Wild Heart ( harry styles fanfic )

I never knew this boy who made my heart flutter , my stomach erupting with butterflies and those fireworks spark whenever he's near me , and this boy who also happens to shatter my heart into a million pieces , tore my heart out and proved that he will never love me back . We are both superstars now , but what if coincidence really want us back ? Because of a party my life turns upside down , again . What if I find interest in one of his bandmates ? Who will I choose ? Will he want me back ? But the big question is , will I want him back after everything ? ----------- > read to find out ! Don't copy my story ! :)


5. Confused

"What are you doing ? Are you okay ?" When I heard that deep , husky voice my whole world stopped .

I dropped the blade and slowly turn around . I stared at his beautiful face for a minute and I can now feel the blush creep into my face , I realized I probably looked like a poop right now and I'm crying in front of someone really important to me .

"Uhm , are you alright ?" He asked , he looks uncomfortable ,

"Ye-yes " I said and shakily nodded . I looked down and I already missed those beautiful green eyes .

I was so confused in what Iam feeling . Should I increase my chance to 15% or should I just keep it myself and stay away from him because all of us know that Stacey was head over heels on him .

I was surprised when someone grabbed my hand . When I look up , our face was so close , I can rape -- I mean kiss him right now .

I backed away , " tha-thanks , I should probably go now ." I didn't looked up and turn my back against him and continue walking . I was expecting him to grab my hand and spin me , but instead I heard his feet walked away . Of course he wouldn't do that , he might thought I was just some crazy , suicidal girl .

Iam so confused and my brain and heart wanna explode right now . My heart says I should not give up and just wait for the time until harry will do the first move , while my brain says 'think about Stacey and you being bullied . You know what Stacey can do especially when it comes to harry . You don't want always be bullied and abused right ? You're not that idiot to follow your heart , think wisely ......... '

I imagined all the things she could do to me , I sighed in confusion , I will follow my heart no matter what .


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