Right Here

"I know you."
"You know nothing about me, Jake."
"Oh, how wrong."

It's like all of the sudden, he appears. Who is he; does he have anything to do with me?
A complete stranger; as I would say.
But boy, was I wrong.
He had everything to do with me.
At least that's what he said.


1. Chapter 1


Circling around, I was eager to find where that voice came from.
A short, stumbling body was jumping up and down, attracting my attention. Hence; everyone's attention actually.
Seeing that made me smile.

I dragged my luggage, walking towards Sandy.
Once reached, Sandy pushed herself onto me, not letting me go for a while.
Her perky voice deafened me.

"Oh my god, I missed you!" She squealed.
I chuckled, "Sandy, it's been only a week. Not a year."
She sighed. "Fine, fine."

We were chatting our way towards the airport entrance, a car sped and jerked to a stop right in front of us. Of course, Sandy had to scream for her life; only to have people staring at us.

The window rolled down, revealing a gorgeous guy, which I recognize in a matter of milliseconds.

With a deep low voice, he replied, simply, "Hop in."
Sandy popped in, at the front seat, to sit simply by her boyfriend's side.
Chase helped with the luggage, before hopping in and continued driving.

"So how's Paris?"
"It was amazing. Just the break I need from the stress, you know?"
"Good to hear."

Sandy turned around, simply her whole body; in fact.
Nice having a small body, eh?

"Did you buy anything for us?"
"I did, Sandy. I'll give you later alright?"

She nodded, before adjusting herself back to her seat and chatting with Chase.

The ride went in a blur, and before I knew it, we reached home.

Chase helped placing the bags in my room, and left to his own.
So did Sandy.

And yes, we all live together.

I slid out my iPhone, and dialed mum.
I hesitated at first, but I found myself calling her right at the second.

Of course, like always; she just wouldn't pick up.

Every time I call her, she just wouldn't pick up. Or at least call back. After sending long texts, she would always give a one-word reply. It's really hard when your mum's a lawyer, huh? Always so busy. I would always feel more at home here, than at my real home.

Sad to hear, but it's the truth.
Sad things are always the truth.

There were several knocks on the door, followed by Chase's voice. "We ordered Chinese, come out and eat, alright?"
"Be here in a sec!" I shouted.

I sighed, the phone still in my hand.
Laying down on my bed, that's when I realize; my friends took care of me better than my own mum.

I wouldn't say she didn't love me.
She just wouldn't keep aside some time for me.
I tossed my iPhone gently, on the bed.

I went out, and sat on the couch, beside Sandy.
The food were on the table, which Sandy handed me after.

We were chatting; mostly about Paris.
Chase sat beside me, placing me in the middle.

The three of us would always joke together, laugh, and chat.
You could always find a total difference between now and then; when I was at my old home.

It feels really good to be back with your friends, to be honest.
It's good to be back home.

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