Unreachable - Louis Tomlinson

They always say that you'll find the right person. They say that love survives everything. But how can that be true? How can you get everything you want? Only perfect people can get what they want. They say perfect people don't excist. But I know one, he's perfect in every way.
Louis Tomlinson is perfect, but just like everybody else he's unreachable.

Dina is a lonely, shy girl, dreaming about a different live. Louis is the complete opposite. He seems to have everything, or is that just what everyone believes?


8. Chapter 8

'And you think he'll keep it to himself?' Emily is leaning over the table. We're in the canteen, trying to have a private conversation. 'Yes, I do. I trust him.' I look at my lunch, which I haven't even touched. I'm not hungry at all. Besides Louis I only ever told Emily about my dad. But even she doesn't really know much. I never really told her why my mum doesn't like me.


Our conversation is interrupted when Sascha sits down beside us. 'Helloo.' She's in a good mood. Both of us say greet her quietly. 'Something going on?' She looks at me and then at Emily curious. I shake my head. 'Oh something, I can't know about.' She seems offended and takes out her phone. 'It's just...personal.' I try to explain it to her. I don't want anybody else to know about it. 'Sure.' She doesn't look up from her phone. I sigh and look around the canteen. It's extremely busy, as always. You can recognize the groups everyone is divided in. The popular people, the nerds, the normal people.. My eye falls on a group of familiar guys. They're surrounded by a few girls. I see Louis standing between them. He looks uncomfortable. I've never understood what he did between them. He's not like them at all. I don't realize I'm staring at him until he looks up. He smiles at me. I feel my cheeks turn red and turn my head back to Emily quickly. She's grinning at me. 'Very subtle Dina.' I tell her to shut up and she chuckles. I look back at Louis who continued his conversation with one of the guys. Well, that was awkward. Only then I notice a girl walking in the direction of our table. Oh great. 'Hey Dina.' She looks at Emily who raises n eyebrow. 'Creep and other girl.' Did she just call Emily a creep? 'So next Saturday we're going to sleep her in the school.' She starts, ignoring our confused reactions. So it's true? I heard a rumour about people who wanted to spend a night in the school on Halloween, but I didn't know they'd actually try it. 'I was wondering if you'd want to join us.' Ok, I don't like this at all. Since when does Monica want me near her. 'I don't know..' I look at Emily and Sascha. Sascha is shaking her head slowly. 'Can my friends come as well?' Monica seems to think about it for a while. 'Sure, they can come.'




'So why do you think she invited us?' The five of us, me Emily Sascha Chloe and Jade, walk down the hallway to the main entrance of the school. Emily is in deep thoughts. 'I don't know maybe Louis asked if she Dina could come?' Chloe says from behind me. 'You think so?' I turn around. She shrugs. 'Could be.' I think about it when we cross the playground. And the other side of the road I see two boys with a motorcycle. I realize one of them is Louis. 'We could ask him.' I pat Emily's shoulder and point at the boys. 'Yeah come on.' All of cross the road quickly and walk up the Louis and the other boy. When he sees us coming, he grins. 'Hey Dina, I heard that you were coming to the Halloween sleep over?' They watch me when I stop in front of them. 'Yeah, did you invite us or did Monica come up with it?' 'Nope, it was Monica's idea.' I raise an eyebrow and look at Emily. I can see on her face that she's surprised too. 'How exactly are we going to get into the school, I mean isn't there like an alarm?' I look at Louis confused. 'That's where I come in.' The other boy has been quiet the whole conversation, but he suddenly speaks up. 'I know how to get in. My father has a key to the school, he's one of the teachers. He also has the code for the alarm system.' He looks like he's very proud of himself. 'And you think he's going to give you the key?' I'm still confused. 'No, but I'll find it, don't worry.' He winks at me. 'I'm Zayn, by the way.' I nod, finally understanding what their plans are. But I'm still not quite sure it's going to work. 'Anyways, We need to go. My brother wants his motor back.' Louis looks at his watch. 'Bye girls.' We watch him and Zayn get on the motorcycle and drive away quickly. 'Dina?' Emily looks at me suspicious. 'I don't like this idea at all.'



I unlock the door and go inside my house, quickly. It just started raining and I'm soaked. Unfortunately it can't be summer forever. I hear noises from the kitchen and hope it's Jai and not my mother. When I enter the kitchen I realize I'm not lucky today. 'Where have you been?' My mum watches me while I clean up my stuff. 'I was with Emily.' 'You think I believe that?' I turn around confused. 'Let me guess, you've been that boyfriend of yours?' I shake my head slowly. 'I have no idea what you're talking about mum.' She scoffs. I can smell the alcohol from her breath and look around. On the table is an empty bottle of whisky. Alcohol at 8 PM? She just reached a new record. 'Have you told him about what you've done to your dad yet?' I decide to ignore her. After all those years she still blames me.

I leave the kitchen quickly and go straight upstairs. Luckily I had dinner at Emily's. Otherwise I'd have to come back downstairs. Before walking to my room I knock on Jay's door. 'Yes?' He responds to my knocking. I open the door. He's on his playstation, playing FIFA. 'Where have you been sis?' He doesn't look up from the screen and his hands continue pushing different buttons. 'I was at Emily's house. I saw mum started drinking again...You ok?' He nods. 'Yeah she started drinking after dinner so I went upstairs.' I watch him while he plays before returning to my own room.

I'm too tired to actually do something so I just go on Tumblr and look around a bit before getting ready for bed. Flashbacks are flipping through my head while I'm lying in bed. Especially about what I'd told Louis the day before. And the parts that I didn't tell him.


After my dad died she started drinking, coming home in the middle of the night. One time I came downstairs because I heard noise and I saw her sitting in the middle of the room, on the ground.



... 'Mum? Are you alright?' I feel the cold floor underneath my bare feet and stare into the dark room. There's a dark silhouette on the ground. My hand reaches for the light switcher which I know is there. I push it and blink a few times to get used to the lights. My mother is sitting there, staring at the wall, with a bottle in her hand. I've seen that bottle before. It's alcohol. I'm not sure what it is, but I know that it does weird things to people when they drink too much. It does weird things to mum. I slowly take a step forward into the room. 'Mum?' She's still staring at the wall ignoring me.

After a few seconds she starts laughing. But this is not her happy laugh. It scares me. She suddenly turns her head around and looks at me. Her eyes are empty. 'You look so much like him, Dina.' She whispers before slowly standing up. I watch her walk away to the kitchen. 'You need to stop drinking that stuff mum.' I stand there waiting for her to respond. 'You know what you should do?' She turns around and watches me. I'm scared by the look in her eyes. She's angry. 'You need to shut that mouth of yours before I'll do it.' I take a few steps back, afraid of what she's going to do. 'It's your fault. It's all your fault Dina. You murdered him.' The laugh appears on her face again. The scary laugh. 'He's death because of you. And now I'm stuck her with you.' A single tears rolls down my cheek. 'I-I didn't do anything.' I whispers, sobbing. 'You did everything!' She steps forward until she's looking down on my. 'If you would've just left him alone!' She reaches her hand above her head and brings it down. My head turns to the side while a sharp pain goes through my head. I squeeze my eyes close, afraid of opening them. I remain like that till I her footsteps walking away. More tears are rolling down my cheeks. I slowly sit down on the ground and bury my head in my legs. All I can hear is myself crying. 

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