Sexcapades With Harry Styles

i Figure its fairly obvious, but anywhore, this is about sex with Harry Styles.


1. Introduction, Motherfuckers.

My name is Pandora Hadley James. I’m 19 years old, and I run a smut blog. It’s that simple. But enough about me.

So one morning, about six months ago, I was making my usual sexcapades through the wilderness that is tumblr dot com, when a direct message alert came up from a faceless fan blog. Another Directioner, such as myself, writing one shots and fanfictions about a band that she’ll never meet. And the alert said as follows  -


Hey! I am messaging you regarding your oneshot, Safe With Me. I quite enjoy reading fanfiction, but I think that people should entertain the possibility of Harry being an Animal in bed. You know, that whole “Gentleman in the streets, freak in the sheets” factor. I just feel like there’s such a potential in his sex life that no one ever writes about. Well, not that I’ve found, at least. Thanks for your time.


This girl, the first out of any to question my writing style, decide that she can openly say that my fanfics are unrealistic, and that Harry is a freak in the sack? And you know what I thought? That her idea was fucking BRILLIANT. So, I decided to message her back, this mysterious tiny-harry

And so, I decided to message her back.


Thats an awesome idea. I think it’s a really different perspective to think of Harry in, and I don’t really think that anyone does. For all we know, he could be into leather and chains and gag balls, right? You are brilliant. YOU KNOW WHAT? WE SHOULD CO-OWN A BLOG!


About five minutes later, I got a response -


That’s a brilliant idea! And the blog can be nameless and faceless, like ours already are!


And that was that. From thereon, a blog was formed. We went six months without knowing as much as each others names. And then, I decided we should get to talking. This person, whose gender I was beginning to doubt, was so funny, so charming, and so unbelievably cheeky. I found out that they were British, which was always a plus, and, in fact, a straight boy.  He found out that I had Inherited all the sass and beauty from my black mother and all the class and elegance from my white father. And this morning, I woke up to a message, asking me if I wanted to skype.




Did I want to Skype.




And so, I sent this message to my anonymous tumblr friend -


I’d love to. My Skype name is Pandora_James.


I sent the message, and about 5 minutes later I had an incoming Skype call from an Unknown_Stranger. Very funny. Accepting the call,  I was greeted with  the face of a green eyed, curly haired British boy taking up the screen of my iMac.

Well, bone me in the ass and call me Betty, if it wasn't Harry fucking Styles.



So, that's the introduction. this is my new fanfic. enjoyyyyy.  and by the way, here's a picture of Pandora - 


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