Before - I was good, happy. Just a normal teenage girl. Until he came. It all started when he came . . .
After - I've been here for... hold on, three years. In a room. Padded walls. But it still doesn't stop. The noise. It all started because of him.

|| Copyright © 2014 by Teresa C. All Rights Reserved ||


3. Rest in The Past (Riley's POV)


What time is it, I wonder. 

“11:07 pm. You should be getting to bed." A lady in front of my cell says. I sneer. She smiles a bit, “You asked." She puts her hands up in defense. I roll my eyes and look away from her. I crawl into the surprisingly comfortable bed and close my eyes. I slowly drift into sleep. 


~ *Three years earlier* ~


I sat outside the main Starbucks in my city. It's a smaller town. Only about 10,000 people in it, but it's the perfect place. It's lively and quiet. I smile a bit. I look down at my phone. I got a call from an unknown number. 

~ phone call ~ 

(P- person, R- Riley)

P- *pant* Hello?

I hear a thick British accent that could only belong to one person. . .

R- LIAM!! Who's phone are you calling on?

P- I'm on Niall's phone, he stole mine, so I stole his and ran into my room.

I smile and roll my eyes.

R- And you called me why? Not that I'm upset that you called. I love talking to my brother. 

P- And I love talking to my sister. I called you because I wanted you to know we are going to be in San Jose for a few weeks, if you want to see us. 

R- Okay! Text me the address and stuff. I'll drive out their tomorrow! 

I smile

P- Okay, love you but I've gotta go. 

R- Okay, love you. Bye. 

P- Bye! 

~ End of Phone Call ~ 

I can't wait to see my brother, he had just finished the xfactor for the second time. Sadly, I can't be there because I'm in college in California. 


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