Unreachable - Louis Tomlinson

They always say that you'll find the right person. They say that love survives everything. But how can that be true? How can you get everything you want? Only perfect people can get what they want. They say perfect people don't excist. But I know one, he's perfect in every way.
Louis Tomlinson is perfect, but just like everybody else he's unreachable.

Dina is a lonely, shy girl, dreaming about a different live. Louis is the complete opposite. He seems to have everything, or is that just what everyone believes?


12. Chapter 12

Everyone in the gym is staring at me. Most of them look surprised, others scared. I feel like I'm standing on a stage, with thousands of people looking at me while I just did something stupid.


My view is blocked by the red substance almost getting into my eyes. I feel the coldness and a shiver goes through my body. I wipe away a bit of my face and look at my hand. It's not blood, at least. Everything seems to go really slowly and it feels like I'm standing there for hours before I hear a someone break the silence. 'Dina?' Louis, who was standing close to me looks at me concerned. At that moment a few people start to laugh. At first it's just chuckling, but when others join in they laugh out loud. I look passed Louis, at Emily. I can see her trying to hide a smile from her face. This is too much.

Not sure what to do I turn around and just run away. I automatically run upstairs tot he nearest bathroom. Embarrassed and scared I look at myself in the mirror. The substance is now blending with my tearsand my dark make up, which is now all over my face. Only now I realise what happened. Someone did this to me. Someone wanted me to get lost and walk through that door. This was all prepared. It must have been. And I also know exactly who that someone was.


I try to clean my face while anger and fear is growing inside of me. I knew she was a bitch but this is probably the lowest thing she could ever do. I should have known. She'd never just invite me to something, she always hated me. 'Oh never mind this doesn't work.' I say to myself, trying to calm down. I decide to go back downstairs and just leave. Straight to my own house. On my way down I hear footsteps. 'Dina?' It appears to be Emily. 'Omg, are you al right.' She looks at em with big eyes. 'I'm going home.' I push her out of the way and look around. I don't want to go through the gym. There must be another way. 'You can't go alone, I'm going with you.' 'Fine.' I say without looking at her. Emily guides me to the gym, since I realised that there's no other way to get out of this place. Noises are still coming from inside, laughing. 'Dina!' We bump into Louis on our way. 'Are you al right.' I don't answer him. What does he think? Ofcourse I'm not al right. 'I'm taking her home.' Emily falls in for me. 'Who would do something like this?' I bring my gaze, which I had on the wall behind Louis, back to him. 'Who? You know damn well who would do this?' He looks taken aback. 'Who?' 'Your damn girlfriend ofcourse.' I shout. I feel the urge to slap him. How can he even act like he has no idea. 'What? You- you can't just blame someone, Dina.' He shakes his head. I raise my eyebrow. 'Excuse you?' I'm about the so say something when Emily pushes Louis out of the way. 'We're going home.' She quickly pushes me into the gym. I don't dare to look up from the ground, scared to see people's reactions again. I know they are watching me. We reach the door where Sascha, Jade and Chloe are waiting. 'I'm taking her home.' Emily whispers. 'We'll see you guys later.' I don't wait for them to respond and push the door open. It's completely dark outside and the cold air blows through my already cold face. I walk around the school and feel that Emily is following me. There's no one outside. The lights behind the windows are all gone. The only thing I can hear is my own footsteps. 'Dina, not so fast.' Emily apparently has trouble to keep up with me, but I'm not planning on slowing my pace. I just want to be alone and take a shower. I walk in home at once without looking back. Emily is still behind me when I reach the door. Luckily I have the keys. I have no idea what time it is or if my mother is home. Probably not though, Halloween night is the perfect night for her to get drunk in some pub or wherever she always goes.

'Do you want me to stay with you?' 'No. I'll be fine.' With that I open the door and close it behind me, leaving Emily at the doorstep. I might be a bit harsh, but I bet she laughed her ass off when I run away earlier. She always finds the most stupid things funny. I bet all of them laughed.


The house is dark and silent. Jay is probably sleeping. If I really quiet he won't wake up. I go upstairs slowly and open the door of the bathroom. I put on the shower and wait for the water to become warm before undressing. When I'm about to step into the shower the bathroom door opens. 'Dina? What are you doing?' I quickly turn my back to a sleepy Jay. Great, this night can't get better. 'Oh sorry.' He says. 'What the hell happened to you?' He says referring to my hair. 'Can I please take a shower first?' I say trough my teeth. 'Eh yes ofcourse.' He closes the bathroom door again. I wait till I hear him walk away.


When I walk into my room Jay is sitting on my bed. 'Jay! Jesus Christ!.' He quickly covers his eyes. 'Sorry! Again.' I get in to my pjs quickly and walk over to the mirror. 'So are you going to tell me what happened?' He waits patiently for me to respond while I'm brush my hair. 'A joke.' I simply say looking his reflection in the mirror. 'That's a pretty ridiculous joke then. Who did it?' 'Louis' girlfriend.' Jay gapes loudly while I answer him. 'She's sick.' 'I know, jay.' When I'm done with my hair I sit down beside him. He puts his arm around me. 'She's lucky that she's a girl because if she wasn't I would have beat her up for you.' He says. I chuckle at him. Like he could really beat someone up. He's too kind to do that. 'Where's mum?' I ask looking at me feet. 'She left. Don't think she'll come back any time soon.' He gapes again. 'You should go back to bed Jay.' 'What about you?' 'I'm tired as well.' I stand up and wait for him to do the same.

I stare at the wall while he leaves and goes back to his own room. It's 12:30 AM. I cant get myself to fall asleep since I keep thinking about what happened. How Louis acted.. Ofcourse it was Monica, she's the only one who would do something like that. I just can't get that imagine of everyone laughing at me out of my head. The whole school probably knows it be now. I'm sure that's the first thing Monica did when I left. On Monday everyone will be staring at me again. Not that I'm not used to it. I've always been stared at. People have always been talking behind me back.



I open my eyes the next morning to hear the rain against my window. My room is dark and I have no idea what time it is. I grab my phone from the cabinet and check the time. It's only 6:30 AM. Greta now I'll probably won't fall asleep anymore. I stay in bed, staring at the ceiling, because I'm too lazy to stand up. After a while I decide to get up anyway and go on Tumblr. 

Xoxo KimSascha

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