Not Any Story ...

My story isn't like everybody's it wasn't me who went out with a band member from one direction it was my best friend and I hate them ........


1. the start me .

Interduction :

See my story isn't like every girls dream story it wasn't me who one day bumpted into a member from one direction fell in love with him had a bit of drama then asked me to come on tour with him  because  all  of the band members loved me and he did as well it was actually the other way round it was my friend who bumpted into Harry one day and now she's touring with him having the beat time of their life with him

She obviously forgot me I guess we were close as hell until this asshole Harry Styles came along one day and stole my best friend and decide to whisk her away all around the world leaving me friendless as you can tell I was pretty pissed off as I always am now I guess you should really know a few things about me since your going to be listening to me for a while I guess .

My name is Elizabeth Swan . I'm 17 years old .I have light brown hair which goes blonde in the ends because the sun bleached it hazel eyes and dimples . I hate everybody . I have a fiesty and mean temper which everyone seems to get on my last nerve  .my parents are constantly shouting at me . and school is hell for me at least . So I guess let's get started into my life 


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~ ugne 


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