Wild Heart ( harry styles fanfic )

I never knew this boy who made my heart flutter , my stomach erupting with butterflies and those fireworks spark whenever he's near me , and this boy who also happens to shatter my heart into a million pieces , tore my heart out and proved that he will never love me back . We are both superstars now , but what if coincidence really want us back ? Because of a party my life turns upside down , again . What if I find interest in one of his bandmates ? Who will I choose ? Will he want me back ? But the big question is , will I want him back after everything ? ----------- > read to find out ! Don't copy my story ! :)


1. Senior Year

I just woke up from the blinding lights of the sun coming from my window and that's when I realized today is the first day of school ,which means another year in hell . But , the good news is , this is my senior year and then I will be free from hell !

Oh sorry I forgot , by the way my name is Andie Witherson , also known as the geek of Holmes Chapel Highschool and my dad died 7 years ago .You're probably confused why I disliked school , it's because I don't really want to be a geek , I was forced , plus it's for my own good too . I just wanna be that outgoing girl which is my goal when I graduated this year ,and that's gonna be a big makeover to me .

Okay so back to story , I quickly stood up and headed straight to the bathroom . I brushed my teeth and showered for 15 minutes . I got out and opened my small closet which is full of boring clothes . I decided I'd go with my white skinny jeans and black long sleeve shirt .

I rushed downstairs to see that my mom is getting ready to work .

" bye mom ! " I said and kissed her cheek quickly ,

"Take care honey !" She replied and I walked quickly , practically run , to my school .

I pushed open the doors , and of course no one cares . I found my bestfriend , Amy , waving at me . I pushed my self further into this bunch of teenagers until I found my way to her .

"OMG . Andie I just found out rick was following me in twitter and Instagram . And he's so hot in his pictures , and oh my god he liked a lot of my photos ! " she screeched . So you see me and my bestfriend is completely opposite , she the beautiful , famous cheerleader of the school a, and that's me the geek , forever alone , ignored girl . But Iam very thankful to her for choosing me as her bestfriend , she still a kind-hearted girl inside .

Amy keeps blabbering things about rick , but I don't really care . Amy knows about this guy , who Iam really obsessed with , I think his name is Harry Styles or the school's womanizer .


Hey guys ! So this is my first book here in movellas , so hope you all like it ! Please do not copy my story , you can translate it but you need my permission first . Here's the first chapter of wild heart !

Ok so guys I wanna tell you that I will only update in Friday , Saturday and Sunday . As many as I can in a Saturday or Sunday . If I don't update , it means it's a test week , a bunch of assignments or we are out of town .

Hope you understand it ! Here's chapter one !

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