Right Here

"I know you."
"You know nothing about me, Jake."
"Oh, how wrong."

It's like all of the sudden, he appears. Who is he; does he have anything to do with me?
A complete stranger; as I would say.
But boy, was I wrong.
He had everything to do with me.
At least that's what he said.


2. Chapter 2

"Kayla!" I screamed.
She panted, "Alex! Don't come closer!"

She was coughing, asking me to flee.
I struggled in to grab her hand, but it was a failure.
I felt someone grabbing me on my waist from behind, pulling me away.

The fire grew bigger and wilder.
Kayla was stuck under there, I had to save her!
"Kayla! Grab my hand!"

My vision went to a blur, and the next thing I knew- I lost her.
I was dragged into somewhere,
somewhere empty.
Completely black.
Dark as the darkest night.
Where was everyone?
Where was Kayla?
What happened to her?

My eyes fluttered open, revealing a normal atmosphere.
My heartbeat escalated, as I sat down, with my intense breathings.

The door slammed open, Sandy rushing in.
"Are you okay, Alex?" She asked, stressed.
I took a deep breath, was I really okay? "I'm fine, Sandy."
"Are you sure? Wait here, I'll get a glass of water."

I smiled, as I saw her take her leave.
She was more of a family to me than my mum is.
I sighed. I probably need to give her a visit.

Coming in again, Sandy handed me a glass of water.
"I made breakfast. Come on, Chase's out there."

After washing my face, I stepped out.
Sitting beside Chase, he asked, "Are you alright?"
I nodded.
Sandy handed me a plate of scrambled eggs, before sitting down.

"So, uh, Alex, do you have any plans today?" Sandy asked.
I raised my eyebrow. "I planned on giving my mum a visit. What are you scheming?"
She laughed. "Aw, alright. I wanted to go shopping."
"I swear I'm still too jet lagged to shop, Sandy."

After eating breakfast, I got ready before heading out.
I hailed a cab. I would drive there, but hey, lazy days.
The ride there was quiet, and tensed.

Once I reached there, I took a glance at the quiet home, such gloomy figure.
How is this house not haunted?

At the doorstep, I hesitated to knock on the door.
What would her reaction be?
Would she be surprised to see me?

Before I could land my fist on the door, it was already open by a person I call 'mum'.
Her eyes widened. "Hi, Alex. You're back?"

I welcomed myself into the empty house.
"You should check your phone sometimes. Left a few messages."
She smiled, "I'll make something to drink."

She treats me like a guest. Not like a daughter. A guest.

I walked about, lingering around the house. Looking at my old home's condition.
Stopped in front of a certain room, I stopped. The door was closed.
Kayla's room.

My hand landed at the doorknob, twisting it.
The room was clean. An empty room, clean and neat. Not a speck of dust.
Guess mum wasn't too busy to clean her room?
I stood at the middle of the room, trying to recall the memories of Kayla.

How we always would spend time with each other, when mum's always too busy.
We would talk about everything, everyone.
She's my best friend.
When she would always comfort me when I'm down.
The same room, now and then.
The only difference?

No one stays here now.

"Sometimes I find myself right where you're standing, Alex." A voice spoke up.
Mum entered, smiling. Sadness filled her eyes.
"Exactly what you're doing. I would just sit there. Closing my eyes."

She really wasn't too busy for Kayla.
What a delicate surprise.

"I made tea, come out at once."
She left, leaving me in the room alone once again.

"Bye Kayla." I whispered, eyes tearing up.
I closed the door behind me. The door filled with memories.

I took a seat on the couch.
"So why are you here?"
I looked at her agitated, "No reason."
She stared into her cup. "You rarely ever visit anymore."
"Rarely?" I repeated, not believing what she said.
"Every time I come here, you would always be so busy. With your work. Every single time. And you complain that I 'rarely' ever come here anymore? Way to make me laugh."

She took a deep breath. "I know, it's just that, I miss you. I really, really miss you."
I was taken aback. "Miss me? You don't even return my calls."
"I was busy!"

I stood up, ready to leave. "Right, you're busy. You're still so busy. You're busy then, you're busy now, and I'm sure you'll be so busy in the future."
I dialed Sandy and asked to pick me up.
"Look, I'm sorry."

I gave her a slight smirk, "You are?"

I stormed out, to be surprised when Chase was at the driveway.

I entered, and gave a last look at the house.
She didn't even come after me.
She would always be so busy, right?

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