Right Here

"I know you."
"You know nothing about me, Jake."
"Oh, how wrong."

It's like all of the sudden, he appears. Who is he; does he have anything to do with me?
A complete stranger; as I would say.
But boy, was I wrong.
He had everything to do with me.
At least that's what he said.


3. Chapter 3

"You okay?" Sandy asked, pity in her eyes.
I sighed. Was everything okay?
I leaned on the edge of the bed, arms folded.
"Should I be honest?"
She smiled, "It's for the best."
"You know what happened, Sandy. All she cares about is only Kayla."
She was silenced.
"Kayla this, Kayla that. I'm never her number one."
She rubbed my back, "We both know that's not true."

I stared at the window.

"You should have some rest. I'll make you something, okay?"
I smiled.

Once she left, I lied down on the bed, frustrated.
Everything was not fair.
I kept thinking.
Thinking and thinking, until the darkness surrounded me.
I was soon asleep.


A melody rang through my ears, waking me up in the process.
My iPhone beside me showed a random bunch of numbers on the screen.
Still groggy, I answered.

A masculine voice spoke, "Meet me at Magnolia Indulgence in 10."
Puzzled, "Who is this?"
"Come if you want to know about your sister."
My eyes widened, "My sister?"
Not soon after that, he hung up.

The door fluttered open, revealing Kayla with a tray on on her hands.
"Here, eat something. You'll get hungry."
I thanked her, not informing about the strange call I received.

Once she left, I just stared at the stew in front of me.
Should I go?
He sounds suspicious.

I ate s spoonful of the stew, hoping it would calm me down.
It didn't.
Now that I think about it, he sounds oddly familiar.

Again, the same question; Should I go?
He sounds suspicious, but oddly familiar.
But he mentioned 'my sister', does he know something about Kayla?
I debated.

Soon, I found myself getting ready.
So I decided to do this?

I brought my empty bowl to the kitchen and left it there, and went out the house.
Magnolia Indulgence were just a 5-minute walk away.

Once I reached the cafe, I looked around.
There was a few people there, but I doubt anyone there was the guy I talked to on the phone.
I ordered a cup of cappuccino, and sat down.

Sip after sip, someone finally sat down in front of me.
He was tall,
tall indeed.

His hair was messy and he wasn't bad-looking.

The type of guy girls are into.

I stared into his eyes and he stared into mine.

Luscious blue.

After a while, he smirked.
"Kayla's sis?"

His voice was a bit different then the voice I heard on the phone.
I gripped hard on my cup.
Hesitated, I nodded.

He leaned closer, "Oh babe, don't be so tensed." He whispered.
He pulled my hand away from the cup and grabbed it.
He placed it within both of his lips.

There was now a gap on my mouth.
Did he just drink out of my cup?
Who does he think he is?

He chuckled, and leaned backwards.
"Now back to our motive for being here."
Suddenly, his tone changed.
I could see, he was now serious.

He placed a huge envelope on the table.
"I think it's time you know." He whispered.
I was static. What is that?

Without me realizing it, my hand landed on the envelope and opened it slowly.
I focused on the material inside of it.

Once I took it out, my heartbeat stopped.
The world around me seemed to be frozen.
My whole body was shaking.

Inside, I couldn't explain what it was.

A picture of Kayla laughing.
A disc was also in there.

I studied the picture.
Indeed, it was her.

Once I had my breath back, everything rushed to mind.
Where I was.
The cafe.

I looked up from the picture I was holding.
I widened my eyes at the sight I am looking at right now.
There was no one there.
The guy I was with, now was nowhere to be seen.

I decided to put the CD and the picture back in the envelope,
before I saw a tiny little note hidden.

I paused before reaching for the note.

I placed the note in between my hands, reading what was written on it.
My eyes was stuck on the writing.

It was Kayla's.

But what surprised me the most,
was a sentence that was written.


I am still alive.



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