Teenage life...deep thoughts


4. movie night

(To day is thursday)

Annabel's POV

That means movie night. I wanted to look nice,it was about 11 when I woke up

I put on a light pink tank top that had frills going down, I wore floral jeans. I kept my hair down it was naturally wavy like beach waves.

For my makeup I wore concealer, foundation, a little bit of blush, lip gloss, eyeliner, and mascara.

I checked my phone jake texted me.

Jake:"hey is it ok if I pick u up now?"


It told him my address so that he could pick me up.

I saw him outside so I put on my shoes, black converse.

Jake's POV

I knocked on her door I was hoping her parents wouldn't answer. Luckily she answered the door.



Me:"what movie do you want to see?"

Annabel:"um I don't know do you just want to go there and figure it out?"


Annabel's POV

we got into the car I was kind of hoping that he would open the door but maybe that stuff just happens in movies...

* arrived at the movie theatre*

The whole car ride we were listening to loud music it was really annoying, but I couldn't tell him to turn it down, it was to loud to talk... So I just ignored it...

He got out of the car and we went into the theatre. I didn't want to watch a chic flic because I know guys don't enjoy it.

We decided on a horror movie.

He got us a big popcorn and two drinks. We went to find a seat.

There wasn't a lot of people there at all, we sat at the very back there was a couple who sat in the front and that's all who was there.

Jake's POV

We sat in the back of the theatre. When the lights dim I made a move and put my arm over her.

She was warm, she looked hot! I didn't think she realized that I had my arm over her so I put my hand on her shoulder, so that she would know.

The movie got to the scary bit, I never get scared during horror movies, but she did!

She put her head on my shoulder almost covering her eyes.

That's what I was hoping for... I held her closer so she would know that it fine for her to hang on me.

The movie ended.

Annabel's POV

we left the movie theatre...

Me:"thanks for everything"

Jake:"no problem we should do this again"

Me:"yeah sure"

He drove me home but he didn't put the music on this time, we were talking about the movie, and what was are Favourite part.

* arrived home*

He leaned in and kissed me for about 2 min...

Me:" thanks for the drive home"

Jake:"no problem"

He left and I went inside and went to bed.


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