Teenage life...deep thoughts


2. girly day

*next morning*

I woke up decided that I was going to redecorate my room!

I asked my mom if she could drive me to target so I can take a look at there stuff. She said that it was ok!

When I got there I decided I wanted this duvet with a white cover that had frills over it I found light lanterns, white bedside table, and a sparkly lamp.

I got it all I went back home, my old room was to childish for me, I redecorated my room. Now it looks amazing! A teenage girls dream! I loved it!

I laid down and started to think about are movie date! It was 9:00 pm when I came home, I take a long time shopping!

I went on my phone for a bit. I had the IPhone 5, the case was a coral chevron pattern. I went on my Instagram to check any notifications but there was only a little likes.

I started to read a book (the outsiders) till I fell asleep...


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