Beautiful Excuses

It's been one year since Delilah has returned. Things have changed, some aren't together anymore, some are close to it, others are closer than ever. Who stays apart, who get's back together?
What things will change as time goes by?
Find out in 'Beautiful Excuses'.


2. Chapter 1.

No Ones POV

It's been just over twelve months since Delilah had returned. Things have gone back to normal. Well as normal as it could after everything that had happen.

No ones sure what happened to Delilah. No one knows where she was, or anything. She doesn't talk about it, and when it's brought up, she shuts everyone down.

Harry has adopted the twins, and they now call him Dad. Sometimes they forget, and call him Harry.

Delilah's decided to open her own small coffee, and cake shop, as she loves baking. She's calling it 'Treat Yourself'. She's so excited to have her own business! Being that she doesn't have a lot of money, Harry has gone part owner with her, and helped her with costs.

Xander and Xavier are eight years old now, and are at school, and enjoying it! They've made loads of new friends. Their friends often come over for play dates!

Harry's going on tour again soon, which he's really excited about, but he's dreading leaving his family for a few months.

Harry and Delilah have also decided they're going to move into their house. Their family doesn't seem to fit in Harry's two bedroom appartment anymore. The twins fight, and it's hard to punish them, if they're sent to the same room.

Niall and Kate's relationship has gotten stronger.

Unfortunately things with their daughter Hazel, things haven't been too good. She's been sick for quiet a while.

She spent her first birthday in hospital. Everyone was there, with presents,

Niall's not sure whether he'll be able to go on tour with Hazel being so sick. He doesn't want to be away if things make a turn for the worst.

Kate's been working at a restaurant when she can. She felt she had to earn some money herself, not just Niall.

Louis and Lauren now have a beautiful baby girl, Bryleigh Jean Tomlinson.

Louis ended up painting her room all pink, and got someone in to paint a castle mural on the wall, which looks amazing.

He calls her his princess, and Lauren is his queen. It's quiet sweet.

No one in the group is aware, but their relationship is on the rocks. They're having troubles.

Lauren, is a full time mum at the moment. Not a lot she can do with a young baby. She goes to a mother group, so she's made a few friends with older mothers. She was quiet worried about going at the start, because she was young, she thought they'd judge her, but they've been real accepting, and help her a lot.

Rebekah, and Liam, are no longer together. No one is really sure what happened. They used to keep to themselves, and come to family dinners, but then one day Rebekah didn't come to dinner, and then didn't have much to do with the others.

Rebekah is studying, she wants to be a nurse. So she's at university. She works at a shop around the corner as well. She gets the odd shift, which she enjoys.

Liam is so proud of Rebekah, and that she's at Uni. He was so happy when she told him she was going to be a nurse.

Liam keeps his personal life to himself more than ever since they broke up. He goes clubbing every once in a while, but only to the local. He still loves Rebekah, everyone knows it, so he doesn't bring anyone back. He's tried to get her back a couple of times, but it hasn't happened.

Zayn, well. It's quiet hard to know what he's doing. The boys don't see him too often. He's clubbing a lot at night, and then sleeping most of the day.

For someone who doesn't really like small spaces, or a lot of people, he has been spending a lot of time around a lot of people.

Apparently he's brought several different girls back to his apartment, but nothing has been confirmed.

When the boys have rehearsals, he either turns up late, or not at all.

Everyone has tried talking to him, but he won't talk. Everyone is so worried about him.

It's been a year since Perrie left him. She's had a baby not long after. That was when he got worse.

No one knows what to do with him.

Everyone tries to keep in contact with each other. They decided to organize a 'family' catch up once a month. Everyone attends. It's just to see what everyone is doing, and see how everyone is. Being they are all either busy, or have young families, it's quiet hard to go out like they used to, or have a few drinks at the local pub like old times.

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