Wild Heart ( harry styles fanfic )

I never knew this boy who made my heart flutter , my stomach erupting with butterflies and those fireworks spark whenever he's near me , and this boy who also happens to shatter my heart into a million pieces , tore my heart out and proved that he will never love me back . We are both superstars now , but what if coincidence really want us back ? Because of a party my life turns upside down , again . What if I find interest in one of his bandmates ? Who will I choose ? Will he want me back ? But the big question is , will I want him back after everything ? ----------- > read to find out ! Don't copy my story ! :)


6. Getting Closer

Months have passed since I met harry in the park , and I still can't get over it . We've been closer to each other after that incident . I also increased my percentage of him confessing his love to me to 45% . I don't know if we're really getting closer or he just want my body , I'm still a virgin and I don't want to waste my virginity to someone I really don't love , maybe harry could take it --- ugh I sound like a whore right now !

As I neared my locker , I noticed that there are so many posters scattered on the white wall of the school .

I stopped and walked to one of the posters , it says ,

~ Senior Night ~

A night of full fun and excitement for the graduates . Be ready to party on Saturday 9pm - 2am . It's a teacher free party !

I can't believe the teachers agreed to this . I don't know if I should go , I really don't party that much but if Amy would go , I think I should go too . Maybe have a little fun before the graduation , oh I forgot the graduation is on Monday and then on Friday , I will be free from this hell hole !


Time flew fast already and now I'm finding my way back home .

I almost died when someone's hand touched my shoulder , not only a hand , a gigantic hand .

I turned around to see who this boy may be . When I turned to see who it was , I almost peed in my pants to see that it was harry .

"Uhmm , hi ," he said and scratched the back of his neck and gave me a crooked smile ,

" hi harry , nice to see you again " I said and smiled at him ,

"Thanks , nice to see you too , " He said ,

"Yeah " I said and raise my brow , signaling him to continue ,

"Andie , can I ask you something ?" He asked , quite unsure if he should really do this , I wonder what it was ?

"Sure , what is it ?" I said , too excitedly ,

"Can you be my date in the seniors night ?" He said ,

Once again ,


There he goes again , made me melt , those fireworks , took me out of this world , him making the first move , asking me as he's date , us getting closer and he's making the first move , I thinking should increase my chance to 75% .

OH MY GOD , OH MY GOD WHAT SHOULD I DO ! Should I say yes ? Of course you should he's your first love , idiot !

Oh yeah I should say yes , but I still can't get over to the fact that he asked me and her Iam still frozen in my spot . I think he noticed be cause he chuckled at my shocked , surprised , confused and happy reaction because he chuckled , what's the temperature ?

"Ye-yeah , sure , why not ?" I said , still confused why would he asked , why not Stacey ? Or other girls ? Maybe I should just thank God for this miracle , yeah I should .

"Thanks ," and there's no emotion , no happiness , no love , no care , nothing at all , I looked straight into his eyes and saw ....... guilt ? Then he just simply walked away , like nothing ever happened .

Why would he be guilty ? Maybe I was just taking it wrong ? Maybe he really doesn't wanna take me out with him ? Maybe he was forced ? Maybe he wasn't ready ? Maybe I was just exaggerating things ? Maybe he really doesn't want me more than friends ? Should I ignore it ? Should it mean nothing to me ? Whatever it is , I need to find out .


Is this enough for a cliffhanger ? Yay ! I updated ! What do you think about Harry's reaction ? Maybe he was just acting so that Andie will not see it ? Why is he guilty ? Quite confusing huh ? Beware the unexpected twists are coming !

Hey guys , as I promised I will try to update on Friday , Saturday and Sunday , I think that this is my last update for this week because it's a test week , the good news is next week I will update more than you expected ! So please forgive me for now , if I have a free time , I'll try to update . Don't forget to comment and click that fan button ! Ilyssssm xx

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