Not Any Story ...

My story isn't like everybody's it wasn't me who went out with a band member from one direction it was my best friend and I hate them ........


4. one direction .

Chapter 3

I walk over to their table " hey I'm harry " niall " Louis " liam  and " I'm Ayn as you already know " Zayn says and my brain begins to not function I freeze and open my mouth to say something horrible to them but I can't 

" and I'm zoey "  says my my ex best friend when an idea pops in my head what if I can play a little with them make them pay for what they did " hey I'm Lizzie " I say and smile which is never like me but I have to play on " hey can I just make a quick phone call I'll be back in 5 mins " I say and go outside of the shop I dial Holly's number and wait for her to pick up

(H: is for holly and E: Is for Elizabeth )

H - hey what's up sissy 

E - oh.. Nothing much just the fact that I'm talking to one direction 

H - omigod what did you say to them 

E - nothing 

H - nothing but I taught you hated their guts and you wanted to kill them

E - I know but I've come up with a plan ill make them pay they don't seem to remember me but I have changed dyed my hair and shit you get me 

H - hahah bunny its not gonna end well but see yah later at 7 at my house tell me all the deets then 

E - see yah then 

H - bye 

I hang up the phone and put it into my pocket " im back " I say and sit down at a spare seet at the table " so do you know who we are " niall says and I smirk " yeah your one direction " I say ands they laugh " aren't you like over the moon or something " Liam says and I boil they expect every girl to fall head over heels at them well I'm not one of them contain your self Elizabeth " no I'm not into your type of music I guess " I say through gritted teeth and they all laugh 

" hey do you want to come down to our place for the afternoon " zayn says and I nod " yeah sure I bet were gonna have loadsa of fun " I say and smile 

" wow you've gotten quite a bit of a place here " I say and Zoey laughs " you'll get used to it sooner or later " she says and Nialk opens the door 

" hey so you want to watch a movie " Harry says and we all nod " how about 21 jump street " I say and they all nod pressing it on netflix " iI've seen it before its a great movie " Zoey says as we all snuggle down me in between zayn and lian just as I planned I snuggle near zayn and I could see a smile plastered on his face 

Zayns POV

We all sit down and get ready to watch 21  jump street my type of movie when Lizzie moves in and snuggles near me she was perfect the types of girl I always liked but she was different not like all the rest of the girls I smile as she stares at the screen she begins to stir around when she moves to Liam's side ouch that just was I not soft enough I groan a little and stare at the screen she was special and I didn't like how she was now on liam not one bit suddenly her phone beeps .


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