Unreachable - Louis Tomlinson

They always say that you'll find the right person. They say that love survives everything. But how can that be true? How can you get everything you want? Only perfect people can get what they want. They say perfect people don't excist. But I know one, he's perfect in every way.
Louis Tomlinson is perfect, but just like everybody else he's unreachable.

Dina is a lonely, shy girl, dreaming about a different live. Louis is the complete opposite. He seems to have everything, or is that just what everyone believes?


3. Chapter 3


'Dina!' I chuckle and turn around. 'He Em.' She rushes towards me. 'It's Friday!' I raise an eyebrow. 'Yes I know that, what about it?'

'Well, are you going to do something tonight?' We walk into our school. I shrug. 'No, I don't think so.' She rolls her eyes. 'Me and the other girls are going to party tonight. Do you want to come with us?' I think about it. I've never really been to any parties. I always feel uncomfortable in public and I definitely can't dance. 'Come on, Dina! It's gonna be fun.' Emily looks at me with puppy eyes. I sigh. 'Alright, alright.' Emily hugs me. 'Yes, I knew you would come. I need to go to class now.' She walks over to the stairs. 'I'll see you later.' She waves before running upstairs. Great, now I have to go to that party. I don't even know what to wear, or how to act. 'Don't worry Dina. It's going to be fun.' I try to calm myself down.


I haven't seen Emily all day, so I'm starting to get a little worried. Wait aren't that Chloe and Sascha? I slowly walk towards to the to get a better look, but they notice me. 'Hi Dina!' Sascha waves to me. I wave back shyly and walk up to them. 'Where is Emily? I haven't seen her all day.' Chloe laughs. 'She was actually looking for you. I'll text her that you're here.' She takes out her phone and starts typing on it. 'I heard you're going with us tonight?' Chloe looks at me with a big grin. 'Eh yeah.' 'What are you going to wear?' Before I can answer, she continues talking. 'I have this dress which would look perfect on you. You can borrow it, if you want.' I nod. ' Good, You can walk home with me and then I'll show you.'

I hear voices behind me and turn around. Jade and Emily are storming out of school. 'Hey, I was looking for you young lady.' I chuckle. 'Sorry, but I was just here.' 'Ok this is the plan: My dad will pick you up at 8:30 PM and then we go to the club. Do you have something to wear?' 'Eh I'm borrowing a dress from Chloe.'


Chloe's dress is blue with a black top. She said it looks perfect on me, but personally I think it's a little short. I don't know, maybe it's just what girls wear these days. I actually hate my legs.

I realize I've been standing in front of the mirror for 10 minutes already. Ok, the girls can come any moment. Did I forget something?

I hear my brother's music on the background. I think it's from a rapper or something. Maybe I can practise some dance moves, like the ones I used to do with Emily. I try out something in front of the mirror. This is so stupid! I start laughing and sit down on my bed, shaking my head. I'm a terrible dancer. Emily is a lot better at this stuff.

My phone starts vibrating on my bed.


We're at your house babe. X


Ok, let's go. 'Jay! I'm going out!' I knock on his door a few times, before he turns off the music. 'What?' 'I'm going out!' 'Ok, have fun.'

I run downstairs and grab my keys. 'Oh my god, you look great!' Emily is standing at my door. 'Thanks, you too.' I wave at the people in the car behind me and lock the door. 'Em, you know I can't dance so I'll just stay at the bar.' 'What? No way! You're gonna dance young lady. ' She drags me along to the car. 'Hi Dina.' 'Hi guys.' I smile nervously. 'Hello Mister Carter.' Emily's dad waves at me from the drivers seat while we drive off. He's a nice person. I've been friends with Emily for a couple of years now and he's always very kind.


The music in the club is very loud. I can barely hear myself. We push us a way through all the dancing people to the bar. I take a better look at the place. There's a bar and on the other side of the room is the DJ. But you can also go upstairs to some balcony's. There's a couple beside me at the bar, kissing. Well, actually they're almost eating each other, it makes me sick. 'He, Dina. Do you want to drink something?!' Jade pats me on my shoulder. 'Yeah, a cola light please!' I yell back at her. Great, by the end of the night I won't be able to talk anymore.

'Hee, Dina!' Emily jumps in front of me. 'Let's dance.' I shake my head. 'No, thanks.' She shrugs and drags Sascha along to the dance floor. I watch them doing some weird dance and laugh. I wish I could have fun that easily. Apparently I just care too much about what other people think of me. Chloe soon walks away with some random guy and they start dancing a few meters away from Emily. Jade comes back with our drinks. 'Sorry, It was a bit busy there.' She hands me my cola. I look around the dance floor. There are some people who seem familiar. A couple on my left catches my eye. Oh god, it's Louis. He can't see me here! That would be so awkward. Something inside of me says I should turn around so he won't see me, but I keep looking at him. Suddenly he notices me and waves. I wave back a little shocked. See, awkward. 'Aha, Louis Tomlinson huh?' Jade pokes me. 'You don't want to lose your head on that one hunny.' I look back at Louis. He's dancing now, with Monica. I take a deep sigh. 'I'm not. He has a girlfriend.' I turn around in my seat and watch Emily. No Dina, you're not going to spend this evening thinking about him. He has a girlfriend, and you don't want to get into trouble.

After a while I'm the only one sitting at the bar. Jade is dancing too. She begged me to come with her, but I didn't want to. I'd rather sit here watching people. 'Dina!' Emily waves at me. 'Come on!' She points to the dance floor. She walks up to me and grabs me arm. 'You're not going to sit here all night.' She drags me over to the other girls while my favourite song starts playing.

A lot of people start singing along to the lyrics and I can't help but laugh.

You know what? I don't care who sees me! 'Here's to never growing up!' I sing at the top of my lungs.


At the end of the song me and Emily can't stop laughing. 'You're such a good dancing Dina!' She rolls her eyes. I take step back and bump into someone. 'Oh shit, sorry!' I turn around and hold my breath. No, you got to be kidding. 'That's alright Dina.' Louis grins at me. He looks the same as always. But this time there's a sparkle in his eyes which I haven't seen before. 'How are you?' He shakes me out of my thoughts. 'Eh I'm fine thanks.' I feel my cheeks go red and look down quickly. 'I didn't expect to see you at place like this.' I frown a bit. 'I don't mean anything with it, I's just... you're always very quiet.' He runs his hand through his hair. Before I can answer someone pushes me out of the way and I almost fall down. 'Hee baby, why are talking to her?' One of the biggest sluts of the party shows up behind me. Monica puts her hands around Louis and kisses him. Right. Infront. Of. Me. I turn around and walk away. I don't need to see this. 'Dina wait!' Emily follows me to the back of the room. 'You alright?' She turns me around. 'Yeah I just need to go to the toilet.' 'Ok, I'll go with you.'
We walk through a corridor and open the girls bathroom. I need to get used to the light a little before I can see myself properly in the mirror. My head is a little red from the dancing. 'That stupid bitch.' Emily shakes her head. 'Who does she think she is?' I close my eyes. 'Em, it's alright. Just leave it.' I open my eyes again and look at her. She looks concerned. 'Do you want to go back inside then?' I nod and turn around. 'Let's go.'


I don't really remember much of the rest of the night, because my thoughts where somewhere else. I couldn't get the image of Louis kissing that girl out of my head. And I had a headache. The next day I'm woken up by a loud bang on my door. 'Get up you lazy girl!' It's my mum. 'You need to go shopping for me.' I rub my eyes and look at the time, it's 11 AM.

I go tot he bathroom and jump into the shower.

Half an hour later I walk downstairs in my jeans and a random T-shirt. I only put on some mascara and I have my hair in a messy bun. 'Finally. Here.' My mother hands me a paper with a list on it. 'Go to the mall and buy these things. I need them.' I walk to the hall without saying anything and put on my Vans. Maybe fresh air will do me some good. I step outside and lock the door behind me. The sun is shining and it's not to cold. I can walk.

I sing some Ed Sheeran while I walk to the mall. It's busy in the mall, because it's Saturday. There are some kids running around and a little boy waves at me. I wave back, smiling. I take a shopping cart and look at my list. Bread is the first thing on it. I walk to the bread section and take some random one. I look at my list when I hear someone on my left. 'Hi Dina.' I don't need to look up, because I recognize the voice. 'Looking for Monica?' I say sarcastically and push me cart into the other direction. 'Eh no.' Louis walks after me. 'Sorry about last night. I know that wasn't exactly your favourite thing to say.' I pretend I'm busy with looking for something in one of the shelves. 'I don't know what you're talking about.' 'I mean, me kissing Monica.' He lays his hand on my shoulder. 'Why would I have a problem with that? She's your girlfriend.' I look at him. I can see in his eyes he's hurt by what I say. 'Well, eh, I guess I'll see you on Monday then.' He gives me a fake smile. I know it's fake, because I spent several days looking at pictures of him on Facebook. He's real smile is different. 'Yeah sure. Bye. ' I turn around and walk away. I can feel he's looking at me so I walk a little faster until I'm around the corner. Why am I always so rude? I take deep breath and lean against the cart. Maybe it's better this way. Like I said, I don't want to get into trouble with Monica. She'll eat me alive.

Xoxo KimSascha

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