Unreachable - Louis Tomlinson

They always say that you'll find the right person. They say that love survives everything. But how can that be true? How can you get everything you want? Only perfect people can get what they want. They say perfect people don't excist. But I know one, he's perfect in every way.
Louis Tomlinson is perfect, but just like everybody else he's unreachable.

Dina is a lonely, shy girl, dreaming about a different live. Louis is the complete opposite. He seems to have everything, or is that just what everyone believes?


10. Chapter 10

I've never really been a big fan of shopping. It's fun with Emily, but I still feel a bit uncomfortable. I guess I just don't really have a lot of confidence, especially compared to these girls. Still I'm now walking along racks with all kinds of clothes, listening to the laughing of my friends on the other side. 'Are we supposed to wear, like costumes on Saturday' I hear Sascha, shout at no one in particular. 'I don't think we need real costumes, just a bit of a Halloween look.' Emily answers her from the other side. 'Hey, Dina!' She suddenly shouts my name. I look around the corner searching for her. 'Where are you?' 'I'm here!' I roll my eyes. No shit, Emily. When I finally found here I can see that she's holding something. 'Look.' She shows me a tight black dress. It's very pretty. 'That would look great on you, Em.' And I mean it. Emily can pull of almost everything, almost. 'No it's for you silly.' She hands it to me. 'Try it on.' In the mean time, the other girls gathered around, curious for what Emily is showing me. 'I don't know..' I frown, feeling a bit uncomfortable with them staring at me. Sascha grabs my arm and pulls me towards the changing rooms. 'Try it on.' She pushes me inside and closes the curtain. I stand there a few seconds surprised. 'Hurry Dina.' I sigh deeply and decide it's best if I just put it on. After a minute I come out again, looking at the ground. 'You look gorgeous.' I feel my cheeks turn red. Sascha pushes me to the mirror against the wall. 'Here look.' I examine myself in the mirror. Ok maybe it doesn't look to bad on me. But I've never really worn something like this. 'You're going to wear this on Saturday.'

Before I can protest, the girls push me back into the changing room to take it off.


At the end I find myself standing in the waiting line at the pay desk. The dress is the only thing I'm buying, but I know that Emily and Chloe bought a lot. They love shopping. I'm still not sure if I should wear it, but I don't think I'll be able to get away with it if I didn't..

I pay for the dress and wait for the girls to buy their stuff. When we want to go outside it started raining. 'Ah damn it.' Emily curses while we wait inside for the rain to stop.

I look across the street at the people who are still outside. Most of them are running to get to their cars. I see a couple running down the street, in our direction and realise it's no one else than Louis and Monica. The quickly get into the shop as the rain outside continues falling down. It takes a them a few seconds before they notice us. 'Hi guys.' Louis waves at us, clearly surprised to see us here. I watch him say something to Monica before walking away. She slowly walks up to us in the arrogant way she always does. 'I didn't expect to see you here.' She looks directly at me. It scares me a bit. 'We'd figured we'd need something to wear for Saturday.' Emily jumps in. Monica doesn't pay attention to her and continues speaking. 'I'm looking forward to Saturday. I hope you're not too scared..' I raise an eyebrow. 'Why would I be scared?' I notice Louis is coming back from where ever he's been, 'You never know what happens with Halloween.' She adds a smile to it, that's a bit too innocent to me. But I don't have time to respond when Louis joins in. 'It stopped raining, I think we can go home.' I look away as he takes her hand. 'Bye girls.' All of us say goodbye before they leave the shop. 'You think she's up to something?' Jade looks at me, knowing I'm thinking the same. 'I don't know..' 


I knock on the door and take a step back looking up at Chloe's house. After a few seconds the door opens and I hear laughing inside the house. 'Hi Dina! Come in.' She steps away from the door giving me space to pass her. I've never been in Chloe's house before. End the end of the hall are two doors. Chloe closes the door behind me and I follow her up the stairs on the left.

Her room is pretty big, with blue walls just like mine. 'Where's everyone?' I look around. Clothes are spread out of Chloe's bed. 'They're in the bathroom.' She guides me to another door after I've put my stuff down in her room. In the bathroom I find Emily, Sascha and Jade singing along to some Katy Perry songs. 'Hi guys.' They look up from their make up bags and greet me. 'Dina, I'm gonna do your make up!' Emily insists pulling me over to the sink. 'Wow, Em let me first get dressed.'

She continues jumping around while I walk back to Chloe's room. 'Are you sure, you're parents won't find out?' I ask her looking at the mess we already made. 'Yeah, my parents are out of town and my sis is with her boyfriend. It will be fine.' She lies down on her bed. I notice she's already dressed. She's wearing black jeans with and a top with a white skull and studs.

'Now show me that outfit of yours.' She leans up on her elbows and waits for me to get changed. When I've got my dress on she grins at me. 'I know someone who's going to like that.' She says with a wink. I roll me eyes. 'I'm going to go to the bathroom.' I turn around and pass Sascha on my way. 'You look beautiful Dina.' Sascha herself is also wearing a dress.


After spending about an hour in the bathroom Emily is finally done with me hair and make up. I look at myself in the mirror. Ok I have to admit that she did a great job. She always loves doing other girls make up and her. Maybe that's something she could do in the future. A make up artist..


Downstairs I hear the someone knock on the door. 'I'll get it!' Chloe shouts as she goes downstairs quickly. I hear children's voices when she opens the door. They're probably trick or treating. That reminds me of Jay and his friends. They might come here too. 'What time do we need to be there?' I ask Emily who's cleaning up her make up brushes. '11:30. So we have some time left to do something else.'

I help Emily clean up the bathroom a bit before returning to her room where Jade and Sascha are sitting on the bed. 'So Emily, do you still like Zayn?' Jade immediately asks when we come in. Emily rolls her eyes. 'You've got to admit that he's cute.' Emily sits down on the bed beside them. They nod in agreement. 'Maybe you should be a bit more careful Em..' I say crosses my arms in front of my chest. 'Don't worry Dina, I can take care of myself. ' Over the past few days her and Zayn have been texting each other a lot and I feel like she's starting to fancy him.

Before we can continue Chloe comes back upstairs. 'Trick or treating.' She mumbles.

We spend the rest of the time laughing and talking about school, boys and how much we don't trust Monica. In the end we all come to the same conclusion. Monica is definitely up to something. We just don't know what. 

Thank you for reading my story:)

Xoxo KimSascha

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