Elly Bridge is a completely normal girl, with a completely normal life.
That is until she meets Jack, a charming boy who she falls in love with.
Even though she is the happiest she has ever been with Jack, their relationship is not without complications and insecurities.


1. Girl meets Boy

I took another look in the mirror and frowned. My skin was dead pale and my stomach felt sick. Maybe going to work today was not such a good idea. I wouldn't want to get all the customers sick.

"Elly... Are you upstairs?" My mum called from the hallway.

"Yes mummy, could you come up here for one second?"

"On my way"

I heard my mothers footsteps walking up the stairs, and a moment later she entered the bathroom.

"Mum could you just feel my forehead, I'm not feeling too well"

She laid a hand on my face and looked worried when she felt my burning skin.

"Elly your skin is like a hundred degrees" she exclaimed, putting another hand on my cheek, cupping my face.

"I know, I think I'll stay home from work today, or I'll probably get everyone sick"

"Sounds wise honey, you go to bed, and I'll bring you some tea"

I walked to my room, and called Michael, my boss, to tell him I wasn't coming.

"No probs Elly, you haven't had one day of anyway, have a good rest. Do you think you'll feel better by tomorrow?"

"I'm sure I will, I'll see you soon Michael."

I rang of just as my mother entered my room carrying a tray with tea and digestives.

"Here you are darling." She put the tray on my nightstand, and sat on the edge of the bed, so she could feel my temperature.

"I'll be off to the hospital, but I'll stay home with you if you want me to?"

My mum is one of the best midwifes in the country, and she is known for being very thorough. But because of her popularity she sometimes works at odd times.

"No mummy you just go, I'll be sleeping anyway"

"Okay, I'll be home around 4am honey."

I decided to reply to some of my emails, but I fell asleep before I could even reach for my laptop.

I woke up feeling horrible and ran to the bathroom to throw up.

I moaned when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror.

My skin was sweaty, my hair was a mess, and small pieces of it was sticking to my cheeks.     I tried running a hand through it, but I gave up when my fingers got stuck in a tangled knot.

I washed my face and walked back to my bedroom, where my alarm told me it was 3:33 in the morning. I tried going back to sleep, but I was already feeling a lot better after throwing up. Besides I was hungry after not having any dinner the day before.

I walked down to the kitchen and warmed some lasagne in the microwave, and sat on the kitchen table eating it. That’s where my mother found me 30 minutes later, when she got home.

“What are you doing up this early Elly, shouldn’t you be sleeping?”

“Yeah, but I’m doing much better, and I was hungry. How was work? Did you pull out any babies?”

“Two baby girls, both perfectly healthy.” She answered. “Both births went really smooth” she added, clearly feeling very proud of herself.

“Good job mum” I smiled. “But you should probably go to bed, you look really tired.” I could see the dark circles under her eyes.

“So should you honey, you look like a mess.”

“I will. Thanks mum” I added sarcastically.

I washed off my plate, walked up the stairs, and crawled under the duvet. I fell asleep almost immediately.

A buzzing noise from my phone woke me up the next morning. 

I grabbed it and answered the call before it would wake up my mother.

“Hey El” Almas soft voice spoke. “I went to cafe yesterday, but you weren’t there. Michael said you wasn’t feeling very well, I was just calling to check up on you.”

Alma is my very best friend. We’ve always hated each other, until we were sat at the same desk the first day of highschool 3 years ago, and found out we had so much in common. We have been inseparable ever since.

“Thanks for calling Al, and I’m feeling much better. I’ll be working today, so are you stopping by?”

“I will just after I’ve dropped the devils of to kindergarten.”

The ‘devils’ are the kids Alma is babysitting. After graduating from high school, me and Alma are both taking a gap year, and we are saving up. We are planning on traveling Europe together, so we take all the work we can get. Alma  works for Mrs. Stella a very rich, very barbie looking lady, as a babysitter for her two spoiled twins. Alma absolutely hates it, but Mrs. Stella pays her good money for it.

“I’ll see you soon then babe”

I got up, took a shower, brushed my teeth and applied fresh makeup.

Before leaving the house i wrote my mum a note, saying I was feeling better, and that I had gone to work.

I work in a small, but very nice café in the middle of the town I live in and when I got there, it was already buzzing with activity. Jemima, my colleague greeted me

“Hi El, nice to see you back on your feet.”

“Nice to see you too Jemima” I said and squeezed her arm.

“It’s really boring here without you. But it’s quite busy already and Michael want’s you to clean the coffee machines before the lunch customers arrives.”

“Fine” i said. We talked for a bit whilst working, and around 11 Alma walked in too the cafe.

“Hi girls” She smiled at us, and sat down in one of the bar chairs.

“Hi Alma” Jemima said. “You want the usual?”

“Yes please.”

“So what’s up?” I asked her. “What’ve you been up to?”

“Oh not much.” She sighed “But I went out with the guy who just moved in next to Mr. Randall last night” she told me.

“Really? the blond guy? What’s he like” I asked curious. I’ve seen him and he’s good looking.

“He’s very nice” she shrugged. “Very good in bed” she added with a cheeky smile.

“Al” i giggled and pushed her lightly on the shoulder. Alma was always fooling around with different guys, never looking for anything serious.

“And how are things going with Mrs. Stellas gardner? I asked her.

Alma has had a crush on Mrs. Stellas gardner ever since she laid her eyes on him for the first time. He’s  four years older than her, and apparently so gorgeous that she’ll never be pretty enough for him, even though she looks like a long lost VS model. I’ve never seen him, but I imagine that he’s very tall, dark and mysterious.

“Nothing new.” She sighed. “But he said Hi to me the other day” she said with a happy smile.

I rolled my eyes at her, just as Jemima said “Oh, theres Tyler.”

Me and Alma looked up just as Jemima's boyfriend walked in, followed by a dark haired guy I’ve never seen. He was really good looking I noticed. Really pretty eyes.

They walked over to us and Tyler gave Jemima a kiss. The dark haired guy smiled at her , before sitting on the chair next to Alma.

“Hi Jack” she said. “Hey Alma, how are you?” He had a soft, raspy voice and brown hair.

“I’m good. I’m glad you’re here, I want you to finally meet Elly” She said and pointed at me.

He looked at me, and smirked when our eyes locked. “Nice to meet you Elly, I’m Jack.” He said and raised his hand towards me. I shook it. Nice Hands, i thought.

“What can i do for you” I said with a smile.

“Uhm, I’ll have a Cafe latte and your phone number” he said with a glint in his eye. 

I laughed as Alma pushed his shoulder. “Play nice you jerk, she’s my best friend.”

“I hate to interrupt Jack, but we don’t actually have time for coffee, we’re heading of”

Tyler said. “I just got in here to see Jemima.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll make it to-go” I said, and made the Cafe latte.

“Here you go” I said with a smile as I handed the coffee to Jack. “Thanks love” he said and flashed me a smile, before turning around and walking to the door with Tyler.

“Who was that?” I asked the minute he was out of the cafe.

“My cousin Jack. The one who moved here from up north, remember?” Alma answered.

“He’s also one of Tylers mates” Jemima said. “He’s really nice, I didn’t knew you two were family Alma?”

“Well he is. And he seemed to like you a lot Elly” Alma smirked, while raising her eyebrows at me. “He was probably just being nice” I shrugged, but inside I felt a warm, fuzzy feeling. He really seemed like a nice guy!

Eventually Alma had to head of to get the twins from kindergarten, and I was busy working.

The cafe is always most crowded around 12 - 16 pm, and then again around 18pm when people come in to have dinner.

I was in the middle of taking someones order, when Michael came out from the back.

“Oh hey Elly, good to see you. Are you feeling better?”

“I really am Michael, thanks a lot.”

“If you’ll just tidy up in the back, you can leave. Will you be here tomorrow?”

“Sure” I said. “I’m interested in all the work you can give me”

I cleaned up the back, hugged Jemima goodbye and began walking home.

It was a nice evening, and the sun were casting shadows on the street.

I was in my own world, when i suddenly heard someone shout my name from a distance.

I looked behind me to see Jack running against me. He was wearing the same clothes as he had in the cafe, but with dark sunglasses and a leather jacket. I slowed down so he could catch up on me. “Fancy meeting you here” He said when he reached me.

“Well not exactly meeting” I said with a lifted brow. “You just chased my down the street”.

He smiled as we began walking again. “I went looking for you in The cafe, but Jemima told me you had already left.” “Yeah, well I wasn’t feeling too good yesterday, so I suppose Michael dismissed me early, so I can get some rest.” I explained. “Why did you want to see me?” I asked.

“Because I wanted to take you out tonight, but now when I hear you’re sick, we should probably push our plans until tomorrow” He said as if he were only talking about the weather.

I stopped in the middle of the street, looking at him. When he realised I was no longer walking, he stopped too. “Excuse me?” I said. “Our plans? Jack I’m flattered, but I don’t even know you”

“Well, I figured we should do something about that.” He said. He took of his sunglasses and looked me right in the eyes.

His eyes took my breath away for a second. They were the warmest brown I had ever seen in my life. I lowered my eyes, focused on the asphalt and began walking again.

“So when will I pick you up?” Jack asked. “I can’t tomorrow I’m working all day.” I said.

“Oh come on Elly, you can’t be working all day.”

“I’m afraid I am”.

“Then tell your boss you’re still not feeling well, and leave early again” Jack said firmly.

“I can’t do that!” I exclaimed, stopping up again and looked at his face.

“Elly” Jack sighed. “Just go out with me this one time, and if you don’t have a good time, which you will, then I won’t bother you again. 

I looked at his face. I couldn’t deny that I was attracted to him, but he was Almas cousin.

“Alright” i said “I’ll go out with you. “You can pick me up at 7pm tomorrow” I couldn’t help a little smile form on my lips.

“Great he said, his lips breaking into a smile. “Now, can I just borrow your phone for a sec?”

“Why?” I frowned, handing him my iphone. He said nothing, just unlocked my phone and typed what seemed to be a text message. A moment later I heard his own phone making a  ‘pling’ sound, indicating a fresh message had arrived, and he handed me back my phone.

“Now I have your number” He said, looking down on me with a cheeky glint in the eye. “Text me your adress, and I’ll pick you up by seven tomorrow night” He said, before turning around and walked away without looking back.

I just stood still in the street, watching him getting smaller and smaller, as a surprised giggle escaped my lips.


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