Wild Heart ( harry styles fanfic )

I never knew this boy who made my heart flutter , my stomach erupting with butterflies and those fireworks spark whenever he's near me , and this boy who also happens to shatter my heart into a million pieces , tore my heart out and proved that he will never love me back . We are both superstars now , but what if coincidence really want us back ? Because of a party my life turns upside down , again . What if I find interest in one of his bandmates ? Who will I choose ? Will he want me back ? But the big question is , will I want him back after everything ? ----------- > read to find out ! Don't copy my story ! :)


2. Seatmate

As I said before , this guy who has curly hair , piercing emerald - green eyes and his body .... Let's not talk about it , I might say something you won't like .

So to be exact , I like bad boys . Just like harry , I don't believe in all of this rumors about him , all I care was that I love him . He never noticed me but I always do . I have this little , very tiny chance of him to walk to me and confess his love , yeah I must be dreaming .

I got out of my own little world as I spotted my locker . I got all the books I need and closed my locker . I heard the bell rang and run to my first class which is English . Me and Amy don't have the same schedule , so I have to sit alone in the back .

"Good morning class." Mrs. Jones , our English teacher said ,

"Good morning ma'am " we all said .

"You all know what will happen when you failed in this year , your all seniors now and you should know it . Understood ?" She warned us in her strict and kind of scary voice .

" yes ma'am " we all chorused in a scared tone ,

"Good." She said coldly and then she turned her back against us to scribble some notes on the board .

I got my notebook out to write down some notes . I was paused when I heard the door burst open but I chose to ignore it so I continued writing down my notes.

" why don't you try being early sometimes in my class ? " it came out calm but I knew she was boiling inside . I didn't hear any respond from the person so I ignored it .

Mrs. Jones sighed to calm herself down . "Why don't you sit ?" She said more calmly this time .

I still ignored it and continue my work , and that's when I heard the seat beside me screech and when I look up ,




Harry Styles . Freaking Harry Styles sat beside me . This whole year he will be my seatmate . The boy I love , is sitting beside me .

I think he noticed that I was practically drooling over him right now , WHEN HE SENT ME THAT FUCKING WINK . HE WINKED . HE WINKED AT ME , NOT YOU . He's so hot , I wanna take him to my be ---- wait , oh my god I'm turning into Amy , stupid teenage hormones .



Chapter 2 is published ! Yay ! Yeah a lot of swearing from a geek BUT I'm gonna kill her because Harry Styles just winked at her .

Sooooo , hope y'all enjoyed it ! Ilysm :) tnxxxx ;)))

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