Wild Heart ( harry styles fanfic )

I never knew this boy who made my heart flutter , my stomach erupting with butterflies and those fireworks spark whenever he's near me , and this boy who also happens to shatter my heart into a million pieces , tore my heart out and proved that he will never love me back . We are both superstars now , but what if coincidence really want us back ? Because of a party my life turns upside down , again . What if I find interest in one of his bandmates ? Who will I choose ? Will he want me back ? But the big question is , will I want him back after everything ? ----------- > read to find out ! Don't copy my story ! :)


7. Seniors Night

Time flew fast and today was the seniors night . I grabbed my phone and dialed Amy's number . I fiddled with my fingers as I waited for her to answer her phone .

"Hello ? It's Amy ", a hoarse voice said , why does her voice sound hoarse ?

"Hi Amy , it's Andie , are you feeling well ? Are you going to the seniors night ? What are you doing ? Are you getting ready ? Did I just woke you up from you sleep ? Did I -" I bombarded her with questions but she interrupted me by saying,

"Look Andie I'm sorry , I'm not gonna go into the seniors night , I'm sick and can't even get up , you can go by yourself and have some fun you know , I'm sorry " she chuckled weakly ,

I frowned "well , if you're not gonna go , I'm not gonna go too ," I said sadly , I really wanna go and enjoy my few days here , but I guess without Amy I wouldn't go , what are best friends for right ?

"What the fuck Andie ? No ! Go without me ! I'll try to go to you're house and I'll doll you up ! No more complains , I'm going ."

"But-" I'm interrupted as she hang up on me , I sighed and smiled at the same time , she really is my best friend .

A few minutes later , I heard the doorbell rang . I stumbled downstairs and opened the door . As I saw Amy , I'm really shocked by her look . Her tanned skin was white as chalk , her lips were chapped and dry and her sparkling blue eyes was now dull .

I engulfed her into a hug and said , "omg Amy , what happened to you ? I told you not to go anymore ! I can do it myself or I wouldn't attend !" I said , and she smiled ,

"No it's okay , let's start now or you will be late ," I nodded unsure , but gave in easily . I took her upstairs where all the things she need was there . I took a seat in front of my mirror where there is a stool and a bunch of makeup .

She started applying some foundation onto my face . Then , I think she put some blush-on into my rosy cheeks to make it redder , she put some eyeliner and mascara onto my eyes , and add some lipstick onto my soft lips , I don't even know what she's putting on my face 'cause my eyes are closed .

After that , she now turned into my hair and then she started curling my long brown hair into bouncy , natural waves .

"You can open you eyes now ," she said and I turned to face myself into the mirror ,

The girl who greeted me was so beautiful , she looked like a goddess , I can't believe it's me . My pink plump lips are now red along with my cheeks , the right amount of mascara and eyeliner made my brown eyes pop , my hair was placed on one side only with it's wavy curls that makes me look hotter .

"Here's your gown beautiful , " I turned around and saw a beautiful red gown greet my big brown eyes .

I almost ran and grab the gown from her hands and immediately or excitedly ran to the bathroom to change into this stunning gown . The high slit makes it look sexier and shows a lot of skin on my legs , it only have the right amount of cleavage that shows my bust ,along with the backless design on my back , it also have some shining stones fastened on the sides and the dress fitted on me perfectly which shows a lot of my curves .I got out and twirled like a little girl I front of Amy , she clapped her hands and hand me a pair of shining red high heels , I grinned and started putting it in my feet .

As I stood up , I feel taller , I stumbled but immediately gained balance again as I walked into the mirror .

I'm so shocked about how I look , I can't believe I I could look as beautiful as this , I hugged Amy and thanked her for doing this effort to me and we descended down the stairs .

"Be good okay ? No drinking and no SEX . It doesn't mean without me , you could go wild okay ? Your mom will kill you if she knew that you fucked someone else without her permission , go easy on harry , he's wild too " she giggled , while I just widened my eyes and started blushing like a tomato ,

"Oh my god Amy ! Of course not ! You're the one who is the party goer and a drinker ! And I don't want to lose my virginity just yet !" I said in defense , then the doorbell rang and interrupted our conversation , which I sighed in relief ,

"Go get it !" Amy whisper-yelled then left me ,

I walked to the door and opened it only to be greeted by a fucking , hot model -- I mean harry .

We stared at each other for a while and letting the situation sink in . Let's just forget about the promise I made with Amy , I think I can fuck harry any minute now . He's wearing a tuxedo that fitted him so well and his curls was wept into a quiff which makes him look like a freaking hot model . He cleared his throat and smirked ,

"You finish checking me out babe ?" He smirked at me , and called me babe , SHUT THE FUCK UP IM HIS BAE NOT YOU BISH and that's when I died and followed the light .( lol , kidding )

"Ye-yeah , we should go on now " I said still recovering ,

"By the way you look hot ," he said and bit his lips , which turned me on , ALOT . I fought the urged to jump on him and have a make out sesh ,

"Thanks , you look hot yourself " I said and immediately covered my mouth , shit , shit , shit I just gave him a clue that I like him and he looked hot , which is true .

"I me-mean , you look good " I said and sighed at my own lie , he's more than good to you , you know it ,

My inner self said , which I agreed immediately , this boy and my feels , ugh .

"Sure babe , whatever you say " he chuckled and he grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers . There he goes again , the butterflies erupted in my stomach like a volcano , the fireworks spark like it's the Fourth of July , my heart melted like a metal placed over a hot surface ,


I said in my head , and just go on to the fact that the boy who is holding my hand was also the boy that I truly love , and no can replace my love for him , he's my only and true love. This is just the beginning of the night , and I should be ready for the next surprises this night might give to me .


Ooooh , do you like the beginning of the seniors night ? If you do , comment , like , favorite and fan me ! Anyway , I updated ! Cheers ! Lol , joke . I will update the part 2 of seniors night later ! Be ready ! The unexpected will be in the 9th chapter ! I think this chapter is long enough for a cliffhanger from the seniors night , by the way Andie looks gorgeous ! I'll try to post her makeup , hair and gown ! Plus , guys please give me an idea of a celebrity that would best describe Andy ! Brown hair , brown eyes , curvy body , and tall ! I'm thinking about Kendall Jenner ? What do you think ? Give me an idea ! I'm sorry for any wrong grammars or spellings cause I don't have any time to edit it , soooooo sorry guys :( I love you all so so so so so so much !

Use the #HardieWildHeart on twitter , Instagram or anything ! I really appreciate it if you do ! I ship them really hard ! But in the next chapters , there will be another love team and there will be a contest who ships the best and who invented the best ship name for the lovers ! That's it's for now , see ya later ! Ilyssssm xx

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