Falling for her

As Ashley comes to realize her true feelings for Desiree, she begins to learn more and more about her. And only loves her more.


1. First Meeting Her


Today is the first time I'm trying out for this basketball team. I'm a soft more at school. I haven't played for the school yet, I've been playing/coaching for my moms friends team. But I thought it would be a good thing to try and make some friends on the team. I'm kinda shy when it comes to meeting people for the first time, except for when my two best friends-Alyssa & Ana are with me. When they're near me I'm a very loud person. So I'm hoping tryouts will go well, I guess I'll find out.


The first person I saw at tryouts was a freshman. Her name was Desiree. The coach seemed to favor her over everyone else, so of course I had it out for her. To me, people who are favored by teachers are just a bunch of kiss ups. So I tried my best to ignore her whenever she said something.

This was one of 2 tryouts. But since I didn't like the team, I thought "fuck it, I'm not going to the second tryout." But then when Wednesday came, I looked at the list of players who made the team, and sure enough, my name was first on the list. Followed by Desiree. Of course. I went the rest of the day trying to avoid her, with her being a freshman and me a soft more, it was pretty easy. But there were a few times when I passed her in the hall. She looked at me and smiled, but I just looked away. When ever that happened, it was pretty awkward, because it happened more then once. Looks like I'll just have to deal with the awkward for a little longer.

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