Teenage life...deep thoughts


3. a sweet mess

I woke up to the ugly sound if my alarm clock...shit I have work

I worked at this frozen yogurt shop. I got dressed and ready and left for work!

There was only one person there and he was really cute.

Him: "hi could I have the flavour in cake batter with chocolate chips please?"

Me:"sure that would be 5:00 dollars please"

*hands me the money*

I went to grab a cup and put the yogurt in but the stupid machine wouldn't stop!!!

Me and the boy were the only ones in the store. The cup was over flowing and fell all over the floor! The boy was helping as well. It ended finally!

We were both on the floor covered in frozen yogurt and just laughing our heads off! He helped me stand up.

Me: "thanks"

Me:"well now I think I'm going to quit this job!"

Him:"haha, here let me help clean"

He had a super sexy Irish accent, you could tell that he was new to this town...

Him: "I'm Niall by the way!"


Him:"that's a pretty name"

*i blush and look down at the mess as I mop the floors*

Me:"thank you"

Him"can I drive you home so you could get dressed and we can go to this café I saw in the next plaza?"

Me:"sure I would love too"

*we get in the car and I tell him my address*

Normally I would not do that and he looked my age... He had dyed blond hair with chocolate brown rotes.

The drive was awkward, we didn't really talk much..

Me:"thank you for the drive"

Niall: "no problem, but remember I'm coming to your house in 20 min so we can go to that café and get to know each outer better"

Me:"ok see ya"

I ran upstairs had a shower and got dressed, I wore black skinny jeans and a blue Hollister shirt.

Niall's POV

When I got home I had a shower and got dressed, I wore white jeans and a green hoodie.

Annabel was so pretty she had long blonde hair deep blue eyes and it felt like she had a warm heart.

*left to go to Annabel's house*

She came out and hoped into the car!

When we arrived at the café she handed me the 5.00 dollars.

Niall: "it's ok you can keep it"

Annabel:"no, I got you into. Mess take it!"

Annabel won this round, I gave her a flirt smile.

Annabel's POV

Niall told me to find a seat, so I did. He came back with two huge hot chocolates with tons of whip cream and chocolate drizzle on it. It looked soo good, I smiled and said "thank you" and took a sip he did as well.

Niall: "so how long have you lived her?"

Me:"sense I could remember, what about you did you just move?"


Me:"you will like it hear don't worry"

Niall: "thanks"

We talked for along time his full name was Niall Horan. I loved it.

*he took me home*

Me:"thank you so much I really appreciate it!"

Niall:any time, here's my number if you want to hang out some time?"

*he blushed as he gave it to me*

Me:"I will! Thanks a lot bye!"



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