get expelled. But I can't go back now, they'd think I'm scared.


I think about all of this while walking to school. Kids are running passed me, laughing and chasing each other. On the other side of the road is a house just sold. I knew the family that used to live there. It's a shame they had to leave. I notice there's blue car standing in front of the house. It looks a lot like my dad's old car...

'Hi, Dina.' I quickly turn my head to the direction, the voice is coming from. I notice it's Emily walking behind me. 'What are you looking at?' She raises an eyebrow. 'Oh nothing..' 'Well come on then, we're going to be late for school.'


I quickly forget about the car and try to focus on my work. In the lunch break I meet up with the girls in the canteen. 'So Emily, did you find out anything about Zayn yet?' Chloe grins at her, clearly knowing about Emily's 'plans'. 'Wait for it Chloe..' Emily tells her without even looking up from her lunch. I turn around and see Zayn sitting a few tables away from us. He looks nice, but you never know. Especially not if he's friends with Monica.

'Hey guys, you want to go shopping after school? I need to buy a present for my sister's birthday anyway so..' I turn my head back to Jade. 'Yeah sure.' Chloe says. 'You coming too Dina?' Jade is now looking at me. 'Ehm, ok.' She looks satisfied with my answer and stands up. 'Well, then I'll see you guys later.'

It's a bit short I know!

Xoxo KimSascha

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