Unreachable - Louis Tomlinson

They always say that you'll find the right person. They say that love survives everything. But how can that be true? How can you get everything you want? Only perfect people can get what they want. They say perfect people don't excist. But I know one, he's perfect in every way.
Louis Tomlinson is perfect, but just like everybody else he's unreachable.

Dina is a lonely, shy girl, dreaming about a different live. Louis is the complete opposite. He seems to have everything, or is that just what everyone believes?


15. Chapter 15

Sighing deeply, I follow her to the kitchen where she puts the bag down on the counter. 'Why the hell are you doing here?' She says without looking at me. 'I felt sick so I didn't go to school.' Without answering she pushes the bag towards me, expecting me to put everything away. Instead of doing it I take a good look at her. Her hair is messy and her clothes look like she didn't take them off for the last 48 hours. 'What are you looking at?' She gives me hard star before turning her back at me. 'Where have you been for the last 2 days mum?' This question has been going through my head since I woke up this morning. I mean, this is not the first time she's been away, but two days? No note, no phone call. 'It's none of your business, now clean up and go away.' Anger starts to boil inside of me. Maybe not just because of her. Probably because of Louis and Monica and everybody else. But also because of Jay, her son. How can I leave him her on his own one day? I get it if she doesn't like me but how can she do this to him? He deserves a real mother. 'Do you think it's normal? Being away for two days without saying anything, leaving your own kids behind?' I try to stay calm. She laughs, it's an evil laugh almost. 'You didn't miss me at all.' 'No I didn't. And Jay didn't either. We don't need you. Next time please don't come back. Just leave us alone!' Without waiting for her to respond I run upstairs and slam my door behind me. At first I think she'll follow me upstairs, but it's quiet in the hall.

If dad was here now, he would have told me everything would be OK. That I just 'had to ignore my mother' and the kids at school. He was always proud of what I did. I miss him. This is the first time in years that I really think about it. I've always put it away deep inside of me, and ignored it. But I miss him so much.
I lie down on my bed, with tears falling down my cheeks. What can I do without him?


'Dina?' Somewhere far away I hear a voice. 'Dina?' The voice starts to come close, but it's still an echo. 'Dina, wake up!' I open my eyes quickly. 'What?' The light is too birth for me to keep my eyes open. Someone is standing in front of me. 'I cooked dinner, sort of.' Jay is looking down on me. I realize I'm still lying on bed, where I feel asleep a couple of hours ago. 'What time is it?' My head feels heavy when I try to get up. 'It's around 6PM.' Since when do I sleep so much? 'Did you know mum came home?' Waiting for me to get up, Jay leans against me desk. 'Yeah, I noticed that.' I rub my eyes and sing me legs of the edge of my bed. It's cold in here. 'Well, I'll see you downstairs.' Jay stands up and make shim way to my door.

When I come downstairs, my head is still feeling heavy and my legs are tired. I should get an aspirin. The kitchen smells like someone burned something. Note to self: Never let Jay cook. 'I tried my best.' He says as if he can read my mind. 'I'm not a real talent though.' He hands me a plate with rice, carrots (not referring to Louis.) and a sausage. That one is the one that's burned, I think. 'Where's mum?' I whisper, not mentioning the burned sausages. He nods his head towards the living room. I peer around the corner to find her lying n the sofa in front of the TV, just like I did today. She has a plate on her lap and doesn't pay attention to what's happening around her.

Well at least she won't bother us this way. 


'Are you going to school tomorrow?' Jay is sitting opposite me. To avoid having to give an answer I quickly take a ''sip'' from my tea. He knows what I'm doing and rolls his eyes. 'When are you going to tell me what happened? I only heard some rumours.' My gaze drops. 'Sorry, I didn't mean to..' He tries. Obviously that was the last thing he should have said. That he heard 'some rumours.' I saw it coming though. Ofcourse they are talking about it in school. But maybe i just didn't expect it to go so far, that even ''….'' would notice something. 'Dina, you've got to go back to school.' Jay tries to look me in the eyes. He's very serious. 'You can't let them get to you.' I scoff. 'That's easy for you to say. You don't have people embarrassing you all the time.' I shake my head. He doesn't understand. 'Hey, don't you think I get people at me asking how I feel about having you as sister.' He ''bits'' back at me. I frown. Oh so that's how it is now. 'Well, sorry that you have to be my brother. I'm sure you're life is very hard.' I whisper at him angrily, not wanted my mum to hear us speak. 'No, that's not what I mean!' He opens his mouth to say something, but realises that it's not really helping anyway. 'I'm sure Emily misses you.' Is all he can come up with. 'I don't think she does. She hasn't called me for days.' She doesn't miss me at all. It's probably a lot easier for her without me. 'Well, have you called her then?' He suggests at me. Ok, he has a point there. But still, I don't think she really misses me. And Louis doesn't either. Or the girls.. they haven't called me either.




The next morning I get up reluctantly. Jay was right, I can't stay home, but I can't see I want to go to school either. Eventually he convinced me to come. I'll just have to get through this, for a few weeks. Hopefully. I don't even bother to take a shower and get dressed right away. After applying my make-up, I go downstairs to find Jay already having breakfast. 'Ah you didn't change your mind.' He whispers at me. At first I'm not sure why, but that's until I hear noises coming form the kitchen. 'What is she doing here?' I whisper back nervously. Never liked seeing her up early. She's not really a morning person...or a day person to be honest. He shrugs and starts tapping on his phone. Sighing deeply, I sit down beside him. 'You'll be fine, Dina.' He says without looking up form his phone. I decide to believe him, for now.


When I close the door behind me, I'm always blown off my feet by the hard November wind. I didn't even realise that it was this fast. Walking down the road, a few leaves fall down on my from the trees. But much more are already lying on the pavement. I like the weather like this, with all the different colours. I hope it's not going to rain though, that would ruin it.

At this moment, Emily usually jumps on my back, but this time I don't see her anywhere. Well that doesn't mean anything ofcourse, but still, it worries me. I try to shake of the thought and make my way to school quickly. I'm quite early, as usual. Maybe that's even better this time. I'd rather get to class quietly, without being seen. That won't work forever, but for now I'm quite happy with it.

When I go upstairs, to my first class I see that there's already a few people in the hallways. Looking at the ground, I pass them quickly, trying not to get noticed. It works pretty well, until I reach a group of girls that have never been too nice to me. 'Hey there she is!' I hear one of them shout. Shit, please let it be someone else they're meaning, I think to myself. Not that it helps, I already know they're talking about me. 'Did you finally finish getting that stuff off your face?' A few of them chuckle. I try to ignore them and make my way through the hall. One of them steps in front of me. 'Don't worry, Dina, class hasn't started yet.' The brown haired girl, which I only recognize by face, blocks my way. 'Can you step aside please?' I say with a straight poker face. Don't let them know you're affected by all of this. The girls grins and steps aside slowly, letting my get through.


I reach my class without any more problems. But this is only the start of the day. God I wish Emily was here now. 

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