(Sequel to Emily)
After such a tragic death, the boys of One Direction are heart shattered. Yet, there is no time to mourn because Louis and Harry still have to be parents. But as time progresses, they both realize, along with the other boys, that having that responsibility is a challenge. More importantly, they start to realize that letting go and acceptance is difficult when you are broken.


2. Chapter 2

"How are they?" Harry asked once I came back to the lobby. He was still crying, his tears fresh.

"They're fine."

I didn't know if I wanted to tell Harry about Anna or not. It was selfish but it just didn't seem right. I sighed and sat down next to Niall.

"Louis are you okay?" Niall questioned grabbing my shoulder. I shrugged it off.

"How could I be okay?" I snapped. "Anna is dead and now I'm left with two kids I have no idea how to care for."

"Louis I'm sorry."

"I don't need apologizes."

He turned away and closed his eyes. "No, you don't."

After Liam sorted out all the details, we took the babies and Anna back to England. We decided to bury her there and not in America. Tanner needed to see her and so did Emily.

I was sitting in the back of the van, both car seats placed on either side of me. Both babies were sleeping, their small eyes closed. They both had light brown hair.

"How are the twins?" Liam asked from the drivers seat. Out of his mirror, he could see the car seats.


As if on cue, Saraphina started to cry, her eyelids fluttering open to reveal her blue eyes. I rocked her car seat and sang silently to her. Eventually, she calmed down. Her eyes closed once again.

"Now they're sleeping." I repeated. Liam gave me a small smile.

We arrived at Anna's house to find Tanner and Emily already outside. I sighed and grabbed the two car seats.

"Louis." Tanner whispered. He pulled me into a tight hug. I stood awkward in his embrace.

"Hey Tanner."

"Are these the twins?" I put the car seats down on the ground carefully, hoping not to wake the infants.

"Yes. This is Saraphina Grace." I pointed to the seat on my right. "And this is Louis William."

Tanner smiled and grabbed Emily's hand. "Emily, these are your brother and sister."

She looked blankly at them, as if she was trying to decide how she felt. At last, she smiled.

"May we come in?" I asked looking over my shoulder for the boys. They were standing a foot behind me trying to hold their tears in. I motioned them over.

"Of course" Tanner replied grabbing one of the carriers. I grabbed the other one and followed him inside.

Everything was the same. The same foyer. Same table with keys and picture frame. Photos were still scattered amongst the wall. Yet, the house seemed abandon. A tragic silence. I felt like I was going to be sick.

We went into the living room where we placed the carriers in the ground. The boys and I sat down on the couch, Emily automatically squeezing into Harry's outstretched arms. He bit his lip as she cuddled closer into him.

"So," Tanner started touching one of the carriers. "how is this going to work?"

I shrunk back into the couch trying to escape. I wanted to escape and be where Anna was. I just wanted to go.

"Well, I figured the kids could come live with us." Harry stated kissing Emily's forehead. Tanner gave him a peculiar look.

"Yes but your Emily's dad and he's their dad." He gestured towards me.

Harry swallowed nervously. It wasn't fair to Tanner but Harry loved Emily. He couldn't leave her here.

"So what? They will live with us and we can be their family." Harry declared.

"I guess your right." Tanner complied rubbing his forehead. "Where will you live?"

"Here." Zayn answered. "There's five bedrooms and we could renovate the basement and rest of the house to make more. This way no one has to move."

Everyone nodded in agreement. It was a good idea.

"Well, me and Liam have to go make arrangements about the funeral so we will see you guys later." Tanner waved, our tense bodies unable to respond.

"I'm going to go draw out sketches for renovation and get some coffee. Niall, would like to come?" Zayn asked nudging Niall's shoulder. He sighed and followed him.

Harry and I sat on the couch uncomfortably, the space between us seeming like miles rather then mere feet. I exhaled loudly.

"You guys were close weren't you?" Harry questioned never looking my direction. Instead, he stared blankly at the wall.

"Yeah. She was my bestfriend." I answered trying to swallow the lump that began to form in my throat. "Honestly, I don't know what I'm gonna do without her. I need her, I have no idea how to take care of kids. I'm mentally a kid myself."

Harry patted my shoulder. "Louis your gonna be a good dad. You may not be the perfect father they want, but your the father they need."

I sighed and grabbed one of the carriers. Louis looked up at me, his blue eyes being identical to mine. Carefully, I placed him in my arms, his body delicate. Hot tears started to form in my eyes as I looked down at his face. He stared up at me.

"Hi." I whispered carefully tracing my finger across his cheek. "I'm your daddy. I'm sorry a about the way I acted earlier. I promise I will do better. I promise. You and your sister are my world now. Your all I have left of mommy and for that I will protect you. I love you."

By that point I was sobbing, my tears falling onto his blanket. He looked up me and grabbed my face with his hands.

"Louis? Are you okay?" Harry asked.

I nodded my head and curled up with Louis Jr, his body pressing against mine. I fluttered my eyes closed, my body relaxing as I fell into a deep sleep.

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